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Diya Aur Baati Hum:

Sooraj is Bhabho’s obedient son and tries hard to make Bhabho smile and come out of the trauma. Babasa asks Sooraj and Sandhya to leave the house. Sandhya refuses to leave the house, while Sooraj does not say anything. Sooraj reads Ramayan for Bhabho and wants to see her in house. Bhabhho gets unwell seeing a mark on his hand. Sooraj is preaching Bhabho and wants to make her forget the hijack incident. He reads Ramayan and explains her the meanings. Chaturi gives the radio to Sooraj, and they hear Sandhya on the radio. Bhabho is touched by Sandhya’s words and says Sandhya is her medicine. Sandhya has gone away from the house, by Babasa’s orders to leave the house and be away from Bhabho. Sandhya has made Sooraj stay with Bhabho, as she knows Sooraj can’t live without Bhabho. Sooraj and Sandhya are incomplete without each other. Sooraj has become best son to save his mother from death, and what will he do to become best husband. Sooraj has sacrificed his wife for his mum.

KumKum Bhagya:

Aaliya gets very angry after Abhi slapped her. Abhi took this step as Aaliya was kicking out Pragya from their house. Abhi says he hates his sister and she has hurt not only him, but did not care about Dadi’s health conditions too. She rages and determines to hatch a new plan against Pragya. She argues with Abhi and is adamant that she did not do anything wrong. Aaliya does not realize her mistake, and Abhi gives her a good lecture.

Qubool Hai:

Aahil tells Sanam that she will be in his house as his maid, not as his wife. Sanam says I m your wife, I m your love. Aahil shouts stop it, you can be here just as maid, and nothing else. Aahil tries to forget her, which is impossible. Sanam explains him to give her one chance. She recalls all the moments between them. Sanam has become stranger for him, and cries. Tanveer has always planned traps for Sanam, and today even Aahil has gone against her. Aahil is emotionally torturing her, by supporting Tanveer. He meets Sanam on the way and brings her home. Aahil drags Sanam and asks Tanveer to see his run away bride. Aahil humiliates her for ruining his life and orders her to stay in the house, but as maid. Tanveer is very glad. Aahil proves to be Tanveer’s puppet.

Ek Hasina Thi:

While Sakshi has planned a lot to cover up her son Shaurya and she was the mastermind behind Shaurya’s fake death. Shaurya plans to get Durga at any cost and he makes a big mistake. Durga, Dev and Akash confront Shaurya, Sakshi and Rajnath at the Goenka house by bringing their hidden master player Payal. They call the police by making Shaurya foolish to accept his crime. The Goenkas get arrested by their live acceptance of their sins. They all get handcuffed and still does not lose temper. Sakshi is shell shocked as her life is ending by this. Payal gets justice at last. Payal hugs Durga and Durga reveals her true identity to everyone. Sakshi is shocked to know Durga is actually Nitya. Durga’s motive was to get Goenkas punished, and the story got a twist by showing Payal’s strength. Payal gets normal and is happy soul again. Dev and Durga wins in the justice war.

Nisha aur Uske Cousins:

Viraj saves Nisha from falling down as they both hang to the tree branch. Nisha and Viraj are trapped in jungle, and there starts their romance. Love is in the air. Viraj saves Nisha’s life. He sees her back hurt and bleeding, and removes her jacket. She covers it back and leaves from the car. Viraj asks her to stop. Nisha loves him, and she gets shy to ask him to doing first aid. Viraj tries to do the first aid, and takes care of her. Viraj asks her to trust him. Nisha applies the ointment on her hand herself. Viraj tries getting network to inform other about their accident. He makes her do some exercises and she gets more hurt. Viraj scolds Nisha and Nisha goes in the rain to avoid him. He asks her to stop as her wound will get worse if it gets wet. Viraj goes to stop her, and they get drenched in rain.


