Monday Reminders for Zee TV


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Doli Armaanon Ki:

Samrat calls Saroj, and tells her that she is lying to him. Saroj says that she isn’t lying and desperately protests why would she talk, when she has been insisted by him not to. He says that she shouldn’t even try to as she should be prepared for the consequences then. Samrat tells Saroj that he has made an MMS of Annu, which he shall leak, on the internet, if she says even a word to Urmi. Saroj is shocked. Samrat reminds what this could mean for her younger daughter and adds that her daughter shall be in ruins. Saorj is distraught.

Jamai Raja:

Sid gets Prashanth’s calls and while talking to him he classes with empty box and it falls down. Rajveer gets tensed that his secret will be out. He signals his goon to stop Sid. Sid is about to pick up empty box. Rajveer to stop Sid picking empty box and knowing his secret add more fuel in havan and Roshni’s hand gets burnt with fire. Sid leaves box and runs towards her. .

Jodha Akbar:

odha hugs her and says I know you can’t live without Salim so please stop, Ruks wipes her tears and smirks. Salim is drinking and enjoying dance of ladies, Jalal says stop it, Salim says I am heir, you keep dancing, Jalal slaps Salim hard.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi says she can walk out if she wants to, but if she goes, it is like a suicide for her and she will be responsible for her mom’s death. He says if she does not stay, he will upload video in 5 minutes. She runs back and says if he uploads, his career will be finished. He asks her to think about herself and remarry. Abhi warns Pragya if she does not agree to stay back, he will upload video and both their lives will be destroyed.

Qubool Hai:

Aahil, in his drunken state, comes and finds the new bride, after her bath, and asks if she is the new Sanam, who saved his and his family’s respect and name in the society. He is about to collapse, when the new bride comes and holds him, and falls on him, on the bed. As both the sisters come in, they are shocked to find Aahil in the arms of the new girl, while she is nervous herself, and Aahil keeps ranting Sanam’s name in his dazed state.

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke:

Mayank and Gunjan meet in the corridor, but Golu comes there to take Mayank for help in projects. Gunjan sits with Rachna and Shayl when Mayank comes out. Gunjan asks if he now has time for her. Seema comes running and announces that she is going to become a Dadi. Bindia throws the torn poster of hers, out the room. Gunjan passes by and gets it. She is shocked to see Bindia there.


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