TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week


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KumKum Bhagya:


Abhi unites Bulbul and Purab. Bulbul is very glad as Abhi has done Santa’s work to gift her Purab’s love. Abhi gives Bulbul’s hand to Purab. Pragya celebrates her happiness with tears. She can’t believe Abhi has done a responsible work. But she is tensed for Bulbul, as Aaliya will not let Bulbul marry Purab. What will be Aaliya’s take on this? Will Abhi take the problems on him to save Pragya and her family? Aaliya and Tanu are going to play a new game and viewers will see a new twist again. Dadi has become fine and Abhi and Pragya are happy go lucky couple now.


The show takes few year leaps again. Rudra and Shivanand came infront of each other, but it was a hit and miss situation by couple of moments between them. Shivanand is back to his home town to find his son Rudra, after running away from the foreigner’s clutches in Poland. He visits his home to find Rudra. Rudra (Gautam Rode) always feels Shivanand around, but this time they could not meet. Rudra’s aggressive, yet truthful eyes will hit the show soon. Shivanand knows the evil motives of people conspiring to get Amrit and gets raced to safeguard Rudra, who is the key to unlock of Mahakumbh mystery.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Mihika has married Ashok, for taking revenge from him and clear her name. This is another stupidity done by Mihika. Mihika starts troubling Suraj and Ashok to make their life hell. She keeps a Christmas party at home in Ashok’s absence, by using his credit card. She hires few dancers for making the party hit, and asks Suraj to dance with the girls. She threatens Suraj and makes him dance with them. Ashok turns up, and Mihika forces him to get in the Santa costume. Mihika takes the revenge from them for insulting Ishita in the Bachelors’ party.


Rajveer brings Baldev to the jail by arresting him, and beats him a lot to get his anger out. Veera does not break her trust on Baldev, and marries Baldev, even when everyone held Baldev responsible for Nihaal’s death. She feels she did such mistake earlier by not trusting Baldev and should not repeat it. She knows Baldev can never kill anyone. Rajveer calls Ranvi to do legal proceedings. Ranvi goes to give his statement against Baldev as he is the witness of the crime, but Veera stops him, asking how can he give statement against her husband. Ranvi is shocked to see Veera bringing Baldev and both of them married.

Diya Aur Baati Hum:

Sandhya’s brother has make a comeback in the show. Sandhya shares her pain with him, which makes him very furious on Sooraj. He knows Sandhya gave her life to Rathi family, and had always made sacrifices for them. He goes to Rathi house and confronts Sooraj for ending relation with Sandhya. He counts all the works Sandhya has done for the family, and how can they forget everything in one moment and kick his sister out. He asks Sooraj to bring back Sandhya home. Bhabho also tries making Sooraj realize his mistake to sacrifice Sandhya from his wife, but Babasa is adamant to keep Bhabho away from Sandhya.


Akash and Anjali take Arjun’s help in bringing out the Yeti truth out. Sherpa Purba is the culprit caught red handed by them, and they get all the stolen things recovered from their base camp and Raghu’s shop. Akash gets hurt in the process, and gets medical aid. Sherpa Purba admits his crime of creating Yeti’s fear in everyone’s mind, and says his motive was to keep them away from Everest. He says he wanted to preserve Everest and keep the climbers away from tarnishing its beauty and purity. Abhiyankar gets proud of this team seeing the Yeti mystery solved.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:

Suhani has taken the blame before to save Yuvraaj, and this time she still wants to safeguard Yuvraaj. Suhani begs to Krishna not to tell this truth to anyone and assures him that she will make Soumya keep up her marriage. Soumya is in no mood to go back to Krishna, after lavish comforts in Birla house and has been sticking to Yuvraaj all the time. Did Suhani come to know about Yuvraaj and Soumya’s past love?


Chakor has got her good friends Aditya and Vivaan to rescue her, and even her sister Imli and Bhaiya ji’s daughter Ragini joined the team in mission Free Chakor. They all try their best to hide in the haveli and get the keys to open the dark room door. They finally get inside to free Chakor and are shocked to see Chakor missing and the cage vacant. They get puzzled and look for Chakor. Chakor takes her flight once again by her own courage and smartness, and amazes everyone. Chakor determines to give her statement to inspector to save Ishwar from her fake kidnapping charges. Will Bhaiya ji be able to stop Chakor?


  1. As much as Abhi’s actions sound great right now, they’re going to come with a LOT of consequences! Beware the typhoon called Aliya!!! 🙁


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