Veera is really glad as Gunjan brings her in the mandap. Ranvi comes to them and gives a shocking news that this marriage can’t happen. Ratan asks why. Ranvi says Baldev is in jail. Everyone is shocked. Ranvi says he is on murder charges. Ratan asks on whose murder charges. Ranvi gives a more shocking news by naming Nihaal Chachu. Ratan is super shocked. Gunajn can’t believe Baldev can kill Nihaal, but Ranvi says he is the witness, as he is mistaken as planned by Rajveer. Ranvi feels Ratan’s heart also broke as he has given his nod to her marriage with Nihaal. The super twist will make Ranvi face a challenge, will he choose truth or lie? Ranvi is a honest man and will support Baldev if he is innocent, but Ranvi does not believe so. Ranvi is shattered seeing his mum and sister breaking down because of this twist.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan:

Nandini loves Manik but haven’t admitted her feelings to him since she blames herself for Manik’s earlier serious health condition and perceives guilt. Manik who acted defiant and stubborn to make her admit couldn’t able to do so. Cabir calls him a Bollywood lover boy and will help Manik in how he should be able to convince Nandini in admitting her feelings. Manik has to remove the major hindrance viz. guilty feeling from Nandini’s mind so as to realize their love. He shows his feelings by singing and portraying a dejected but romantic hero. Nandini is holding her emotions, Will she able to remove her perceived guilt to admit her feelings to Manik ? How music will give them strength to reach out to each other?

Mere Rang Mein Rangne Wali:

Radha has landed in Mathura at LD’s house with her luggage. LD is glad seeing her, but no one is happy seeing her in jeans and top. Jayshree faints seeing Radha in such modern clothes and knowing she is LD’s wife. She gets a heavy shock by this revelation and falls. Chameli holds her. Radha has come to LD’s house, but she does not know about the house rules, where only Dada ji’s values and rules works. Dada ji slaps LD knowing about Radha. LD tells him that Radha is his wife and he wants to keep up his marriage. LD says he really loves Radha and wants to spend his life with her. Radha is not ready to change herself for them, and she don’t want them to judge her by her clothes. LD likes her as she is, and he stands by her side. Radha thinks Dada ji will kick her out of the house, but Sadhna and LD convince Dada ji to give Radha a chance, which troubles Radha more. LD forwards his hand to Radha to hold it for lifetime. Radha is stunned to see LD still supporting her, and going against his Dada ji. LD tries to convince Radha to accept their marriage. What will Radha do now?

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Sahir gets angry on Zaki as he also loves Arzoo, although his wife is in a coma state at the hospital. He tells Zaki that Arzoo is money-minded girl and is after his money. Zaki refuses to believe him. Sahir challenges to bring Arzoo’s truth infront of him. He promises to show her greedy side. Zaki couldn’t believe him. Sahir then tells him that he will make Zaki hear Arzoo saying I love you to him (Sahir). He says Arzoo will confess to love him. Zaki gets shocked at what Sahir is thinking. Sahir thinks to make Arzoo fall for him and then compelling her to confess her feelings for him. He wants to stop Zaki and Arzoo’s marriage anyhow and clear Zaki’s misconception. What will Arzoo do? Will she confess her feelings for Sahir, disheartening Zaki. Zaki will be disheartened as Arzoo is his true love. Will Sahir’s wife Zeenat come out of coma?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

The new twist in the show is Mihika and Ashok’s marriage. Raman is super shocked and leaves to see Shagun and Adi at Ashok’s house. Ishita goes along as she does not want any trouble again. Raman and Ishita are shocked to see Mihika as Ashok’s wife, and Shagun distraught to lose her life’s most precious gem Ashok. Shagun angers on Ishita and Mihika yet another time, and Ashok supports Mihika and tries being sweet. Ishita is shell shocked by Mihika’s self harming step to marry Ashok, while Raman is tensed thinking how will Mihir react to this. How will Ishita manage this crisis?


Anjali’s parents Jagat and Sarita comes to know of their daughter Everest expedition and sponsorship by watching news on TV. Vidhaan’s father Vikram is proud to see Anjali taking part in Everest expedition but Jagat speaks of getting cheated by Anjali and Sarita. Sarita tells Jagat about Anjali trying to fulfill his incomplete dream. Jagat shows his concern for the first time, as he knows Everest is not easy thing to achieve and Anjali is being foolish to go for it. As her father is not supportive and happy, Anjali will inform him that her Everest expedition is to find her own identity and self-discovery and not just to fulfill her father’s incomplete dream. He fears in his heart to lose Anjali, and does not show it to anyone. He orders Anjali to come back home, and Anjali angrily refuses him.


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