Love By Chance 31st Episode, Luv and Heli's Love Story, 27th December 2014 on Bindass TV – Promo Snapshot


Love By Chance Bindass 31st Episode, 27th December 2014- Shaina and Bobby's love story

The story is about Heli, Luv and Virus. Heli is a young Gujarati girl living in Baroda and she is a big fan of Virus – a popular television celebrity and also of a dating reality show – Love Shove Te Dating. Luv is a young boy who doesn’t have much experience with girls and speaks to them directly and unintentionally leads to feeling them embarassed. Heli and Luv meets at the audition of the reality show in Baroda. Heli meets Virus and tells him on how much she is impressed with him and also comments on his jaw line. He is not impressed with her. She also encounters Luv there and their meetings on one occasion she makes him fall down and he comments on her heavy legs and on other occasion he informs her that Spinach is still stucked in her teeth. Both their meetups made her embarassed but friendship was also getting develop between them. Meanwhile, Virus decides to cast Heli and Luv together and have his own intentions in doing so. He wants Heli to embarass Luv but doesn’t know that Heli and Luv’s friendship bond was getting stronger.

After a while, Heli realizes she was just infatuated with Virus and actually developed feelings of love for Luv. She got impressed with Luv’s unconventional, odd approach and also with his good heart. Will Luv reciprocate the same feelings to Heli ? How Luv and Heli became good friends though he unintenionally embarassed her couple of times ? How Heli understood about Virus being just infatuation and nothing more ? What made Heli fell in love with Luv ? Stay tuned to Love by Chance this Saturday @ 7 PM on Bindass.


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