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Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi hugs Tanu while Pragya sees him and cries. Abhi is shattered by her affair, and breaks his room. He gets angry and breaks all the music instruments. Pragya tries stopping him, but he does not listen to her. Tanu calms down Abhi, seeing the distance between Abhi and Pragya. Abhi melts by Tanu’s words and hugs her sharing his pain. Pragya looks at them and feels sad. Dadi has to get well and then solve this problem between Abhi and Pragya. Aaliya fills Abhi’s ears to take revenge on Pragya. Soon, Abhi will be coming to know about the MMS truth as the 24 hours are ending. Abhi realizes his mistake after knowing her truth. Abhi gets drunk and goes to Pragya. He hugs Pragya and wants to express his feelings. There is a romantic sequence. Pragya gets angry and moves him away. She says he has a right on her, but not in this state. She asks him to just leave and pushes him out of the room. Pragya locks the door and cries. Abhi gets sad and dons the Devdaas avatar.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:

Suhani tells Yuvraaj that Dadi is behind the wrong medicines given to Pratima. Yuvraaj gets angry and confronts Dadi, saying Suhani has proof for this. Menka tells everything to Suhani against Dadi. While Dadi refuses all this, she cleverly plans something for Suhani. Dadi intentionally sends her to Pankaj’s house.Suhani has come back in Birla House. Soumya has changed her look, as she was before her marriage. She cleans Yuvraaj’s room and also looks for something. Suhani comes and sees her finding something. Soumya says she was cleaning the room on Dadi’s orders. Dadi tells her to clean Yuvraaj’s room and decorates it well, not knowing what is Dadi’s plan.

Qubool Hai:

Dilshad and Seher come to rescue Sanam. Dilshad tries to hit Razia, but her goons catch her. Seher meets Sanam at the factory and cries saying Badi Ammi/Dishad has told her the complete truth. Seher has risked her life to save Sanam, and also got beaten up by Razia’s goons. Seher and Sanam were so close and Seher falls unconscious. Sanam kneels from the chair on which she is tied. She holds her hand and wakes up Seher. Sanam and Seher have finally united with the true sister bond. The Maha Milan drama which was delayed since long, is finally shown. Seher has conquered over her greed and accepted Sanam. Both the sisters will not leave Tanveer and Razia, to take her parents’ death revenge.

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya:

Its Raj’s sister Arpita’s baby shower function going on, and everyone looks very happy. Raj and Avni are finally marking the end of the show happily.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Mihir is raging in anger, after Mihika’s suicide attempt. Ishita and Raman stop him. Mihir trusts Mihika and is just angry on Ashok for using her. He is depressed as Mihika did not trust him, and went to take such a big step. Mihir decides to kill Ashok, and Raman stops him.

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi:

Sonia does not wear such short dresses ever, and she was uncomfortable when Raghav gifted it. She wears it for his happiness. Raghav is stunned seeing Sonia in a western dress. Raghav gets romantic and does not let Sonia go far. He decorates the room and gives her a surprise. He does all this to give her one week wedding anniversary. Love does not have any language and every day is celebration for the lovers.

Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh:

Vikram and Shobha have become good friends. They have stated that they need each other, in solving their problems. While he is sharing his past with her, she is bringing her problems to him. While Sharda is annoyed and asks Shobha about her relation with Vikram, she clears it to Sharda that he is just her boss. Shobha is worried as Garima has run away from home to marry Sanjay. She tells Vikram that when this news comes out, it will defame Garima. Vikram gets hurt, and Shobha treats his hand and also makes him have food. Vikram’s Nani is glad seeing this and wishes their friendship turn into love. Vikram tells Shobha that he will find Garima and bring her back. He calms her and asks Nani to take care of her, till he finds some solution. Vikram helps her, by bringing fake police inspector to solve the problem. Shobha is still unaware that Vikram’s girlfriend was her sister in law Sarika. Will this truth bring any other problem between Vikram and Shobha?

