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KumKum Bhagya:

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Pragya has lost all the evidence that can prove her innocent. Pragya is yet again crying and shedding tears being alone without support from Abhi. What will happen of Abhi and Pragya’s relation now? Pragya has failed in proving herself innocent and her deadline is approaching. She has to leave the house in few hours and she does not know how to prove herself right. Abhi does not know about her pain. Pragya will be seen out of Abhi’s home and in a change avatar. Bulbul tries telling Abhi about everything planned against Pragya. Aaliya, Mitali and Tanu team up to kick out Pragya from home. Aaliya comes to Abhi and tells about Pragya’s MMS leak. Abhi is shocked and wants Pragya to prove herself innocent. He panics to save Pragya’s respect. Later on, Pragya will ask for divorce shocking Abhi.. Abhi asks what does she want in alimony. Pragya asks for nothing. Abhi taunts her even more. The divorce idea is given to Pragya by Purab to relax her enemies from hurting her. Purab wants to divert Aaliya and Tanu from Pragya, and then find out the evidence against them. Purab will be the savior in Prragya’s life.

Doli Armanon Ki:

Urmi is alive and wants revenge from Samrat. Urmi was shot by Samrat and he is shocked to see her alive and fine infront of his eyes in the police station. Samrat did not know how his aim has failed when he has shot her womb to kill the baby. Samrat was very angry thinking Urmi is bearing Ishaan’s child, and got drunk. He did not shoot at her stomach, and she has been shot on her hand. Urmi had balanced herself and saved her life. Samrat makes rounds to police station as Urmi complaints about Samrat trying to kill her and Ishaan. Both Urmi and Ishaan in wounded state file the FIR. Samrat denies everything and says he was not present at that location at the time of incident. Samrat’s mum also takes Samrat’s side and gives such evidence like air ticket, hotel bookings to show Samrat was not in the city. Samrat determines to attempt Urmi’s murder again. Urmi reprimands Samrat’s mum not to support him in his evil. Ishaan tells Samrat he will prove himself guilty, no matter what fake evidences he gets to save himself. How will Urmi prove Samrat tried to kill her?


Aarzoo gives coffee to Sahir. She gives him the mug and he tries avoiding her. Sahir does not understand why is she bringing coffee for him. She clears that his PA is on leave and she will take care of his work. Zaki wants to do Aarzoo’s makeover. Aarzoo will be seen in new avatar soon. Will Sahir admit his feelings for Aarzoo? Sahir gets a pigeon, which is Aarzoo’s pet. The pigeon brings a smile on Sahir’s face and gets Aarzoo and Sahir closer. Sahir tries making distance from her. Aarzoo’s hand gets hurt and he cares for her. Sahir gets angry in another instant and asks her not to try to become his wife. Aarzoo gets annoyed.

Jamai Raja:

Sid and Roshni have some romantic scene, even when they both have tension. After all problems, they find time to spend together. A parcel comes for Roshni, which will be a new problem for Roshni and Sid. The parcel is of non veg food which is not allowed in DD’s home. Sid questions Roshni about it by getting the tandoori smell and wants to get it out soon before DD knows. He fears it will be big issue. Sid asks Roshni who is doing all this and she is clueless. Sid is worried as he will become punching bag as always. Rajveer has planned everything to make DD always blame Sid for all the bad happenings on her life. DD blames Sid once again. Sid cries for not been able to win DD’s trust till now. Roshni calms Sid’s anger wiping his tears, as he is hurt by all blames on him. Rajveer plans to kill DD to take revenge on her. Will Sid be able to save DD from Rajveer?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Mihika goes to explain Mihir once about her plan to expose Ashok. Mihir and Shagun doubt Mihika to be running after Ashok’s money. Mihika can’t bear Mihir’s anger on her and commits suicide. Ishita reaches on time and saves Mihika.

Sasural Simar Ki:

Roli is caught between the goons in the jungle. She tries to escape and hides from them, but she fails to save herself. She falls by getting scared of a snake and screams to come into their sight. Roli wanted to save Simar and fail Vikrant’s plan, but she gets into the jungle. Her plan to get Vikrant’s phone failed. Simar is also away from Prem. Prem and Siddhant will free Simar and Roli in 20 days, as Simar has challenged Vikrant.

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya:

Virat has been exposed in the show and Raj’s family is not held responsible by Avni now. Avni and Raj has together found out the truth of Virat being behind Abhaas’s death. After the revenge track, Avni and Raj had a soul talk which revived their love by the fear of losing themselves. The couple is back in love and together. The next track shows romantic honeymoon sequence between Raj and Avni. Raj turns Avni’s dreams true by bringing Switzerland and Paris in their home. Avni and Raj have a romantic dance and he delights the sky by some firecrackers. Avni regards him the ideal husband as he has planned a honeymoon in their bedroom bringing the foreign feel.

