'Happy Shappy Wala Ishq' for Baldev and Veera

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veera and baldev

Veera and Baldev are back in the old avatar, fighting, beating each other and happily dancing by the good news of their marriage. Baldev romances her infront of the elders, which makes Chai ji pull his ears. She asks, is he not ashamed to romance her infront of Ratan and her. Veera asks Chai ji to leave him and shows her support for her to-be-husband. Chai ji teases them and asks Baldev not to come their home till their marriage. They all do Bhangra as Baldev gives the good news of his mum Bansuri saying yes to his marriage with Veera. Bansuri is very emotional and understands Baldev’s heart as he explains her calmly and with love.

Finally, everyone has said yes happily, and soon the Band Baaja Baraat will be seen in the show for the couple in much love. Ranvi is worried, as after Veera’s marriage, she will be facing problems with Bansuri. Ratan gives her bridal dress to Veera and dons the dupatta on her, realizing the dreams she has seen for Veera’s marriage. Veera thanks her for giving her bridal dress, as she has many emotions with it. Baldev and Veera talk on phone for hours, as they obey the elders and not meet much. Watch out Veera for their sweet romanctic moments. Keep reading.



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