Manik aims to remove the hindrance viz. Nandini's perceived guilt to make her admit her feelings to him

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kaisi yeh yaariyan

Let’s start and dvelve into Manik and Nandini’s love which is still not realized with a quote from poet Ghalib.

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Yeh Ishq Nahi Aasaan.. Bas Itna Samaj Lijiye.. Aankh Ka Dariya Hain.. Bas Doob Ke Jaana Hain
– Its rough translation is Love is not an easy thing and many times we have to face hardships and uphill tasks to get it.

Manik recovers from his hand injury after a special surgeon operated him. Nandini’s believe that music will stay with him always proved right. Manik also knows about Nandini showering care to him from a distance without coming close to him and calls it a hide and seek game. Nandini who was earlier not accepting Manik’s apology have a change of heart and even shares her true feelings for Manik to Navya and rules out Dhruv. Dhruv at his end also made it clear to Aliya that he is not interested in giving second chance to woo Nandini. Manik wants to make sure that Nandini opens-up and admit her feelings to him atleast now. He goes out on the terrace with his guitar and as expected Nandini comes there and shows concern. Manik asks why she is staying away from him ? Nandini replies that he should care for them and also comments on how he is not taking proper care. She sticks to her earlier belief that they get pain when together and doesn’t open-up. Manik is defiant to get an answer from her and says its Now or Never and if she leaves he will never come to her. Nandini couldn’t hold her emotions/feelings of love for Manik inside and showers a hug to him and kisses. He was feeling relieved but soon gets a shock when Nandini says that they can’t be together. She suggests on being true in her emotions in saying so while reminds him on how he walked away from her for Dhruv and spoke plain lie. She blames herself for Manik’s earlier health condition which could have been serious and also would have affected his music and thus not admitting her love/feelings to him. Even after this, Manik and Nandini recollects each other with eyes closed.

Cabir has left his mom and meets Fab 5 including Manik. Manik gets a name Bollywood Lover Boy from Cabir since he found Manik recollecting about his love with his eyes closed. Cabir will share about his mom to Manik while getting info on Nandini in return – sort of barter exchanges. Manik needs Cabir’s help on how to make Nandini confess/admit her feelings for him which he is yearning for so long. Manik takes the romantic & dejected hero route [since his defiant mode didn’t work] to make Nandini closer to admit her feelings while shunning out guilty feelings from her stride. Manik sings the Alvida…Kaisi Keh Diya Alvida song with full heart and passion to depict his feelings and to portray how she didn’t say anything [gave can’t be together message] to him and doesn’t listen to his heart. Will Nandini be able to get rid of her perceived guilt and admit her feelings to Manik ?

Coming to Dhruv and Aliya’s bonding/blossoming love. Aliya got more confident about Dhruv once she got to know that he is not interested in giving second chance regarding Nandini. He calls her as the strongest girl of Fab 5 and suggests she doesn’t need to feel guilty for her feelings towards her brother Harshad. Harshad at his end is still locked in jail and gets bashing from Manik’s mom Nyonika; have deserted Navya; and tries to emotionally convince his sister Aliya to bail him out. He speaks of knowing his mistakes and also speaks sweet words for Manik and even ready to apologize to him. When Dhruv meets Aliya, she will speak more on how to get her brother out from jail. Will Dhruv take next step with Aliya on their trail of blossoming love ? Navya is heading back home to Patna after being deserted by Harshad and laments on their relationship. How Harshad gets bail and come out of jail, Will Navya be compelled to help him ? Mukti has accepted a rose from a new guy Abhimanyu after he flirted with her and gets introduced when he was doing a Beauty & Beast comedy sketch to bring smile on child cancer patients. Abhimanyu has the skill to win people’s heart and next in line were Murthy’s [Nandini’s aunt and uncle]. Mukti earlier wanted a positive vibrancy in her life and wants to move on from rehab & Harshad for good. Whether Abhimanyu going to initiate and bring such vibrancy in her ?


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    parth niti fc soomi

    Awwww wauting for alvida song scene hope nandu will confess her feeling openly n thz time manik go boy go u have to win her back…. N thanks tellyreviews after testerday episode now we fans r all postv thanks…..

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    waiting for nandini to express her true feelings towards manik… thanx for the updates..

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    Wow…can’t wait for this..

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