Laut Aao Trisha:

Kushan reaches the place to get Trisha and hides seeing ACP Kabeer there. Trisha is about to reveal Kushan being her kidnapper, but she gets shot. Kabeer rushes her to the hospital and she gets very critical. Kushan tries to kill her at the hospital. Dr. Aditya will be nursing Trisha at the hospital and save her life by the upcoming threats and get her medically stable. Will Kushan be exposed and caught?

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins:

Nisha has fallen in love with Viraj. She has started realizing her feelings. She sees Viraj everywhere and meets with a small accident. Finally, Ishq Wala love for Nisha, but Viraj’s true personality is yet to come out. Will Viraj match upto Nisha’s expectations?

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

Kokila asks Jigar to come back home. Jigar is leaving at the airport. Kokila asks him to save Meera’s life as Radha has threatened to kill her. Jigar and Paridhi are leaving the city to go Delhi to Paridhi’s dad’s place. Kokila tries to stop them. Radha has kidnapped Urmila, Vidya and Meera to get back Jigar, after knowing how the entire Modi family has fooled her to believe she has killed Urmila. She tortures Urmila to settle scores. It is her new selfish plan. The airport guards stop Kokila from going to meet Jigar who has gone to board the plan. She gets to Jigar and gives the message. Will Jigar and Paridhi return home to save the kids? Will Kokila know Radha was behind the fire in temple? Kokila is regarding Gopi wrong in making Jigar and Paridhi leave the house, and not understanding Gopi wants Jigar to have a peaceful life. Kokila thinks Gopi is dividing her home and is furious on her, and breaks all relations with her. Will Gopi be able to explain Kokila her point of view?

Sapne Suhana Ladakpan Ke:

Lalit aims at Rachna to kill her. Mayank and Gunjan have found out Rachna’s secret. Rachna is scared and she does not know about Divya’s death. Lalit tells her about killing Divya and now she will be killed too. Rachna calls for help. Mayank and Gunjan come to save her in nick of the time.

Diya Aur Baati Hum:

Sandhya and Zakir have come with an idea to get down the terrorists and free the passengers. They discuss the plan with SP Sir, Arjun and Vadeja. While Vadeja finds it very kiddish, Arjun suggests thyey should try it, as they don’t have any other option. Sandhya and Zakir use Rajkumar/RK as the bait and cracks a deal with Maya. Maya falls in their trap. Sandhya and Zakir bravely tackle the terrorists and even keep RK in custody.

Qubool Hai:

Dilshad and Seher have met finally. The past truth has come infront of Seher that she is her granddaughter and elder sister of Sanam. Seher felt she is an orphan, but it is a moment of delight when she comes to know Dilshad is her grandma. Seher finds it hard to believe and is overwhelmed by emotions. The past recall scene leads to a grand hug between them. Dilshad has got her voice and tells the past story about Asad, Zoya and Tanveer. All secrets will be revealed and Tanveer’s evil will be ruined by Seher. Seher decides to take revenge from Tanveer for all the sufferings she gave to Dilshad and their family. Sanam, Seher and Dilshad may form a happy family soon. Coming to their love stories, Aahil was ready to do Nikaah with Sanam/Seher, while Seher eyes Rehaan with love. Aahil’s dream broke when she refused to marry him, and he is shocked to see some other girl as the bride. Sanam comes to the venue and entire family is shocked to see Sanam and Seher, the twins. Aahil was in shock. Tanveer is trying to get Aahil married to someone else. With new twists coming in the show, Aahil has to be strong to withstand shocks.

Ek Hasina Thi:

Dev has come to know about Durga’s real identity of Nitya. He gives her time to share the truth herself. While he has become chairman of the Goenka empire, Rajnath and Sakshi fume in anger to take revenge on Dev. Shaurya has got well from his paralytic state and hidden his progress from his doctor and family. Shaurya aims to get close to Durga by hiding his true progress. Durga takes Divya’s help to expose Karan, Tarun, Rishi and Shaurya to be behind Payal’s rape. Durga makes Kangana the witness of their crime admittance. With Shaurya attempting rape on Durga in fit of rage, Dev will save Durga and lead Shaurya and his friends to jail. Rajnath and Sakshi are settling scores related to their past. Durga and Dev getting justice for Payal and becoming true life partners will mark the end of the show in coming month. Enjoy the high action packed episodes of the show.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir:

Apsara tries to make Shlok and Astha part ways by filling his ears against Astha. Astha has sold Ajju’s gold coins to arrange food products for their new business. Astha calms Shlok’s anger after he catches her lie. They together start the food truck restaurant. Meanwhile, Varad has bribed the detective to stop finding Shlok, and lies to him about Niranjan’s mental state gone bad. Sojal supports Varad and does not realize Varad’s selfishness. Will Niranjan succeed to find Shlok?


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