Love By Chance 30th Episode starring Aalekh Kapoor, 20th December 2014 on Bindass TV – Written Update


Love By Chance Bindass 30th Episode, 20th December 2014- Shaina and Bobby's love story

Today’s Love by Chance Episode name is – The Perfect Surprise. Kavi Shastri (the host) speaks that if there was a recipe book of love then it would have made things easier. But these recipes are not seen anywhere since love and life is full of surprises and unpredictable. Kavi speaks that Shaina doesn’t like surprises and she works as the head chef of 77 spices restaurant and a perfectionist by nature who keeps an account of every moment of her life and wants to do all things on time. The episode is about the love story of Bobby and Shaina.

The story starts with Shaina coming to confront her uncle who is the head of the restaurant and seen in angry mood. She reminds how she was sent to Goa regarding her marriage proposal without her approval. She speaks of restaurant’s getting more customers and soon finds Chola Batura being prepared in the kitchen and asks why it is prepared. Uncle Paul speaks of desi customers and need some Tadka and spice. She asks him how come things have changed so fast in one week when she was away. She goes to the kitchen and finds music playing loudly and a chef Bobby is cooking while listening to it. He speaks that cooking and love make food more interesting. He introduces himself as Bobby Singh, chef by passion and D.J by hobby. He then informs her about his background that he was doing engineering in Bhilai but was not interested and soon got love with cooking and came to Mumbai. She wonders why all Idiots come to her kitchen. She says that cooking is like worshipping and music should not run. He speaks of a challenge that whoever blinks first will win. But he wants other chef and staff to start serving the customer and also the music system should be packed.


Bobby continues to cook food and speaks fondly on how nicely he made the food and suggests of loving a lot. He finds Shaina putting Chicken fillet and 7 drops of lemon, 2 table spoons of olive oil and a pinch of corainder. She suggests that it is according to the forumula. He informs her that according to his mother a pinch of love will make food much better than preparing it with forumulas. She informs that people come to restaurant to not eat home-like foods. He speaks that mother cooked food is class apart. She wants a 5 star rating and thinks that his mother is not worried about ratings and he agrees with her. Bobby flirts with a staff member girl and Shaina calls him a creep on hearing him. She goes to her uncle Paul and speaks that either she will stay or Bobby. Paul speaks that she prepares continental while Bobby cooks desi/Indian food which is in much demand. He also wants a 5 star rating for his restaurant so cannot fire Bobby. He calls Bobby and wants some magic since he needs 5 star rating. He wants Bobby to shake hands with Shaina and doesn’t wish to listen to No If and No Buts. She thinks that even getting 2.5 star rating with Bobby would be a big thing and leaves.

Shaina goes to the Kitchen and asks why he is engrossed with music. He speaks of his mother playing Antakshari when he was in her womb. Soon, both goes to take the fish. She speaks to the fish vendor on getting nice fish but he couldn’t stand her and tries to take her words lightly. Bobby gives a description of young fish and they get finally. Shaina finds Bobby again flirting with the staff girl. The staff girl doesn’t want Bobby to say goodbye (Adios) as they will be meeting again. Shaina finds a chef Lakshman with Gajar Ka Halwa (carrot dessert) and wants to taste it first. She tastes and find sugar is less. She takes out the headphones from Lakshman and cuts the wires to make him know that while cooking there is no place for music. Bobby speaks that he used the sugar flavor of the carrot itself and wants to surprise his customer who is diabetic by offering a sugar-free Halwa. She asks whether he is Santa Claus to take care of people. She says cooking needs to be perfect and artificial sweetner could have been used. He speaks of a surprise and soon she finds the Halwa being served. Uncle Paul comes and informs Bobby that the customer liked the Halwa a lot and also eats the Halwa himself. Bobby speaks that 2 pinch of love and in quick time they got a sugar-free Halwa. Paul replies that Bobby has won his heart and praises him. Shaina finds Uncle Paul writing Bobby’s Halwa sugar-free special on the restaurant welcome board and asks to herself whether this is diabetic restaurant.

Kavi (the host) speaks that Halwa was good but Shaina and Bobby’s equation were going more bad. Now, Bobby’s cooking is showing more magic.

