Pratap and Hakim Khan's friendship on the cards; Pratap prepares to bring back Ajabde to Chittor after Gauna

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Maharana Pratap on Sony TV

Pratap uses his wit and presence of mind to make Peer Mohammed and his large Mughal Army leave from Sasaram without convincing Hakim Khan. Pratap shows his principled and friendly stand of not coming with an army instead employed common people and herds to enact as his army to fool Peer. Hakim Khan gets impressed and sincerely offers his hand of friendship and even apologizes to Pratap for not trusting and having faith on him earlier. Pratap declines Hakim Khan’s offer by suggesting how he has called him as his enemy and didn’t accepted his friendship request. While, Pratap is miffed with Hakim Khan but eventually he will accept the friendship since he believes Hakim is the one who have love and respect for his land, principled and trustworthy. Moreover, Hakim with Pratap will reap good for the entire Rajputana and will ruin the bigger plans of Akbar who was very much looking forward to take Hakim in his stride. Akbar wanted Hakim who is well skilled in cannons and was planning to attack Chittor’s place with cannons under Hakim’s supervision. Peer Mohammed is mistaken and thinks he has created a rift between Pratap and Hakim Khan but that’s not the case. How Akbar would react to Peer’s failure in securing Hakim Khan ? Will Peer be fortunate enough to not get death penalty for the second time ?

Saubhagyvati’s Gauna with Chakrapani is going to take place in Bijolia. Udai Singh have a change of heart and told Pratap to get back Ajabde after performing Gauna in Bijolia. He asks Pratap to go after Sasaram’s travel. Pratap, Veer Bai, Chand, and Maan are happy about it while Dheer Bai enacts and lies to be happy. Dheer Bai’s actual intentions is to stop Ajabde coming to the palace. She blackmails Veer Bai and asks her to follow her orders. She tells Veer Bai clearly that if Ajabde comes to Chittor then she will be thrown out of the palace. Dheer Bai exploits the fact that Veer Bai has spoken harshly to Jaivant Bai which made her leave the palace, and also Veer Bai’s role in Ajabde and Pratap’s separation. Dheer Bai’s plans to stop Ajabde at Bijolia itself by killing her and mixes poison in Ladoos (sweets) which Pratap will carry there. Maan who earlier heard the entire conversation between Dheer Bai and Veer Bai on Jaivant Bai’s departure and Ajabde-Pratap’s separation have also seen the poison plan. Ajabde at her end in Bijolia faced some sadness earlier since a beloved cloth with fond memories about Pratap got burnt. She finds happiness and comfort as she starts day dreaming about Pratap and misses him dearly during Saubhagyavati’s Gauna ceremony with Chakrapani. Pratap is back from Sasaram and preparing to go to Bijolia for Gauna with Ajabde. Maan informs him about Dheer Bai’s plans to harm Ajabde but he doesn’t take them seriously. Whether Veer Bai going to keep quiet on Dheer Bai’s plans to kill Ajabde ? Will Pratap come to know of Dheer Bai’s reality in harming Ajabde and stopping her entry in Bijolia ? Will Ajabde be able to return back to Chittor with Pratap in few days, and prove the forecast letter of her return date right ? What’s store in Pratap for Arab fighters who have already reached Chittor and anxiously waiting for him ? Keep Reading.

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