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Airlines new show - Ananya and Akash and all, Star Plus

Recap: Ananya lands the plane safely after managing the engine fire failure crisis situation and employs shutting off the thrust pressure services to land the plane at the cost of tyres getting rupture. Rathod compliments Ananya on her intuitive understanding and crisis handling capability.

Aakash is seen in Pilot’s room and Ananya is seen at a shop looking at some dress – Shawls. Aakash calls Ananya and finds her busy on phone. Ananya speaks to her younger sister Shefali and ends the call informing that she has a flight and need to go. A middle-aged man comes to Ananya and asks her help in choosing a shawl for him. He does payment before and introduces himself as Raghavan and asks whether she is flying the flight to Chennai. She informs of flying to Delhi and thus cannot help him. He speaks about Chennai and leaves to take his flight. Aakash meets Ananya in the pilot room and he asks about her shopping. She shows him shawl and he pulls her leg since he did some sacrifice by waiting for her. She reminds him about having a dinner earlier and suggests to have a coffee in the cockpit and both leaves for the flight. Rohit Mafatlal asks his team to work to get profits and wants to have cheap tickets offering and also wants advertising improvements. He says that flight will take-off with even 2 passengers. Mr. Sen informs that RDO 596 to Delhi will get delay for sure since one passenger is lost. He haven’t reported though his luggage is already there. Rohit wants the passengers’ luggage to be offloaded. Aakash is seen at the cockpit and wants to wait for the passenger for 5 mins before off-loading. Natasha informs Aakash that the passenger missing has boarded the plane, and that turns out to be Mr Raghavan. Mr. Sen informs Rohit that Raghavan boarded the flight to Delhi though he wanted to go to Chennai before. Rohit wants Mr Sen to leave and starts playing golf in his chambers with a glass. He gets a call from a girl and informs of being present at the club at 6 pm.

Ananya and Aakash have taken the take-off and the plane is cruising and she informs about her mother’s birthday. Natasha informs of landing at Chandigarh and the passengers for Delhi need to stay there and wait.  The plane lands well and Raghavan wants to take a selfie and some other passengers informs that photography is not allowed. He takes photos of some passengers as well and doesn’t listen to the passengers. Natasha learns from one of the passenger that a man is taking photos. She goes to meet Raghavan and asks for his phone but he is not listening and says on just taking photos. She informs about Raghavan’s behavior to Aakash and he decides to go and intervene. Aakash goes to Raghavan who informs him of working for media in Chennai and suggests that it will be not good for him. Another passenger sitting beside Raghavan suggests rules should be same for all. Aakash says that right and Raghavan says that Aakash is not a policeman. Aakash speaks of being a pilot and he has full authority and can de-plane him at that moment. He then decides to deplane him and finds something in his mobile.  Raghavan is deplaned by the police and Aakash looks at some other passengers in the plane. Ananya sees Raghavan and wonders how come he is seen in their flight since he actually wanted to board a flight to Chennai. Raghavan informs the police and security on being working as a journalist for a newspaper in Chennai. The police gets a call and he is being let off. Raghavan informs of not being a criminal but just some connection with big people. He leaves from there and gets a call that he has to reach Dubai from Delhi in 3 hrs and also it will be last flight. He takes a taxi in Chandigarh and wants the taxi driver to take him to Delhi by 10 am. He also calls someone and asks about captain Saluja’s phone no since he has got some important evidence from him. Aakash and Ananya lands in Delhi and speaks of not liking red meat to her. Mr. Sen runs there and asks Ananya to fill in for captain Ahuja who has dropped out at the last moment. Ananya speaks of her 2 days holidays from next day. He informs the flight is for Hyderabad and she agrees to fill in. She speaks of not missing her family function because of such flight and Aakash suggests that its not bad to say NO and asks when she will learn about it.

Aakash goes to meet his senior security officer. He informs on checking Mahima’s safe and lockers but couldn’t find anything with a key which Aakash got earlier from Mahima’s sister Megha. Aakash then learns that Mahima was guarding the secret with much care and he is being told by senior officer to find out more about it. Ananya at her end meets Rohit who compliments on her dedication in agreeing to fly back to back flights. She replies that its her duty and he speaks of her mother’s birthday and thinks that she will be back to Delhi before that function. He leaves from there after wishing best. The passengers are getting boarded in the flight and Ananya finds one lady passenger who doesn’t look in good health. She is supported by a man who introduces himself as her husband and speaks of going to Mumbai for her health checkup. Ananya comes to cockpit and greets Rathod and speaks of a passenger who is going for some medical emergency. Rathod shows positive spirit.  The Air hostess makes the announcement that IDF 777 has taken off and the husband of lady passenger who looked ill goes from his seat. The same lady gets up and starts walking to the emergency exit door of the plane and is seen not in her full senses as well not fully conscious. She gradually walks and stands in front of the washroom and soon starts to open the emergency door. The airhostess tries to pull her from there and other passengers also learn about it. One of the Airhostesses comes to Ananya and Rathod and informs the same. Rathod says that things are fine and asks Ananya to go and take care of the situation. Rathod also makes the announcement that the emergency door will not open and is designed to open when the cabin is depressurized and thus cannot open in mid air. He asks the passengers to not panic and return to their seats. Ananya speaks the same to the passengers there.

