Halla Bol 2 3rd Episode with Karan Tacker, Girls’ Right To Education, 14th December 2014 on Bindass – Written Snapshot


Halla Bol Season 2 on Bindass with Karan Tacker

The story starts with Sana speaking about her story and she is from Muzaffarnagar and her elder sister Saleema also had the passion to study. Her father was very proud of Saleema. Saleema haven’t got the opportunity to study and wanted to become journalist but didn’t got support in their society and locality. Their father got dejected after Saleema left their home and her uncle Fazlu started threatening and doesn’t want Sana to study. She got support from her father and wants to go to school. Karan Tacker (the host) speaks that education is the basic right and why there is discrimination. Today’s episode is about Sana who is 17 years and she is raising the question why people are afraid to see girls’ study or education.


The story continues with a local politician praising Sana’s uncle Fazlu and he informs that his main aim is that youngsters of that village will stay away from western influence. Fazlu gets taunt by politician’s men who informs how a girl (Saleema) has run away from his family in the middle of the night. Fazlu gets upset a bit and soon on his way finds his daughter Farida walking on the road. He follows her while Farida reaches Sana who is seen with other girls. One of the girls makes a complaint of the gas agency to a NGO and they all compliment Sana. Sana praises Farida who comes out everyday there though her father doesn’t want her to study. They see Fazlu uncle there and becomes worried. He comes inside and speaks that they are the ones who make complaints against shops and then slaps Farida. He says that mobiles are not for girls and women and takes both Farida and Sana to his sister’s home. He informs that Saleema ran away and her father paid the price because his shop and business declined and then closed down. Next morning, Sana wants to go to her school since 12th class exams are approaching and she is stopped by her mother. Sana’s father comes to her support and takes her to the school. Sana’s mom calls her brother Fazlu who soon goes to the school and takes her from there. He suggests that girls cannot go outside home and tries to take her by force. Sana’s principal comes there and he speaks about being uncle and can do anything. The principal speaks of girl’s future and he cites that bad manners and arguing with men are taught in the school. In a fit of anger, he throws Sana’s bag and takes her away with force. Sana is helpless and comes home and cries.

Karan tacker (the host) thinks that Fazlu was thinking that girls will become bad if they study. Karan asks how come a country with such thinking can move forward but Sana’s parents were not understanding what they will achieve with girls education.

Sana meets her father who informs that he got a new bag and books for her and she will go to school from next day. They watch the news and finds Saleema as a TV anchor. The news show the local politician with whom Fazlu works and he blames the mobile phones for causing bad influences on women and speaks of its side effects. He says there is no use of mobile phones for girls and also bring them close to their enemies. Sana’s father thinks that the politician is dramatic and Sana’s mother Saheeba thinks that girls needs to be controlled and only then they will be safe. He suggests if boys can have mobiles then why can’t girls. Both argue and he informs that the men needs to change their thinking and why girls need to work more for their respect. Sana gets courage after hearing father’s words and writes a impactful message (poem) on women empowerment and sends to her friends. The message is forwarded and Sana’s poem is forwarded and also reaches her elder sister Saleema’s media house. The Politician sees the news about Sana’s poem spreading to many people and her 12th class exams approaching soon. He becomes angry with Fazlu and wants him to leave. Sana was going to her school and on her way some men harasses her and informs that she has been told to not go to school and throws away her bag. They then tries to physically molest her and threatens that she should not think about the politician otherwise they will do more harm to her. Sana cries after that incident and nobody helped her. She gets composure and takes her bag and leaves.

Karan (the host) speaks that the politician Prabudas Chaturvedi wants to stop the education by giving reasons of soceity, culture and girls like Sana has to be quiet but whether she was ready to be quiet.

Fazlu comes and asks Sana to stop and also requests her since the politician is very powerful and can destroy their family. He urges her to forget school and study and asks whether she didn’t got attachment with him. She asks Fazlu why he gives support to the politician even knowing about them. She informs about how she was harasssed and molested in public and asks whether his party abuse the girls to give them respect and says them while crying. She goes to her room and remembers the harassment incident and cries. Her father comes and gives support and then takes her to meet her elder sister Saleema. Sana meets Saleema who wants to take her to Lucknow where she can study openly. Sana is being told by her father very soon that they will also make plans to come to Lucknow. Sana declines to go and speaks about other girls who doesn’t have the support like her. She has got the father who supports her but what about other girls and doesn’t want to run. Sana’s father praises his daughter and wish that every family have a daughter like Sana. Soon, the politician learns about Sana filing a FIR against him and then directs his men to inflict harm where it pains a lot. The men fires at Sana’s father and leaves and Sana sees her father being shot and runs to take him to the hospital. Sana’s father survives the fatal shot at the hospital and her mother and Fazlu speaks of the danger that they were talking about earlier and now she can see the result. They ask her whether she wants to see her father dead.

Sana wants to give up education and will not touch even books and just wants to see her father being conscious. Sana’s father starts to speak and says that girls’ education will instill the education in the next 7 generations. He speaks that his life is very small compared to his girl’s education. He wants her to go, fight with the untoward world and come back after winning and also suggests that just prayers (Dua) are not needed you need to pray as well. Soon, Sana learns of the reporters that came at the hospital. She goes with courage and speaks to the media but after appearing there becomes nervous and soon starts speaking that she is an ordinary girl who wants to write her 12 standard exams. She speaks that every child has the right to study and doesn’t know to speak big talks but is searching for small answers. She informs about two men who harassed her in public and she doesn’t know why. She doesn’t know why she has been told to not study and even her father was shot at their home and now he is fighting for his life. She knows why her father was shot because he was the only person who supported her and gave strength. For this reason, he got shot as punishment. She speaks that her own people and locality didn’t gave her support and doesn’t know whether they will help her. She speaks of her wish to be an independent citizen of the country and her right is to write the exams tomorrow. She doesn’t know whether she will reach the exam centre but will take her bag and books to write exam [Halla Bol title song plays]..

Sana is preparing to go for the exams and Fazlu does prayers. Sana’s mother Saheeba asks her to not go since there is much danger. Fazlu comes there and speaks that Sana his daughter and will write the exam and wants to take her to the school. The local politician is arrested by police and taken away. Sana writes her exams and is greeted by the media. Sana goes for the inaguration of a book and got the invitation from a minister and is accompanied by her father. Sana’s father reads her poem from the book – Infuse live in very tiny parts such that the city will be vibrant and will see rainbows and colors every day. Everyone applauds on that note. The story of Sana’s fightback for right to education ends there.

Karan speaks that there are lakhs of girls like Sana who are fighting for their rights. He says that we need to support, encourage, and guide in their development. Tania is a guest on the show and have the passion to study. She used to study without her father knowing it. She studied and kept hope and today’s her hardwork paid off. Karan speaks that real achievers/winners are the one who doesn’t accept defeat. Karan signs off by asking the girls to have dreams since they are not lesser than anyone [Ladkiyan Kam Nahi in hindi].

Additional Note: 16th December 2014
* We (TellyReviews) believe that the story and Acting were amazing and impactful alongwith Karan’s heartfelt dialogues. Kudos to Actors, the team, Karan, and Bindass TV.

Info On Cast:
* Sana is portrayed by actress Vaishnavi Rao
– Sana worked in Colors’ Bhagyavidhaata in the role of Renu [2009-2011]
– She also modeled for Fair & Lovely and Maybelline cosmetic brands.

Episode Video:
[youtube id=http://youtu.be/L7FQORaxqFY]



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