Cabir prepares to mend the fight between Manik and Nandini to trigger and realize feelings of love

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Manik have gone through a dejected romantic hero to yet again a defiant/rude attitude following Nandini’s words of rejection that they can’t be together and haven’t admitted her feelings. Nandini tries to go on with her routine and plays the musical instrument Veena nicely and Manik gets surprised to see her. Amidst all such developments, Manik and Fab 5 gave a performance to Mr. Khurana and there Manik learns the left-hand guitar chord is missing and thinks Nandini has stolen it and couldn’t find it with her at first instant but finds at second instance. He didn’t listen to her at all and blames her for stealing it without being very sure. Manik is still hurt and asks her why she is doing such things. She reminds him about his anger, stubborn attitude and about dangers to his hand but he doesn’t wish to take them seriously. They are fighting without being completely mindful about it.Though Manik spoke such things, but he believes in music will heal his post-operated hand much faster than any other thing. Cabir also reminds to all that Manik’s first love is music.

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Cabir learns that Nandini was sure that Manik will try to use the left-hand guitar and the missing chord discussion revealed it. He is aware of their fights and since Manik is not opening up about Nandini to him thus he decides to do something. Cabir’s agenda is to mend the fights between manik and Nandini and to translate into something positive/friendly. As a first step, he shares with Nandini on how Raghav initially thought they can’t be together and wanted to let it go. But they can’t let go of their bond and even fought for their love. In order to re-ignite or trigger love in Nandini’s heart without telling his actual intentions, he asks her to not think about monster Manik in the night otherwise he will come and haunt in her dreams. Nandini earlier was unable to sleep since she was getting Manik’s thoughts and the same happened with Manik and even they were remembering each other with eyes closed. By listening to Cabir’s words, Nandini would be doing the opposite and reminsce about Manik. Cabir believes in invisible chord or something magical which binds two people who have the feelings of love but are forced to kept them inside due to some reasons. Will Cabir’s attempt to mediate and usher good feelings in warring Manik and Nandini prove successful ? Will music play an important role and help them to mend their fights ?

Coming to Soha, Mr Khurana’s daughter, she helped Fab 5 in their song in front of her Dad and acted as saving grace and got complimented from Cabir. She recommended Fab 5 to her dad and he then agreed to give 3 weeks and wants 3 songs from Fab 5. But, Mukti is not impressed with Soha and her efforts and thinks it as drama. Manik tried to make Nandini jealous by speaking nicely to Soha which worked. Is there any connection with missing cable and Soha ? Abhimanyu turns out to be working with the rehab professionals and reminds Mukti of many people who don’t have basic comforts and also have physical limitations. He wanted to get rid of her believe that she is lonely, helpless and thus needs anti-depressants. Mukti didn’t took his words in her stride and got annoyed. However, Abhimanyu has the believe that whatever he spoke is truth and thus she will come back to rehab and eventually agree with him. Will Mukti feel better about herself and take advice from Abhimanyu earnestly ? Dhruv has given his nod to help Harshad just for Aliya and will speak to Fab 5. Mukti doesn’t believe Harshad and cannot forgive him though she wants to do something for Aliya. Dhruv speaks to Aliya the reasons behind helping Harshad which are love and wishes to see her happy and to bring smile. Aliya is showering much care to Dhruv and at his end he is depicting his feelings for her indirectly but they are evolving/moving ahead. Dhruv’s main rationale to help Harshad is everyone has bit of sins with themselves. Will he able to convince his buddy Manik & Fab 5 to help Harshad ?


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