Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 3 Episode 4 starring Juhi Aslam and Harssh Rajput, 12th December 2014 on Zing TV – Written Update


Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya season 3, Juhi Aslam, 12th December 2014 Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya season 3, Harsh Rajput, 12th December 2014

Surbhi Jyoti (the hostess) speaks of journey of life where we have achivements and also struggles and it is the same in sports you win or loose. She then comes to love there is also happiness and also sadness. Love just happens. The story is of Sia and Prashant who are from Pondicherry.


The story starts with Sia is seen with her parents and her groom’s family is also there and they are talking about her marriage. Prashant makes an entry and goes directly to Sia though her parents tries to stop him. He speaks of loving her with conviction but she is not listening to him and admits his mistake and love her much. She reminds him of the insult that he meted out at her and asks him to leave from there since she cannot forgive it. Prashant is being taken out by her father with force while he continues to look at her.

The story goes back by 3 months and Sia is seen with her friends at home and she is helping them for a fashion show competition. Sia is also told to come there but she speaks of feeling odd in front of models. Her friends leave while she does painting at home. Sia soon learns that a potential groom’s family have said No for her and she becomes dejected to hear it. She doesn’t want to get married and also suggests that no one wants to marry her and starts to cry. She gets consolation from her mother and she asks her mother to not try for her marriage. In the night, Sia gets a call from her friend Jaya who has won the fashion show competition and invites her for a party. Sia attends the party and later hangs out with her friend at her home. Her friends informs her of speaking with seniors and they are going to give a fashion styling job. Sia is content with fashion marketing job and informs on feeling odd with models. Jaya advises her to not leave that exciting career opportunity and she replies on thinking and then deciding. Next morning, Sia goes to meet Jaya who was chatting on her phone with a boy. Jaya speaks of chatting with a cute boy and have just started today and shows the boy [Parth]. She thinks it doesn’t matter whether she knows him from long time or just started since he is cute and then wants Sia to chat and impress him. Sia doesn’t know how to initiate a communication and Jaya helps her in how to chat and also suggests to Sia on creating an online profile. Sia creates an online profile at her home and becomes nervous and shuts down her laptop when receives a Hi message from a boy whom she met online.

Later, she meets Jaya who asks whether she is now fine and got used to Internet chat. She wants Sia to chat and talk with confidence but she is worried. Sia does login again and Prashant is that boy and both starts greeting. He asks about her profile picture and she replies on not putting it until now. He speaks of his mood being off and she speaks of a solution to get a good mood. He asks how come she has a solution without knowing the problem. She replies that its important to be happy always whatever maybe the problems. She informs him of seeing his photo album and photos and gives him on styling and clothing and suggests that lighter colors will suit him better. He speaks of trying and soon they ends the call. He begins to change according to her suggestions and wears light color shirt instead of jerseys and also make changes in his hair style.

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that Sia was feeling confident to speak with Prashant while he was going through some personal problems because of his mom-dad relationship was going through bad phase. He also got advantage of chatting because there were lot of positive changes in his personality.

Prashant goes to play tennis at the local pondicherry tennis club. His friends asks about him about fight with his dad. He speaks on forgetting it and also informs his friends that his dressing changes are just for change. He begins to play tennis and gets ankle twist when playing. Later, during the chat with Sia he informs her that his change makes everyone impressed. Sia replies that its great and asks about his well-being. He informs her that she haven’t put her profile pic until now and then asks about what work she does ? She replies on working at a fashion house in marketing dept. He then suggests that she should be a stylist. She speaks of styling as a hobby and also painting is another hobby. He asks whether she wants to asks him something. She replies on knowing a lot without asking and he asks what has she learnt ? She then asks whether there is some tension in his life. He informs that his mom-dad are getting divorced and he is unable to do anything. He speaks of his elder sister and brother-in law Gurpreet who are perfect couple and suggests that not everyone are perfect couple. He thinks that after seeing them he believes that true love still exists. Sia learns that his sister is not married but sooner she will get married. Later, Sia meets Jaya who asks her to keep chatting and put him in the bracket of friendship. Jaya also pulls Sia’s leg since she was blushing. Sia chats with Prashant another time and he asks her to put profile pic and she becomes worried and calls Jaya about it. Jaya advises her to put some pic which they took some time. She uploads the pic which also has Jaya in it. Prashant asks who is she in the pic and then says the photo is nice and also she is beautiful and also suggests what he has to do with her face. He then asks Sia whether they can talk on phone. She asks why ? He speaks on chatting since some time and asks her whether she doesn’t trust him. She gives her phone details to him.