Doli Armanon Ki:

Samrat wants Shaurya’s custody at any cost. Ishaan has stood up to support Urmi. Samrat thought he will win, but he gets tensed seeing Ishaan turn the tables in the court. Urmi is glad seeing Samrat’s worry. Samrat gets one day time as the court hearing is postponed. He thinks he will manage to do something being very smart, but he is little afraid. Urmi did not take Ishaan’s help before as Samrat can do anything and kill Ishaan too. Ishaan is helping her in this crucial time, he feels guilty that he has ruined her life by encouraging her to marry Samrat. He assures Urmi that they will win the case. Samrat has got a new lady in his life. Radha is his Bhabhi’s sister and he likes her at first sight. He is attracted to her and even Radha reciprocates to him. She feels Samrat is powerful and caring. She does not know his real truth.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan:

While, Nandini is still angry with Manik, but he feels sorry on doing the wrong with her and is searching answers to do the obvious which is to realize and accept love for her. Nandini continues to love Manik and she had rejected Dhruv’s proposal earlier for the same reason and in heart-broken state reveals to Manik that she is acting to be his friend (according to Harshad’s plan). How Manik win back Nandini since Dhruv already shown his liking for Aliya? How Dhruv will ignite the path of Manik and Nandini’s love reunion? How the tussle between Harshad and Fab 5 sketch out given Nandini is part of both plans ? Will Manik revisit Cabir’s advice on fate and responsibility to express his love for Nandini?


Ranvi sees Nihaal taking care of Ratan always, and starts feeling that Veera’s decision was right about Nihaal and Ratan’s marriage. He feels he did a mistake. Ratan does not want to hurt Ranvi’s sentiments. The major twist in the show will be a heart breaking one. Nihaal’s character will die soon, shocking Ratan the most. Who is after Nihaal’s death?

Jamai Raja:

Roshni packs her bag and asks Sid to come with her, as she has decided to leave DD’s house for her husband’s self esteem. Roshni is madly in love with Sid, and can’t see DD always humiliating Sid. Sid stops Roshni and asks her not to leave home, as he has some duties as a son in law. Roshni does not listen to him. DD is shocked and tries to stop Roshni. Roshni is determined and proves she is a good wife. It has to be seen how Sid becomes a good Jamai and unites Roshni and DD.

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Ek Hasina Thi:

Durga comes to know about Dayal being shot and rushes him to the hospital. Shaurya has shot many bullets to make sure he dies. Dayal is critical and speaks his last words to Durga. Durga is saddened seeing his take his last breath. Dayal tells Durga about Dev and leaves his sentence incomplete. Durga gets worried about Dev and tries to figure out what was Dayal saying. Dayal’s death breaks down Durga.

Sadda Haq:

Randhir and Sanyukta’s romance in on a high. Sankyuta gets a new excuse to show her love to Randhir. She calls him at home, to paint the wall. She hugs him. She shows him their connected name Sandhir on the wall and makes a heart. Randhir’s shirtless look will light up the show. This romance will lead to their kiss.


  1. anonymous Avatar

    as far as kumkum bhagya is concerned always the script is changing by the writer as he/she wishes. there is no use in reading the spoiler and expecting the scenes relating to that

  2. sugla Avatar

    No I don’t like eht,dayal shouldn’t die plz

  3. lola Avatar

    This spoiler is little misleading abhi is angry and trays to force her on himself he doesn’t knows the truth yet

  4. Manjula Avatar

    Oh god how could nihal die Pls don’t kill his character, n also dayal is spirt to durga Pls don’t ever kill his character too Pls Pls.

  5. simu Avatar

    More for suhani si ek ladki. ….

  6. swapna Avatar

    Thanks for ky2

  7. Naz Avatar

    Ek haseena thi.i will not be watching dr dayal should not have died the mrssage in tjis drama is that evil will always win. Its horrible to see a character doing so bad but still getting away with more this drama

  8. Tanvi Avatar


  9. vineetha Avatar

    I can imagine the pain that durga is going through after death of dayal but I hope durga by consoling herself will surely take revenge and I completely believe dat durga won’t leave those heartless goenkas.

  10. vineetha Avatar

    I can imagine the pain that durga is going through after death of dayal but I hope durga by consoling herself will surely take revenge and I completely believe dat durga won’t leave those heartless goenkas.s

  11. Sonia Avatar

    Where is saath nibhana sathiya?

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