Nandini gets answer from Manik on the core reason behind break-up; Dhruv and Aliya on the trail of blossoming love


kaisi yeh yaariyan

Dhruv laments about his one-sided love with Nandini and feels pathetic. Aliya listens to it and opens her heart out with him and says the thing which she never told anyone before. She calls herself more pathetic since she broke her relationship with Manik after 7 years. She puts emphasis on her own insecurity for it and feels as a big loser. Dhruv counters and suggests that she is not pathetic. Aliya finds his support to be sweet and with happiness just goes ahead to shower a kiss on his cheeks but it turned into a passionate kiss with Dhruv initiating it, followed by some nervousness.


Manik and Nandini at their end had some romantic dance and moments in the jungle with fire being lit giving them good company. Sooner then, Nandini finally gets the answer which she was asking from Manik and had some doubts. She learnt that he broke with her because of his best friend Dhruv otherwise he would have NEVER let her go. She becomes dejected, angry to hear it and slaps him and starts to cry. Furthermore, she calls him selfish, insensitive who didn’t felt what she will feel and just thought about himself and cared for his friend. She continues to cry and soon finds Dhruv nearby who provides her support. Dhruv also didn’t leave Aliya’s hand while supporting Nandini. Dhruv’s feelings for Aliya have grown by many leaps after their kiss and shows sign of commitment to her which she understands/feels for his genuine feelings. Thus, Dhruv now wants to pave the way for Manik and help in realizing his love for Nandini.

While, Nandini is still angry with Manik, but he feels sorry on doing the wrong with her and is searching answers to do the obvious which is to realize and accept love for her. Nandini continues to love Manik and she had rejected Dhruv’s proposal earlier for the same reason and in heart-broken state reveals to Manik that she is acting to be his friend (according to Harshad’s plan). How Manik win back Nandini since Dhruv already shown his liking for Aliya ? How Dhruv will ignite the path of Manik and Nandini’s love reunion ? How the tussle between Harshad and Fab 5 sketch out given Nandini is part of both plans ? Will Manik revisit Cabir’s advice on fate and responsibility to express his love for Nandini ? Keep Reading.



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