Ishita wins Ruhi's custody case by Ashok's favor in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein



Shagun has troubled Ishita once again by filing Ruhi’s custody case. Shagun tells the judge about Raman not being a good father, and reminds the judge how he has fought in the school and beaten the guys without caring the little Ruhi is watching him. Mr. Iyer, Mrs. Bhalla and everyone give statements in Ishita and Raman’s favor. Shagun says she wants Ruhi, and shows her motherly emotions and love. Shagun is worried in heart too, thinking how will she manage the expenses of Adi and Ruhi. But she can’t see Ishita winning Ruhi. Ashok talks to the judge and says Ishita and Raman will be better for Ruhi’s upbringing. He speaks against Shagun, who is not a good mother. He says Shagun beats Ruhi for petty things, and gets angry in seconds. He says Shagun does not have any control over her temper. He says Ishita will be better for Ruhi, as Shagun just wants to acquire Ruhi, and she does not love Ruhi from her heart. A shocked Shagun gets angry and goes to beat Ashok.

The judge is shocked seeing Shagun’s hot tempered behavior. Mihika also gives her statement in Ishita’s favor. Mihir and Raman too support Ishita and tell how she has taken care of Ruhi when Shagun has dumped her. Ishita tells the judge that she wants Ruhi’s happiness as she is her life and she can’t live without her. She says she can allow Ruhi to live with Shagun, as she is happy with her. The judge gets touched by her words. After a long court room drama, the judge gives the decision in Ishita’s favor. Ishita hugs Ruhi happily, and Raman is glad to keep up his words. Kepe reading.



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