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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins:


Nisha tries to catch a man who has stolen a bag from her academy. She follows the man till long distance just to get the bag for Viraj. She chases him and stops him by holding the speeding bike. She tries to beat the man and gets control over the bag by snatching it from the man. She shows her bravery once again even when she gets hurt. Nisha succeeds in saving the bag which is quiet important for Viraj.


Veera and Baldev are asked not to meet before their marriage, and the lovers can’t be apart. They meet for short time, and get stuck in heavy rains. They find a filmi type hut in the middle of the isolated place. Baldev gives his jacket to Veera to change as she got drenched in rain and feels cold. He then manages to make a changing room for her, by putting the shawls – curtain wall. They feel whatever happens is for the good, as they were not getting time to spend together. Veera’s haldi and mehndi function gets over and they land in this small romantic hut, chilling in cold and romancing along. Baldev gets closer to Veera, while she suggests they should go home.

Shastri Sisters:

Rajat is stuck between two brides. He loves Anushka and don’t know whether be happy to see her or not, as Anu is accused to leak the confidential info. The other bride is Karishma, his ex girlfriend. Everyone is stunned as two brides are ready to marry him, even when Anu always maintained she did not love him, and before she could confess, Rajat fell in Karishma’s trap and believed that Anu has ruined his career. He feels Karishma is better than Anu, as she manipulated him. Rajat is burdened by Karishma’s dad’s favor on him, as he got saved from losing his respect. Rajat goes ahead to marry Karishma, when Anu pops up in bridal dress, shocking everyone. Anu breaks the ghatbandhan of Rajat and Karishma, and angers Karishma by saying she will marry Rajat. Karishma gets exposed in this Shaadi Special Week episodes.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Karishma backs out from the wedding, and Akshara stops her in nick of the time. Naitik and Akshara try convincing Karishma for marriage, but Karishma is too scared to commit in a relation thinking it will ruin her freedom and she does not want to follow anyone’s orders. Karishma tells Akshara that she does not have courage to marry. Akshara explains Karishma to mend her ways for Naman’s love and give a chance to his family. She tells her that she has to change for making a relation, and this is called true love. Akshara explains her well and Karishma finally agrees whole heartedly. The wedding takes place happily. Karishma changes her pink bridal dress and wears the red and green one, given by Devyaani. Devyaani is glad seeing Karishma. The wedding looks very royal and its uniquely organized. The grand wedding has a great family photo session, with metal frames hangings to give an exclusive touch.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan

Manik is in a state of delirium at the hospital due to treatment but continues to remember and relentlessly asks for Nandini. Nandini couln’t stay far from him for long and is in a teary state admits her feelings towards him and also her mistake to not accept his apology which was his condition to go to the doctor for his swelling checkup. While, they are getting pain when together but she wishes to be together as he needs her dearly. She showers much care, love and affection to him and have the believe that he will get fine soon and Music will stay with him. Nandini is earnestly waiting for Manik’s recovery with full heart. The doctors needs Manik’s parent consent for the follow-on procedures which could be surgical or other alternatives. Neunika slaps Harshad at jail and would come to do the needful at the hospital. Manik in his ill state carries passion to work on the songs and with able support from his friends (Fab 5) and Nandini’s strong believe would help him in coming out fine. Cabir went to meet his mother and will come to see Manik once he gets the info.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:

Ishani clears her doubt on Ranvir for her dad’s death, by asking him to buy his dad’s office for her, which she wants to own being close to Harshad’s memories. Ranvir does not take a second thought and buys Harshad’s office building and also organizes a puja for his. He even fasts for Harshad’s peace and Ishani’s wellbeing, which hugely impresses Ishani. She gets the clear picture that Chirag is ruining Ranvir’s name by blaming him for Harshad’s death, and she should not fall in Chirag’s trap. Ishani realizes Ranvir’s goodness and falls for him even more.

Sasural Simar Ka:

A happy time is back in Simar’s life. Simar and Prema have united and she says her happiness is returning in their lives, as Roli is returning home after fighting with death for four months. Siddhant is very glad to get back Roli. Roli’s accident happened and her plastic surgery happens. The show takes a four month leap. The twist will come as Roli’s face will change after surgery. Roli gets hurt at the same cliff where she has faced death risk before.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman and Ishita are on candle light dinner date. Their romance has got a good kick start with their love confessions. Raman holds Ishita’s hand and they don’t wish anyone to come between them, as its first time there is something romantic from Raman’s side. They were saying I love you to each other, and it gets a halt by Shagun. She breaks their romance moments. She has a bad timing always and Raman’s efforts to organize candle light dinner fails. Ashok has left Shagun forever and Shagun got greedy to eye Raman again.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

Meera participates in the Dance Competition 2014. She dances well, and her ghungroos break as per Radha’s plans to hurt Meera. Radha damages the ghungroos. But little did she know that Meera has determination and strength like Gopi, as she has continued dancing even when her feet got wounded by the ghungroos on the floor. Meera does not stop dancing and still manages to dance with all expressions. Gopi was sure that she will complete the dance performance and later on, rushed to her. Pari and Gopi take care of Meera. Meera makes everyone proud.

Ek Hasina Thi:

Shaurya is dying in the show as it progresses towards its end this week. Is this Shaurya’s plan to fool Durga again? The Goenka family reach the hospital knowing about Shaurya. Sakshi loses her temper and accuses Durga to be behind this. She even gets her anger on Rajnath. The doctor asks Sakshi to identify the dead body and Sakshi breaks down seeing the body’s face. Rajnath pacifies her. The new twist comes as Shaurya is dead. But Shaurya is the main villain who can’t die without finding about Nitya. Is this Shaurya’s master game? Sakshi sheds tears and Durga regrets that she wanted to take justice for Payal and her enemy died too early. Shaurya is finding about Nitya and his death tragedy can be fake, as the show will have Durga’s tragic death at the end, as confirmed by her doctor. The show’s name goes well Ek Hasina ‘THI’…. We wish the makers complete Dev and Durga’s love story and put the cruel Goenkas behind bars.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir:

Shlok meets Raghu Bhai at his place as Chowksi takes him to calm the fight between them. Things go worse as Shlok is not ready to bend infront of Raghu Bhai. Shlok verbally attacks Raghu and his ego, which makes Raghu provoked. The food truck business gets ruined by Raghu’s goons, and Shlok does not stay quiet. He has a fight with Raghu, which irks Raghu and he kidnaps Astha to settle score with Shlok. How will Shlok save Astha now?


  1. Thank for the spoilers of EHT and YHM but devga cannot die plz u have already murdered Dr Dayal Thakur…..DEVGA should remain happy and alive…..PLZ CHANGE THE SCRIPT!!!!!!!!


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