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Itti Si Khushi:

Aman has brought the Baaraat at Neha’s home. Neha gets stuck at the school as she went to give her exam and got locked inside, staying at the school at night too. Neha’s family welcomes Aman. The twist in the show that Aman will be getting married to Neha’s younger sister Akansha. Neha’s happiness is going to turn into sad story now.


Baldev is again in trouble, as he gets beaten by some goons. The goons beat him to pulp and run off seeing Veera coming. Veera is shocked seeing him wounded and shouts for help. Ranvi and Baldev’s friends Jaggi and Billa come to help her and bring the jeep to rush him to the hospital. Ranvi realizes Baldev have again become the target of someone’s evil plan. Veera goes to pray to Lord to save Baldev and she decides to find out who has beaten up Baldev and thrashed him so badly.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ishita is again shedding tears, as something very bad as happened. Mihika has cut her nerve to commit suicide, which brings Ishita in her crying avatar. Mihika has passed out her pain to Ishita and Mihir. Mihir breaks down seeing Mihika losing her life. Mihika regrets that her mistake made her hide face from everyone, as she does not have courage to meet Mihir’s eyes. Mihika takes the extreme step after losing Mihir’s trust. Ishita explained her a lot and made her realize her mistake what she did with herself and now taken another wrong step to commit suicide. Ishita backs Mihika and even Mihir’s love is on high seeing Mihika in ICU. Raman is still holding himself responsible for Ishita’s tears and wants to just end the sobbing story.


Chakor’s dreams are to get sacrifices to save Imli. Chakor will have to go back to Aazaadgunj and become a Bandhua again, as she gets to know about Imli being unwell in the haveli. Ishwar is reluctant to send Chakor back, but Chakor decides to go as she wants Imli to be fine. She says she can’t see Imli have to same bonded labor stamp which she wants to erase from her wrist.

Ek Hasina Thi:

Shaurya is back on his feet and goes to take revenge from Dayal at his house. Dayal asks how did he come here. He shocks Dayal by his usual whistle and tells him that he is absolutely fine now, and came to meet him by walking on his own. He gets up from the wheel chair and dances to show him. Shaurya counts all what Dayal did to him, and shoots Dayal down to take his revenge. Another crime added in Shaurya’s cap. Dayal was actually prepared to confront such situation, and it has to be seen will he die or survive….. He never left Durga alone in this fight, but now he has left everything to Lord as Dev knows about Durga’s identity now. Dayal is assured that Dev will never leave Durga alone and will always be her best support. Shaurya brings out his frustration on Dayal and leaves him wounded. Will Durga be able to save Dayal?

Sasural Simar Ka:

Roli and Simar have started a fight against Vikrant. Roli protects Simar and fights with the villagers. They turn up into Gujarati women in such colorful attire. Roli answers Vikrant’s goons and shows the women power. Simar waits for her ‘Ram’ Prem to take her back home. Amma ji is the only educated women in the village and she will help Roli and Simar tackle Vikrant. Simar and Roli are determined to burn the ‘Raavan’ Vikrant and his ‘Lanka’.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:

Falguni is glad seeing the pillow fight between Ishani and Ranvir. She tells Ishani that she is happy to see Ishani give a chance to her marriage and Ranvir. She asks her to accept Ranvir. Ranvir and Ishani’s fight is going towards love. Ishani tells Ranvir that she wants to give him whatever he asks in return for all he has done for her and her family till now. Ranvir gets surprised. She realizes she was mistaken about him, and wants to rectify her mistake. Ishani is falling in love with Ranvir, as their sweet romantic moments are making her recall their strong friendship and Ranvir’s goodness. Ranvir takes a step ahead and confesses his love to Ishani, which makes her feel the same for him. Before Ishani could express her love for Ranvir, the cunning Chirag fills her ears against Ranvir, saying he is the one who is responsible for her dad’s death. Ishani breaks down by this truth and distances herself apart from Ranvir. Chirag tells her that he loves her unconditionally and tries influencing her once again, thinking Ishani is a fool to fall for him again. Whom will Ishani choose this time?

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Mere Rang Mein RangNe Wali:

Leela Dhar/LD’s family is unique with his commanding Dada ji. The family has so much love connected in their hearts. Radha sends the letter to Dada ji and writes everything in it, while LD is unaware of it. Dada ji gets angry on LD’s friends as they come up to deliver the parcel from LD. Dadi Bua’s birthday comes and the family celebrates it well. LD has done two big things in Mumbai, and does not tell anyone in Mathura. He has got expelled from college and also married Radha. While LD calls it a small mistake, Dada ji’s reaction will be a big one. Radha will be brought to LD’s heritage house in Madhura, even when she does not accept the marriage.

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins:

Viraj gives a task to Nisha to label two sweets boxes and she gets confused making the sweets boxes delivered at wrong places. Nisha is always focused on Viraj and not work. Viraj does not understand why is Nisha so confused always. But he knows Nisha is very talented and has a bright future. Viraj is soon going to become Nisha’s mentor and teach her rifle shooting.

Shastri Sisters:

Anushka has taken time to think about Rajat’s proposal as she fears this will end her relation with Devyaani. Rajat is disheartened as Anushka called their love a sin. Devyaani acts sweet to Anushka and gives her nod to make her accept Rajat. Anushka finally gives a yes for Rajat. Anu and Rajat’s romance will slowly catch up in the show, and a dark shadow will start haunting the lovers and making feel Anushka that their proposal is unlucky. While Rajat is sure of their love, Anushka gets into a doubt for Rajat’s safety. Minty has realized her mistake and left everything on fate, with Neil backing her. Who will the one who got after Rajat and Anu’s love? Well, it’s Devyaani who did not forget Rajat and decided to take revenge on Anu for snatching Rajat from her. Watch out the show for some interesting mystery track.

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