Airlines – Har Udaan Ek Toofan 30th November 2014 Episode 14, Tulip Joshi and Yudhishtir, Star Plus – Written Update

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Airlines new show - Ananya and Akash and all, Star Plus

Recap: A reporter from Chennai, Mr. Raghavan gets arrested for taking photos on-board. He is later seen getting caught by armed men who thinks him as the spy of Indian intelligence. Aakash learns about Raghavan held hostage.

Aakash watches the video of Raghavan who was held hostage and soon learns that the voice of the kidnappers to be one of the guys who was on-board with Raghavan. Aakash learns the guy was having hiccups and matches with the one in the kidnapper video. Aakash decodes the code which suggests the need to meet urgently and burns the paper with the code meaning. Ananya is seen at her home and her mother asks her to take breakfast properly. She gets affection by her mother and soon finds Raghavan’s photo in the newspaper as a hostage and his death. She thinks that if Raghavan was not de-planed in chandigarh then he would have been alive today. She is lost in her thoughts and her mother speaks to Ananya whether she thought arranging money for Shefali’s fees. Ananya’s grandfather supports her mother by suggesting things will be fine.

Ananya goes to the airport and she learns on piloting IDF 444 to Lucknow and gets the record and looks at it and asks why Aakash’s name is not in the list. She learns that Aakash took a leave for some family problem. Rathod and Karan thinks Aakash is careless for last-minute cancellation. Aakash is preparing for his hidden plan and looks at a driver’s license. Rohit Mafatlal is unhappy with Aakash’s last minute family emergency leave. Aakash is seen arriving at the airport in disguise with some beard, specs and when Ananya called him he didn’t take the call and instead threw his phone after destroying it. Shefali at her end starts a guitar jamming session with Kunal – wednesday live artist whom she met earlier at family dinner. He speaks of his music lessons and asks her to join him and suggests that there is no better thing than teaching. He speaks philosophically and says that we do what we think and wants her to think on his proposal. Shefali calls Ananya and speaks about the offer she got and wants to work with Kunal. Ananya speaks of being busy and takes out a magazine there with G-650 aeroplane and says its high-tech and next generation and also perfect. Rohit comes there and says that she knows a lot about planes. She speaks about learning them because of her training. He speaks of flying G-650 and is also a trained pilot. She feels awe to hear that he is a trained pilot. He asks about Aakash and she informs of not knowing about him after their last flight.

Aakash is seen in the restroom. There is announcement that IDF 444 will fly 1 hr late due to technical problem and Ananya also learns about it. Ananya’s co-pilot Captatin Shekawat is not so happy with her since she didn’t inform him about the delay. He tries to speak with her but she prefers to read the magazine on G-650 planes. Natasha comes there and speaks of flight getting delayed and she speaks of eating something and invites Rathod as well for the food she brought. Natasha invites Ananya for food as well but she declines with thanks. There is another announcement that IDF 444 is ready for boarding and they all begin to leave. Ananya asks Natasha about Aakash and about his family emergency. She thinks that Natasha can know since she is a close friend of him. Natasha replies of not knowing and leaves. Aakash in disguise has a boarding pass and in the identity of Sameer Chand. Ananya is seen in the cockpit with the male co-pilot Shekawat and he looks bit fatigue and not fine. He speaks of having some stomach pain and they start for take-off. Natasha soon finds Sunaina to be unconscious and also finds other airhostesses getting unconscious. Aakash comes to Rajasthan from Delhi and reaches some place in a jeep and starts walking. He finds some men breaking stones and doing construction work and visits a small roadside shop and orders tea. He speaks of feeling cold there and the helper there speaks on having more cold in the night. Aakash follows that young man who kept something on the ground and reaches some old place and then meets another man who is his informer.

