Mrs. Bhalla fails Shagun’s plan and gets women organization’s fervor in Ishita’s favor in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


yeh hai mohabbatein1

Shagun is never out of action. She always has a plan to humiliate Raman and Ishita. This time, she takes help of Tanu to create a big issue by giving her sobbing story to the media. Shagun then takes support of the women organization. She creates an injustice drama and ignites a spark against Bhalla Family. Shagun lands up at Bhalla house to protest against Ishita and Mihika, who made her life hell by cutting her off from Ashok. Shagun is still convinced that Ashok was not at fault and is indeed feeling guilty. Ishita tries hard to open her eyes, but Shagun is happy to stay blind.

Mrs. Bhalla witnesses Shagun and the ladies speaking against Ishita and Iyer family, and gets fuelled to turn into Lady Sunny Deol. She shouts on them and says how Shagun left Ruhi for Ashok and lived with him out of wedlock for six years, and Ashok has used Mihika to avoid marrying Shagun. She clears out that Ishita has given unconditional love to Ruhi and took care of Raman and his family, without expecting anything in return. She regards Ishita an ideal woman and exposes Shagun’s character by calling her a materialistic woman. The ladies counter Shagun asking is this true whether she left her six-month daughter and husband, and Shagun has nothing in her defense. The ladies angrily yell at Shagun and apologize to Ishita and Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla shows the exit way to Shagun by doing enough of her insult.

On the other hand, Raman has decided to let Ishita go far from his life, but his heart stops him from doing so. He goes to talk to Ishita, but could not say anything seeing her happy after a long time. They have few sweet moments together, which may change his decision. Ishita and Raman assure Mihika that Mihir trusts her and he will marry her. With Ashok throwing the dice cleverly, whom will Mihika marry in the end? Keep reading.



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