Shaurya shoots Dayal Thakur to avenge Durga in Ek Hasina Thi


shaurya and durga in ek hasina thi

Shaurya is back on his feet and goes to take revenge from Dayal at his house. Dayal asks how did he come here. He shocks Dayal by his usual whistle and tells him that he is absolutely fine now, and came to meet him by walking on his own. He gets up from the wheel chair and dances to show him. Shaurya counts all what Dayal did to him, and shoots Dayal down to take his revenge. Another crime added in Shaurya’s cap.


Dayal was actually prepared to confront such situation, and it has to be seen will he die or survive….. He never left Durga alone in this fight, but now he has left everything to Lord as Dev knows about Durga’s identity now. Dayal is assured that Dev will never leave Durga alone and will always be her best support. Shaurya brings out his frustration on Dayal and leaves him wounded. Will Durga be able to save Dayal? Keep reading.


  1. Plz plz plz I am requesting you whatever you do do not kill dr Dayal Thakur it’s not fair he is great without him the show will not be as interesting to watch. So plz do not kill him 🙁 I would suggest you to make him survive the bullets plz make Durga get there on time plz if you kill him I will not watch this serial ever again. :'( bachao dr dayal ko!!!!!!!

  2. Dayal thakur should not die! Atleast paralyse him but dont kill him! This twist is insane! I hope he’ll not die! After all all the goenkas n shaurya’s frens, navin mathur etc are still alive! So Dayal don’t deserve death!

  3. I am requesting you to the director and producer…….please don’t let him die. Please make dev and durga reached there on time. let him even survive from there bullets but his death is very much unexpectable to watch as twist.
    So please let him be alive even in survival condition. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

  4. Pls don’t kill Dr dayal. ..without him show will not be interesting seriously…. otherwise TRP of this show goes down definitely. ..

  5. Dear Director, I am a big fan of this series from Sri Lanka. Please don’t kill him. He should live till the end. Please please please……. Kill Shaurya…

  6. Oh , this is too bad,, You Killed Dr. Dayal .. why him ??? He is the best character ever and my favorite. I am shocked to see him dead and this is so very bad.

  7. Director and writers are disgusting…… U guys cant see that people dont want dr dayal to be dead…. U guys hv killed him this is not a justice…. Now he is dead can do anything about it….. But u guys r rubbish….. Tu logon ko samajh hi nahi ata logon ko kya dekhna pasand hai….. U guys r idiot…..


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