Shaina finds Bobby have cut some beetroot which changed her dish color and she is annoyed and leaves to complain her uncle Paul. Bobby comes there and speaks of not saying any double meaning line. Shaina continues to be annoyed since Bobby offers to give a small bag of Sorry instead of directly saying sorry to her. Kavi (the host) speaks of true love couples- Romeo Juliet, Laila Majnu, Shirin-Farhad but in our story – Shaina and Bobby are eager to outdo each other. Shaina speaks of having two partitions in kitchen. Bobby suggests whether it is Lakshman Rekha. He thinks that the mother is right to say that when a girl comes home then two kitchens are created. She becomes annoyed with his taunt. Both started cooking in their seperate partitions and he compliments her a bit. Sooner then, both starts to fight when he pours water on a towel which was going to get burnt. She haven’t seen the actual reason and throws more water at Bobby in retaliation. Shaina was at her uncle Paul with the complaint and wants to not tolerate bobby anymore. Bobby comes there and informs her that he poured water since her cooking towel was getting burnt. She doens’t believe him. He decides to quit work and leaves. She goes to the kitchen and finds the towel really burnt and understands her mistake and is being advised to apologize to Bobby. Later, both meet and he informs of coming back to take back his belongings. She says its good that he came since she was going to his home and offers him a gift. The gift is a cheese cake and he tries to pull her leg by saying that what if she put the liquid to kill mouse in it. She becomes bit annoyed and he reminds on how one feels when he/she is wrongly accused. He speaks of liking her cheese cake a lot and suggests that even if she would have put a liquid to kill elephants he would have eaten it as well. She then asks him why he was trying to send her away. He replies that if she will stay with him then he needs to share the cheese cake with her, Right ? She smiles on that note and he speaks of sharing the cake. She speaks of not liking sugar and he then suggests thats why she doesn’t speak in sweet manner. She earnestly asks him to forgive her.

Kavi (the host) speaks of seeing the chefs’ love story more often and wonders whether a cheese cake will bring them more closer. How about uncle Paul’s 77 spices ?

Shaina and Bobby’s friendship is going on nicely and loved by Paul and others. Shaina and Bobby were doing Christmas preparations and it happens that she falls from a ladder and gets a hairline fracture on her hand. Though she is being advised rest by Paul but she wants to work to make sure they get 5 star rating. Bobby gives him able support and listens to her food suggestions with big heart. She speaks that with her injury he became so sober and nice that she would have got hurt much earlier. The man who is going to do the restaurant rating Ajay Chopra comes there and starts eating first grilled chicken. Bobby at his end is preparing food according to Shaina’s instructions. Ajay is tasting all dishes but seems to be not so much excited. Uncle Paul is worried. Next dish is Pasta with garlic bread and Bobby at his end speaks of preparing continental food which he has never made so much. Next dish is a dessert Cheese cake and he was hesitant but gets confidence to prepare from Shaina and prepares it. Shaina tastes the cheese cake and learns sugar is less. Bobby brings a Rabdi and suggests that whenever in doubt Rabdi will fill in the gap and Cheese Cake with Rabdi fusion will be their signature dish and also can bring a surprise. The ratings man looks at the surprise dessert Cheese Cake plus Rabdi and takes one bite and soon takes its pic as well. Bobby supports Shaina and says that things will be fine.

Kavi speaks that the perfect surprise can change Uncle Paul’s life and also of the restaurant.

The ratings man Ajay  sends a message to Uncle Paul – 77 spices restaurant serves the best cheese cake in town and thus 5 star ratings. Uncle Paul is very happy with that news. Bobby and Shaina are seen on a candle light dinner. He shares with her on how his mother prepares udad dal and Chapatis which he is very fond of. He calls himself romantic and even goes on a date with himself and cites loneliness as the reason. She asks him to not say such thing and suggests that they are on a date and even can go on more dates. He promises to be always with her though he might irrirate her and sometimes doing things as per his wishes. She replies on not minding to spend few irritating hours with him and it might be the case that she is used to with him and his behavior. On that note, she showers a hug to him while realizing their love. The story ends on that happy note.

Kavi speaks that we run for perfection in the pursuit of love and forget everything. But actually we need two pinches of love and love brings surprises in life. He wishes Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all and signs off by asking viewers to share their opinions using the hashtag #LoveByChance on Bindass TV Twitter page.

Additional Note: 22nd December 2014
* We (TellyReviews) believe that Actors have given a very good performance to an emotional love story filled with light-hearted banter. Kudos to Actors, the team and Bindass TV.

Info on Cast:
* Bobby is portrayed by actor Aalekh Kapoor.
– Aalekh is also a Writer and an improviser in comedy with Improv Comedy Mumbai (Twitter page)
– Portrayed the role of Mandy on Channel V’s Its Complicated.
– Aalekh’s Twitter page

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