Sahir challenges Zaki to make Arzoo confess her feelings for him in Sony's Humsafars

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Sahir is going through a lot of tension and is under pressure to fulfill the promise made to his wife Zeenat. He wants to make his fashion house Saiyaara [Planet in English], a 1000 crore company. He started falling in love with Arzoo because of her simplicity and straight forward nature. Arzoo too falls in love with him, but doesn’t express her love and decides to hide her feelings for him. Sahir’s younger brother Zaki falls in love with Arzoo at first sight. Meanwhile, Zaki’s old girlfriend Samaira comes to stay with them. She later claims to be pregnant with Zaki’s child and reminds him of their Paris trip. Zaki gets shocked and informs about the matter to Arzoo with trust (confides) about Samaira’s pregnancy. He tells her that even though Samaira is pregnant, but he is not the father of her child and has not spent a night in Paris. Arzoo supports him being a true friend. Zaki is mistaken and regards her friendship to be love and thinks she has feelings for him. Sahir’s servant Kurti Apa taunts Arzoo and accuses her for carrying Zaki’s child. Arzoo stays silent to protect Zaki’s respect as she feels it will ruined Sahir’s respect and Saiyaara. Zaki gets touched by her gesture and decides to prove her innocence. He thinks to get the paternity test of Samaira’s unborn child.

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Later, Samaira’s Dad Rahman Saheb gives Samaira’s marriage proposal for Zaki to Sahir. Sahir speaks to Zaki who refuses to marry Samaira. Sahir thinks Zaki is refusing because of Arzoo. Rahman threatens Sahir with the video footage of the Lucknow factory blast. Sahir doesn’t care about his threats. However, he tries to convince Zaki to marry Samaira for her child’s sake. Zaki refuses to acknowledge that the child is his and therefore declines to marry Samaira. Zaki tells Sahir that he will marry only Jahanaara/ Arzoo and not Samaira. He tells him that Samaira is just faking to be pregnant with his child. Sahir gets angry as he also loves Arzoo, although his wife is in a coma state at the hospital. He tells Zaki that Arzoo is money-minded girl and is after his money. Zaki refuses to believe him. Sahir challenges to bring Arzoo’s truth infront of him. He promises to show her greedy side. Zaki couldn’t believe him. Sahir then tells him that he will make him hear Arzoo saying I love you to him (Sahir). He says Arzoo will confess to love him. Zaki gets shocked at what Sahir is thinking.

Sahir thinks to make Arzoo fall for him and then compelling her to confess her feelings for him. He wants to stop Zaki and Arzoo’s marriage anyhow and clear Zaki’s misconception. What will Arzoo do? Will she confess her feelings for Sahir, disheartening Zaki. Zaki will be disheartened as Arzoo is his true love. Will Sahir’s wife Zeenat come out of coma? Keep reading..






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