Ananya learns that the lady’s passengers husband is in the washroom and she asks the woman to calm down and says she is fine. The lady’s (Ameena) husband comes there but she is frightened and after some insistence goes from there. He informs Ananya that she does such things with the effect of medicines and speaks of giving his wife the medicines just then. He takes her with him but she is still worried and some passengers asks how come a mental person can fly with them. Ananya monitors her husband and he takes out some medicine and asks for water. She is not taking the tablet and throwing away but takes the second one. Ananya seems puzzled and wants an airhostess to take care of those people. Ananya comes to cockpit and speaks that the lady is very ill and Rathod wishes that they don’t need to do landing before reaching destination. Again, that lady starts to remove her seat belt and Ananya is also seen there. She learns that the boarding pass of Mumbai to Dubai in the man’s bag and also looks at the medicine tablet. She thinks there is something amiss and informs the man that in 10 mins they will land. Ananya informs Rathod that something is amiss there and speaks that they are not going to Mumbai but actually to Dubai. She is sure since since she saw the ticket herself and have seen their names during boarding as well in the passenger list – Mohd Farhaduddin and Ameena begum. She informs Rathod that the husband is giving banned tablets to his wife to make her delirious [acutely disturbed state of mind resulting from illness or intoxication]. Rathod asks why to get in trouble always ? He then makes the announcement to ATC Mumbai about his flight IDF 777 and reports about 2 passengers on his flight. Ananya is happy to see Rathod taking a stand and supporting her. The plane lands in Mumbai and the policeman comes and arrests the husband. While leaving, he looks at Ananya with angry look. The lady passenger – Ameena thanks Ananya before leaving and she gets help from Airport police. Ananya gets tears in her eyes and she informs to an airhostess that he was not her husband but a human trafficker who actually wanted to drug the lady and transport to Dubai. Rathod thinks that their name will appear in next day’s newspaper for that valiant effort.

Aakash is seen at a bar with his senior officer in the night and asks whether there is dead end to that mystery with the key and asks whether there is no other way. Ananya is seen with her family taking a dinner together at a restaurant to celebrate her mother’s birthday. She presents a gift to her mother and also shefali also presents another gift. Kunal – Wednesday live Artist starts speaking there with lights being put off and he asks whether there is someone who can come and play guitar with him since his partner is not available due to birth of a child. Shefali is encouraged to go and play guitar with Kunal but she is hesitant but finally agrees after family’s insistence. Kunal compliments Shefali and says that she looks beautiful. She goes on stage and greet each other. She speaks of singing Happy Birthday song for her mother. He also sings the Happy Birthday greeting song for her mother. Shefali is happy and they carry on with their dinner. Ananya learned earlier that Aakash likes fish and doesn’t prefer red meat and remembers it. Kunal comes to meet Shefali and also greets her family and speaks of coming to thank them for being supportive. He also compliments Shefali and she speaks of learning to play guitar. He gives his visiting card to her and suggests that they can have jam session some other time. Ananya and other family member makes some signs to pull Shefali’s leg. Shefali says goodbye to kunal before leaving. Ananya at her home finds Raghavan on TV being held hostage and the abductors with faces covered speaks that Raghavan is an Indian intelligence spy, She remembers meeting him, Aakash also sees the TV with Raghavan. The abductors want independence and are seen making slogans. Ananya calls Aakash but he is not looking at his mobile as he is watching TV.

Next Week: Natasha informs Ananya that all crew have fainted and soon Ananya’s co-pilot also gets fainted. The ATC informs that the plane is heading to 150 degrees north. Aakash goes ahead to execute a secret plan in Inde Airlines.

We (TellyReviews) dedicate this post to Yudhistir (actor playing Aakash) as he celebrates his birthday on 24th November 2014. Wishing him lots of happiness, good health and success.

Additional Note:
* Airlines on 30th November 2014 will be aired at 10 PM IST instead of 9 PM as India’s Raw Star Grand Finale will be telecast from 7 PM to 10 PM.
[Updated on 30th November]

* Raghavan is portrayed by veteran actor Abhay Bhargava.
– Currently playing the role of Mr. Vishwanathan Iyer in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.
* Yudhishtir’s Twitter page

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