Harshad's Drama Room Attack to bring Manik and Nandini closer in realizing their love

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kaisi yeh yaariyan

Harshad knows about Nandini’s support to Fab 5 which has foiled his first plan to harm Manik at the cricket net court. Nandini defends herself by informing Navya that she did such thing to reveal Harshad’s evil and cheating side but couldn’t convince her. She urged him to stop his dangerous actions but her heed was fallen in deaf ears and soon was locked in a room but manages to get out after tricking Navya with curiosity and concern for her. Harshad gets into mode of another plan to harm Manik at another location – the drama room. Manik also comes there and Harshad closes the light to make the scene dark and then has his first blow on Manik with the leather ball (laced with glass) and bat while himself wearing night vision glasses. Harshad has the upper hand over Manik who somehow manages to find cover for himself.

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Harshad’s hatred and vengeance was in full flow which was visible when he shared his childhood story of how Manik called him coward and himself as brave and their friendship broke and used to call themselves as Band of Boys. On that same night, there were meteor showers and reminds Manik of the incident when he pushed him badly and how he was saved by Dhruv. He laments on not pushing Manik harder that night. With this story, it is clear that Harshad has kept grudge against Manik since many years and not just taking revenge for Manik’s recent actions on locking him inside the water tank. Nandini comes there and Manik shows concern for her from distance, while Harshad seems in a mood to harm her or use her as the ploy/bait to get to Manik. Nandini knows Manik has the phobia of darkness. Will Manik overcome it (phobia) to help her and fight Harshad defiantly with courage thereby giving him a fitting reply which seems to be the case ?

Thus, Harshad’s drama room attack plan would not benefit him certainly and has to be seen and will help Manik and Nandini to come closer. Manik was apologizing to Nandini so much after the forest’s revelation on the core reason behind his break-up (because of Dhruv’s proposal for her). He knows she is 100 % right and has hurt her badly. Nandini at her end was not listening to him since then as she was much hurt. All her recent efforts were to show Harshad’s true side to Navya, and also to usher positive change in Fab 5, and she spoke about them to Manik. Manik is showing much care and have strong feelings for her which is also reciprocated by her as well. Some instances – He missed that she didn’t call his name and she murmur his name upon request showing concern; kissing her on forehead while wishing her the best on her courage to unearth Harshad’s true face; Manik also ate the last bite of sandwich when Aliya suggested that the one taking it will get a nice husband/wife and gives all his attention to Nandini when eating to exhibit his wish. On some other front, Manik listens to Cabir and takes his advice when needed and even earlier got few answers from the security guard whom he called love guru. Will Cabir help Manik in any way in getting re-united with Nandini ?

Coming to Harshad and Navya. Navya gives him much affection and regards him like her husband which are seen in her manners. However, neither he cares for her nor for their intimate moments and actually lying about his feelings for her. Navya trusts him blindly and Nandini also tried to reveal his evil side to her but sooner or later she will come to know who is real Harshad. Dhruv and Aliya continue to be on the trail of blossoming love and their feelings are unspoken but feel something between them. When Mukti spoke about how friends also turns out to be better couple, both Dhruv and Aliya looked at each other which show their bonding and some feelings for each other. Keep Reading


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