Radha kidnaps Urmila and Gopi's daughters to get Jigar in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


radha in saathiya

Kokila asks Jigar to come back home. Jigar is leaving at the airport. Kokila asks him to save Meera’s life as Radha has threatened to kill her. Jigar and Paridhi are leaving the city to go Delhi to Paridhi’s dad’s place. Kokila tries to stop them. Radha has kidnapped Urmila, Vidya and Meera to get back Jigar, after knowing how the entire Modi family has fooled her to believe she has killed Urmila. She tortures Urmila to settle scores. It is her new selfish plan.

The airport guards stop Kokila from going to meet Jigar who has gone to board the plan. She gets to Jigar and gives the message. Will Jigar and Paridhi return home to save the kids? Will Kokila know Radha was behind the fire in temple? Kokila is regarding Gopi wrong in making Jigar and Paridhi leave the house, and not understanding Gopi wants Jigar to have a peaceful life. Kokila thinks Gopi is dividing her home and is furious on her, and breaks all relations with her. Will Gopi be able to explain Kokila her point of view? Keep reading.




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