Love By Chance 29th Episode, Love overrides Imperfections, 13th December 2014 on Bindass TV – Promo Snapshot

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Love By Chance Bindass 29th Episode, 13th December 2014- Kritika's love story

The story is about Kritika and a young man. Kritika starts working at an office and there she meets him.  She have met him earlier on the road but that was co-incidental since she bumped into him as she was not careful while walking. During their first interactions, he learns that she has the habit to say Sorry for everything. It turns out that Kritika during her childhood used to get punishment in class and used to write many times I am sorry on the blackboard and thus got the habit.

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He wants to speak to her and also assign some project but she continues to show either apologetic or confused behavior. He shows some rudeness which hurts her and also brought tears. With passage of time, he has started to accept her weaknesses and started to understand her. In the end, both are seen having a good time and on the path to become lovestruck. How Kritika dealt with his slight annoyance/rudeness towards her ? What made him to develop a more calm attitude towards Kritika and accept her weaknesses ? Whether Kritika would be able to overcome her habits of being apologetic with his support ? How did they realized their feelings of love ? Stay tuned to Love by Chance this Saturday at 7 PM on Bindass.

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