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Love By Chance Bindass 29th Episode, 13th December 2014- Geetika and Manan's love story

The story starts with Geetika taking a Cola Gola (Ice Ball) from a roadside stall and starts to say sorry many times which makes the vendor annoyed though she just wanted some black powder. Kavi Shastri (the host) speaks that Geetika is not drama queen but guilty queen though she has a good job and works in Ad agency but she was under confident. But her nature can also affect others. Geeta soon bumps into Manan on the way and her cola gola liquid falls on his suit. Manan have done MBA studies from USA. She tries to clean his suit with tissues but he asks her to not worry. He smiles and she asks whether he thinks her as a cartoon. He replies no and asks her to not feel guilty, get relaxed and leaves by asking her to take care. She gets a call from her boss Mr. Banerjee and she goes with him in his car. They speak in the car and she says sorry for interrupting him and he suggets that youngsters doesn’t have any aim and calls himself as the king of bermuda triangle who have solution to all problems. He adds that all problems that fall in his magnetic field will get solved. He gives her 15 minutes to prepare for the presentation for a company where they will be reaching soon. She says that even 15 days were less to her in preparation but she will try to do in 15 minutes. She suggests that instead of macho, hulk models if they take common people for their Banyan (Vest or undershirt) Ad it would be different and impactful. But her boss Banerjee demeans her and also lowers her morale. She again says sorry to him and soon both reaches the company to give a presentation about their Ad.

Mr. Banerjee starts to give the presentation and uses very sophisticated words which are not very clear. The company owner’s son turns out to be Manan who comes there and asks Banerjee to recap his presentation. Banerjee starts to speak and Manan recognizes Geetika’s hairs coming in his vision and she apologizes to him and also to her boss. Manan asks Banerjee whether he has a concrete idea and Banerjee replies that there are hundreds of ideas going in the head of the people and tries to get a word. Geetika steps in and says intelligent and he asks her to not speak nonsense. He goes on to suggest that rockstar banyans are the identity of common people. After hearing that line, Geetika remembers how she spoke similar lines when she was going with her boss in his car and at that time he rejected her idea. He gets complimented by Manan’s father who has liked his idea. Geetika thanks her boss for picking up her idea and he replies it is his idea and what youngsters know and cites his own experience of more than 25 years. Manan understands the bias towards her and then goes to speak with Mr. Banerjee where is the soul. Manan confronts Banerjee and asks him to propose another idea in less than 12 minutes. Banerjee tries to speak sweet words and suggests on liking Manan’s aggression but he doesn’t listen. Banerjee is worried since only few minutes are left and thinks on losing the contract. Geetika comes to meet Manan who was eating and she starts apologizing and then informs of feeling guilty since it was her idea about common people wearing banyans. She is sorry and he replies damn. While she becomes nervous he carries a smile on his face. Later, Geetika meets her boss and he informs that her feminine charm has worked and Manan’s company has agreed to sign the contract. He continues to not say her name correctlty and assigns her as the project head.

Kavi Shastri (the host) speaks that Manan is very corporate guy and trying to woo her but she is not understanding. He is taking stepwise approach. Kavi wonders on the campaign’s success.

Manan receives a greeting card with her apology and he ponders to meet her for coffee or project meeting but declines and then sends a bouquet of flowers to Geetika. He sends her a business card and she thinks he haven’t accepted her apology and she vows to make him accept her apology and also he has to say ok. She then sends a card to Manan and asks him to forgive her. He then decides to send an e-mail with coffee shop meeting. Soon, both goes for a coffee and she starts apologizing to the waiter when only needs sugar. He calculates that she says Sorry 6150 times. She then informs that no one has given attention to her. She informs her parents love her a lot though somewhat strict. She then speaks of her english teacher who used to tell her to write I am Sorry on blackboard as punishment. She used to write it 1000’s of times in a year and even sorry was attached to her name I. S Geetika. He asks whether she understood why he is taking coffee with her leaving behind his work. He speaks of a chance and says its ok which she wanted to hear from him and he then asks whether they can move to next step. She was wondering and then asks about campaign and becomes shy. He asks what else she was thinking and soon both share eyelocks.

Kavi Shastri (the host) speaks that very soon Geetika and Manan came close.

Manan meets his father who asks him why is he trusting Geetika and soon they call Banerjee. Banerjee again speaks of not trusting youngsters and didn’t knew the call was on speaker. Manan in bold tone informs that Geetika will continue to lead the campaign and doesn’t want any more discussion on that front. Manan’s father warns him and says that if something wrong happens with the campaign then the girl has to pay the price or he will loose his job. Kavi speaks that there is a big speed break and Banerjee after his insult will not keep quiet. Geetika comes to meet Banerjee and starts with a sorry and then wants to simplify the tagline and adds the Keep Rocking. He becomes angry and asks her to write down some simple lame lines which she is forced to write. She takes an audition with the lame lines given to her and doesn’t feel impressed. Banerjee calls his Assistant Ramesh who came to Mumbai to become an actor but has become an office boy. He wants Ramesh to be the model for their Ad. She shows the audition with Ramesh to Manan and he is not impressed and becomes angry. He speaks of having confidence on her and she again apologizes to him and says that he have done a lot for her. He says sorry to her and suggests that she has 23 hrs to accept challenges and she needs to love herself and be confident. She becomes dejected and writes I am not sorry on whiteboard and leaves.

Next day, she gives the presentation by herself and informs all that her boss is ill. She asks Manan’s father why he uses Banyans and he replies just to wear. She suggests that we don’t have time to know more about Banyans and speaks that according to her research rural areas the consumption is 270 % more than urban areas. The reason is that there are many purposes of the Banyan in rural areas and there are different stories related to it. She then requests them to consider the campaign in larger social context which should be their target group and it has the promise to make a common man special. Everyone applauds her and also Manan. She thanks all and leaves from there. Manan runs to meet her next day and apologizes to her for his behavior. She says ok and he begins to say sorry to her many times while bending down on his knees. She enacts like Manan and asks him to not say sorry and also to not blame himself. She speaks of getting strength because of his slight rudeness. She accepts his feelings and he showers couple of kisses and hugs her [love by chance title song plays]. The story ends on that happy note.

Kavi speaks that in life we need a person who keeps faith in us. He asks the viewers to share their opinion using the hashtag #LoveByChance on Bindass TV’s Twitter page.

Additional Note: 16th December 2014
* We (TellyReviews) believe that Actors were fine in their portrayal and the story went more in the humorous side and have a social message.

Episode Video
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Additional Note:
* Banyan clothing (Banyan) is a garment worn by men in the 18th century influenced by Persian and Asian clothing. In present day English, a Banyan is used to refer to Vest or undershirt. Read more at its Wikipedia page.


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