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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:


Naitik and Akshara do not find any situation tough for romance. Naitik helps Naman and Karishma too to make them romance. Karishma is glad seeing Naman’s family accepting her with such love. Next in the show will be a disco night in Naman and Karishma’s sangeet function. All the couples will be seen in flashy trendy clothes and will share a leg to fully enjoy the sangeet. Akshara and Naitik rock by their performance on a romantic song.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:

Dadi has started corrupting Soumya’s mind by making her blind by her richness and the power to be part of Birla family. Soumya is bowled over Yuvraaj seeing him buy a costly saree for her, and regarding her a friend. Dadi asks Soumya to recall Yuvraaj’s love for her, and she has seen some feelings in her heart too. Soumya thinks about Yuvraaj’s proposal and love confession, and feels he still loves her. Suhani is unaware of this developments between Soumya and Yuvraaj, and is trying to unite Soumya and Krishna. While Krishna is trying to reconcile with Soumya, she has started developing feelings for Yuvraaj, and is in love with Birla family. Soumya gets a feeling to take Suhani’s place in Birla house.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Mr. Iyer joins the Bhallas to have breakfast, but he is unable to eat the spicy food made by Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla cooks the vegetarian food for Iyers, but makes it very spicy in her usual Punjabi style. Mr. Iyer passes all the food from his plate to Romi, and Romi has it all with uneasiness and still keeping a smile. Everyone come to know this food shift seeing Mr. Iyer and Romi’s murmuring and looking funny. They burst into laughter. Later on, a love letter comes for a Bhalla (male) which makes the ladies doubt their husbands, and find out who is the man receiving the love letters. While they all doubt Romi to be fooling around with a girl again, Romi clears out that the letter is not for him. Ishita doubts Raman, but is unsure as no girl will write a love letter to Mr. Rude. Is this any plan by Raman to make Ishita jealous, or the letter is sent by the girl obsessed with Raman?

Shastri Sisters:

Karishma has cleverly entered Shastri house as a utensil seller and keeps the confidential CD there, while Devyaani and Anushka are busy talking about Rajat. Devyaani realizes Anushka’s pain and her true love for Rajat, and asks her to sort things with him. Anu refuses being angry on Minty. Devyaani initiates their union and talks to Rajat about Karishma. Rajat confesses to her that he was simply acting with Karishma to make Anu jealous and admit her love, and he has always loved and still loves Anu. Devyaani decides to make Anu admit her love and unite them. But the twist will be Karishma’s master plan to divide Rajat and Anu by ending his career and sending him to jail on leaking the army confidential info. Will Rajat and Anu’s love survive this big evil plan?

Maharana Pratap:

Pratap is taken to Badshah Khan by Patta, as per his plan. Patta seals the deal with Badshah Khan to free Bijolia and take Pratap. Pratap’s plan succeeds to free the civilians of Bijolia, and he determines to attack Badshah Khan by misleading him.


Its haldi ceremony of Veera, and Baldev can’t be away from her. Baldev and his friends wear ladies suits and dance along in the ceremony. Veera too dances with him. Baldev covers his face, seeing Ranvi, Nihaal and Gunjan there. Ranvi is glad seeing Veera becoming a bride and he applies her haldi first. Ratan bumps into Nihaal and makes the haldi impressions on him, which makes Ranvi notice them again. Ranvi sees Veera’s happiness on her face. Baldev applies haldi to Veera and winks to her, giving her a surprise. A really funny scene indeed. Gunjan exposes Baldev and shows his face, with everyone laughing as he tried to hide his beard by sticking the dupatta to his nose by tape.


Meethi’s saree catches fire and Akash saves her by blowing off the fire. Amma ji is saved again from this plotting, and witnesses the incident. Meethi will face more problems ahead.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

The Modi family has gone behind bars. Gopi, Ahem, Paridhi, Jigar and Kokila have gone in jail, by Radha. Well, the jail is made at home. Radha has brought the bars at home, as its her birthday, and she plans a theme party of jail at home, with all her family behind the bars. Radha’s intention is to trouble everyone. Kokila blames Gopi for this worst situation, as she has stopped Paridhi, and Radha got here. Radha has done this drama to take revenge from Jigar and Paridhi, as he has done the puja with Paridhi. The new twist is how the Modi family deals with this big problem.

Doli Armaanon Ki:

Samrat is flirting with Radha and showing off his good looks to attract her. Urmi is shedding tears and Samrat is busy getting closer to Radha. He acts like getting hurt and Radha cares for him. Samrat is glad to see her on the terrace while he was exercising. Samrat holds her hand and they have an eyelock. She bites his hand and runs. Samrat finds excuses to romance with her, and thinks how to get her into his love effect. Urmi asks Samrat’s dad for help and he knows she is right, but he is worried for the society. He says he can’t go against his son and apologizes to Urmi.

KumKum Bhagya:

Abhi and Pragya sign the divorce papers, and are one step ahead to end their relation. Purab and Bulbul have failed to explain them. Abhi puts the condition of Pragya marrying Suresh, which she refuses. Suresh says he is ready to marry Pragya. Pragya says Abhi can’t force her to marry Suresh. Abhi says she has to marry Suresh, to save his name from defamation in media. Suresh wants to marry Pragya as he feels guilty to refuse to marry her and put her through a bad marriage.

Hum Hain Na:

Sagaraika’s foot gets hurt. Bunty does a good husband role and takes care of her foot, by doing the first aid and making her have food and medicines, which melts Sagarika’s heart and wipes off her anger.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan:

Harshad is languishing in jail after Manik & Fab 5 exposed his crimes with his own mouth. Manik and Nandini are coming closer in realizing their love via some romantic and caring moments. Navya at her end is upset with Nandini and Manik’s framing of Harshad and continues to believe him. However, it so happens next that she feels unwell and goes for a medical checkup to learn about being pregnant. Its true that she shared intimate moments with Harshad and recalls them. She is tense and happy at the same time on this development and thinks as good. She used to regard Harshad as her husband which were seen in her manners with him and after pregnancy news wishes to marry Harshad. She meets Harshad and breaks the pregnancy news to him but he shows no affection and care for her and replies in negative on not marrying her and also questions her character by suggesting that this baby does not belong to him. While Mukti and Nandini were always trying to convince Navya about Harshad’s true face and now after Harshad’s rejection and behavior – big NO for marriage, she will be shattered and this was bound to happen since Harshad was just cheating and lying to her. Navya feels helpless and breaks down and her condition gets worse as she gets depressed. Cabir who is giving good support to Fab 5 and Manik’s buddy will try to propose Navya for marriage to save her from this bad situation though he is a gay and everyone knows it too. Cabir with his good heart asks Navya to think about it, as he is doing this to save her reputation and give a name to the baby. Will Navya marry Cabir? Is there anything mysterious about this pregnancy news like Navya not really pregnant ?



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