Sooner then, he calls her on phone and compliments her and also the voice. She replies on not being good and suggests that everyone has some bad things with them. He agrees with her and then she asks him what are his bad things which he wants to share. He speaks of smoking, lazy, being afraid of high altitude and heights. She then speaks of not having fear since she haven’t seen such heights. He asks what she meant but she diverts the talk. They continue talking on phone [Yeh Pyaar Tera.. Ghumaar Sa Hain.. Khwab Hum Ne Bhi Bune Hain.. song plays] even when he was playing tennis and seen at the tennis court. Prashant’s to be brother-in law Gurpreet comes there and is greeted by his sister. Gurpreet comes with a teddy bear for her and Prashant asks him about its price. His sister asks to whom he wants to give it and he replies on just asking. They are sure that there is some twist in his life and asks about the girl. He informs them on not meeting the girl but he likes her and also have not told anything. His sister thinks that he definitely likes her and suggests him to go and propose to his friend with whom he chats regularly. Prashant calls Sia and speaks that he loves her and it is being agreed by his sister and himself. On hearing it, Sia disconnects the call and becomes worried. Sia goes to meet Jaya and shares her fear. Jaya thinks that the boy is not concerned with Sia’s height but Sia continues to have fear that he will not accept her. Jaya speaks of taking risks in life and has to put friendship on stake and there is no other option. Sia decides to meet Prashant and chats with him. He apologizes to her for being fast and asks whether they can meet [Hain Rabba Main Kya Karu.. song plays]. She replies fine and he asks whether they can go to watch a movie. She doesn’t give reply and he asks whether she is afraid of darkness in theatres. He then proposes her that they can meet at Pondicherry tennis club at 2 PM. She agfees for it.

Next morning, Sia is being dressed and styled by her friend Jaya. He reaches at the tennis court and is bullied by his friends a bit and soon finds Sia there. He becomes surprised to see her while his colleagues/friends laugh. He speaks to Sia that she lied and she asks what lie ? He points at her appearance and she speaks of not lying and he is thinking in that way. He suggests that even to hide a truth is a lie and why she haven’t shared about her. She replies that he is like others who see first at her appearance. He becomes more angry and speaks of not coming to the place if he knew about her appearance and also she wouldn’t have got insulted. She replies that even he is getting insulted with his own behavior but he is just not understanding. He wants her to stop speaking and suggests that he is framed by her sweet words. She thanks him in a teary voice that he has shown that she doesn’t have any scope in this world. She says that he has shown his character and suggests that he is smaller than her in character and leaves from there with tears. Sia comes home and cries [main Bhi Aana Tha.. Meri Bhi Rahein Hain Yahi Kahi.. song plays]

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that its very strange that still today people love by seeing looks and doesn’t see talent, feelings. Sia who have already faced rejections had some hope but that was not the case since she got insulted by Prashant right in front of his friends. Sia was badly affected and she thought that her life again went into darkness.

