Raman promises Ishita to trash Ruhi’s custody case in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein



Ishita comes to know about Shagun filing custody case for Ruhi again, and gets tensed by the fear of losing her daughter. Raman pacifies Ishita and promises her that he will not let his family break, and will never let Ishita get apart from Ruhi. Ishita breaks down and cries. She says whatever happens every time, Ruhi goes far from her. Raman explains her that Ruhi will not go anywhere, as she is his daughter too. He promises her that they will not lose Ruhi. Ruhi’s custody case re-opens and Ishita is fearing to lose her to Shagun. The court feels Ishita is not good for Ruhi, after Shagun filed the custody case again, stating about Mihika’s matter, and Iyer’s wrong upbringing. Shagun states Ishita not being a good mother to Ruhi, and Ruhi’s upbringing will not be good as they have expected before. Raman supports Ishita in this fight for Ruhi. Raman hugs her and is keen to fail Shagun’s plan again. Will Ruhi get away from Ishita?

Coming to Raina Singh’s character introduction in the show, she is all set to win over Bala, who regards her just his student. Raina is obsessed with Bala, and wants him at any cost. Bala is confused whom to choose, as Raina is asking him to accept her for getting justice for Mihika. Will Bala risk his marriage for Mihika’s better future? The show has instant cooked believable storylines and hit promos, like Ashok to marry Mihika………., Raina to get obsessed with Raman………., Romi got futile and to accept Sarika…………., Raman to give divorce to Ishita……….., Shagun to land in Raman’s life………. We acted in accordance with it, and we have written posts connected to these tracks, but luckily the tracks were so disheartening that the viewers’ response to the show made the makers change it. Still many tracks have been unanswered as stated before. Let’s see if the show has more to offer than few scenes of Raman and Ishita’s romance. Keep reading.


  1. If the story lines goes like it is said in the update above, the show will be a utter flop. As serials depict most of the society, they should show how to solve problems if they occur and not teach how to create problems. Ex: Now that Raman & Ishita’s relationship is getting better. Let it be that way. Don’t change it. There are many people like Shagun who disregard what they are blessed with. They should learn a lesson that they will lose everything if they disrespect what they have already.

  2. if the story is not going on a good track ultimately there will be fall in TRP of the show as well as viewers. 1 year has passed but viewers are not able to see Raman & Ishita’s relationship going on better track. as per given update show is not going to be a hit show. what people want to see is some good tracks. now a days they are getting tensed only? we think there must be some good moments between bhallas & iyers . we hope u will make some changes in the story.


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