The man informs that something new happened and shows some photos. Aakash learns that those 3 men were in the plane and Raghavan was taking photos of them. The informer speaks that these men cannot be find and suggests they did something big recently. Aakash speaks of knowing what they did and inform him that they killed a journalist Raghavan who tried to take their snaps. He was the captain of the flight where those 3 men were passengers. Aakash wants to meet the family of those guys since they can be in contact with their family. One of the accused is from the same village and Aakash wants to see his father who works as a driver and also rents old cars. Aakash speaks of taking that car on rent. Ananya’s co-pilot Shekawat speaks there is something wrong and contacts the ATC Lucknow who gives him the go ahead to descend to 8000 feet. He begins to feel much worse and Natasha also comes there and informs that the crew outside is unconscious. Ananya tries to speak with Shekawat and soon he becomes unconscious as well and doesn’t listen to ATC’s commands. The seat-belt alarm gets started and Ananya tries to help him and asks Natasha to know whether there is a doctor on board. Shekawat asks Ananya to help him. Aakash’s senior officer learns about Aakash disguise operation and wishes that he should come with something big. Aakash goes to meet one of the guy’s (who killed Raghavan) father and speaks that he came from far and wants to cross the border for some work. He asks the man whether he will give guarantee about his car and he replies there is no guarantee on coming back. Aakash then asks him whether someone from his family have crossed the border and never came back. The old man becomes nervous and uncomfortable and asks some advance amount from Aakash.

Aakash gives him the money and then he opens-up and asks Aakash why he wants to cross the border and asks whether he doesn’t have anyone in the family. Aakash speaks that the wounds are deep and asks him to take it out. The old man speaks of taking care of his child and used to take to schools and now thinks that he will carry his son for the funeral. Aakash asks the man about his son and what age did he cross the border ? He replies the son was aged 17 yrs. Aakash supports him and asks whether he knows with whom he used to hang around. He replies that only one letter was left and a bearded man was mentioned who have taken many youngsters from the village. Ananya tries to manage the crisis on board and she speaks PAN PAN to ATC. Rohit also learns about ATC Lucknow receiving PAN call from IDF 444 (Ananya). She gets connected with ATC and informs about the crew got fainted/unconscious due to food poisoning and she took the control and cruising at 6600 feet altitude. She is being advised for approach landing manually and disconnect autopilot/auto throttle and use flight director and other details. Rohit is worried at his end and she informs the passengers and prepares for landing in Lucknow and does it well with even Natasha lying unconscious on her seat. ATC Lucknow congratulates her for uneventful landing and she takes the plane to the halt and feels relieved.

Aakash meets the informer who asks whether he got some more details. Aakash also adds that only one bearded man was mentioned and wonders where these 3 youngsters have gone. Aakash’s informer speaks of finding out more via his sources. Rohit visits the airport hospital and finds the crew getting treatment. He meets Ananya and thanks her and cites about food poisoning from the restaurant as the cause of his crew’s illness. She thanks Rohit for coming to Lucknow from Delhi. Rohit invites her to come in his plane G-650 and she accepts his offer for going back to Delhi with him and feels much awe. Some men speaks about receiving Aalik’s Bhai (Aakash’s informer) message who needs info of 3 guys who were seen in the kidnapper/hostage video. The old man who earlier met Aakash speaks to another man that some foreign men (pardesi) are very good hearted since he got some good money for renting his car to one foreign man. A young boy hears it carefully. There is some training camp running with some men firing and surrounded with guns and they all converge to listen to their head. The head speaks project ID 2877 will change everything and all people listens to it. A man is seen removing a laptop from a pit in the night and starts working on it. Soon he is fired and gets killed by a sniper who is turns out to be the same head of the group. The message is transferred successfully to Aakash and he reads at his end and learns about the project ID 2877 and its association with INDE Airlines and for the same reason the reporter was killed. He also learns that the informer couldn’t complete his message as was killed. Aakash speaks that he needs to go now and one young boy who had heard the old man speaking earlier texts a message. Aakash is seen hugging Aalik Bhai and the young boy takes Aakash’s pic via his phone. At other end, Aakash’s photo is obtained.

Ananya continues to call Aakash and finds his phone to be switched off and gets more concern. She meets Shefali who speaks of getting Aakash’s address from Megha – Mahima’s sister. They go in a car and reaches his home but finds it locked. Aakash comes to to Defense Intelligence Bureau and tells them on finding some good evidence this time. The senior officer calls him son of a gun and then hugs him and asks what is that news ? Aakash informs that a hidden plan is going to execute in INDE Airlines and its project code is ID 2877 and suggests to his boss that now is the time to go to war. The other staff members nods their head while Aakash gives a pensive look.

Next Week: Aakash is seen swimming in the pool and some men attacks him and tries to kill him by drowning. They push Aakash and his head gets hit with the climbing stair of the pool and starts to become unconscious and the men leave. Ananya looks at the pool and becomes much worried.

Episode Video: Airlines, 30th November 2014

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