Prashant at his home learns that Gupreet has cheated on his sister and is informed by her. She informs that Gurpreet is having an affair with some other girl and he was faking all things – flowers and bouquets. Prashant suggests to his sister on being a perfect couple with Gurpreet. She replies nobody is perfect and such perfect relationship doesn’t exist and leaves from there. Prashant gets pensive and ponders on that note and remembers Sia’s words on his character and also her styling tips which has brough positive change in his life. He also recalls his own words that it doesn’t matter to know Sia’s face and also his sister’s words that there is no such thing like perfect and nobody is perfect. He recollects them during his tennis practice place as well. His friends asks him to come for a party but he shows lack of interest. He then speaks of not having problems in family but it is about Sia. His friends advice him to move on from Sia and go out with Neha on a date. He agrees and goes on to meet Neha. She speaks that its her 7th blind date and asks whether its his first date. She opens-up more and informs him of going through his social networking profile and saw the pics. She thinks that all girls were not impressive and for him she would be out of the league. She is talking but he is not replying and soon he calls Jaya so as to know about Sia. He asks Jaya for Sia’s address while Neha tries to interrupt him. He promises to Jaya that everything will be normal like before and runs from there. Prashant goes to Sia’s home and starts to apologize her with different approach [Adhoori Hain Kahani.. Nain Jazeera Lagte song plays]. She is not accepting his apology and he soon finds that Sia have deactivated her online profile and even changed her mobile no.

Later, Sia speaks to her father at home and learns that there are some matchmaking proposals for her and those candidates for groom are like her in appearance (height). Prashant is not giving up and meets Sia on road and requests her to listen but in vain. The story comes back to present when Sia was seen with her family and a potential groom’s family were visiting there to talk about marriage proposal. Prashant comes to Sia and she informs him of not forgetting that insult and will never forget. She asks him to leave from there and her father pushes him from there. Sia cries at her end. Prashant asks her to come down and she was seen near the windows. As she was not agreeing to him, he decides to climb up though he has a problem with heights. She is worried about him while Prashant does the climbing and reaches her window. She asks him to stop since he can fall down badly but he doesn;’t stop. He reaches another window and asks her to listen to him. Sia’s heart got melted and comes to him. He asks her to forgive him. She asks him that he had a problem with heights and he replies on overcoming it for her. He then speaks of living his life with her and she will be the who will be leading with her head held high while he will follow her with his head looking down. He again apologizes to her and wants one more chance. He admits on being selfish but she cares a lot and he thinks no one else would care for him to that amount. He says that we all are imperfect and mentions him, her, his sister and her so-called boyfriend Gurpreet. Prashant thinks that maybe their parents will not agree to their relationship and even their friend bully them but he doesn’t worry about them and wants dearly a chance from her. She accepts his proposal with a smile and become lovestruc. He asks whether they can go for a movie. She nods her head and he also pulls her leg. The story ends on that happy note.

Surbhi speaks that Sia was a confident girl and she didn’t have complex with herslef but thought that people will not accept her. After getting to know Prashant she had a hope and thought that he is the guy who looks beyond imperfections but got a shocker since he humiliated her in front of his friends. Sia got heartbroken but sooner Prashant realized that there are lot of things beyond imperfections. Sia was not imperfect because she was talented. Prashant apologized to Sia and she agreed. They shared similar thinking and finally in the end become soulmate because of their love. Surbhi signs off by asking viewers to share their opinion using the hashtag #PTKK on Zing TV’s facebook and Twitter pages.

Additional Note: 13th December 2014
* We (TellyReviews) believe that this Episode is one of the best and in top ranks of Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya series. The story was layered, emotional and also had a social message. Actors – Juhi and Harssh did an amazing job in acting. Kudos to Actors, the team and Zing TV.

Info on Cast:
* Sia is portrayed by actress Juhi Aslam
– Portrayed the role of Bharti in NDTV Imagine’s Baba Aiso Varr Dhoondo [Father, Please find a groom like this..]
– Worked in Channel V’s The Serial, Qubool Hai.
– Portrayed the role of a Dasi (attendant) Zakira in Zee TV’s Jodha Akbar

* Prashant is portrayed by actor Harssh Rajput
– Harsh was born on January 5, 1988 in Gujarat.
– Debut with TV series Star Plus’s Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan [2006-2009]. Portrayed the role of Pundir.
– Worked in the role of Agni in Imagine TV’s Dharam Veer (2008). Portrayed the role of Ishaan in Channel V’s Crazy Stupid Ishq.
– Recently portrayed the role of Bittu – a mentally challenged boy in Zee TV’s Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke (SSLK).
– Twitter page of Harssh

Image credit: Twitter page of Harsh and IBN live

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