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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins:


Nisha’s dream to romance with Viraj turns into real, as her cousins make Nisha and Viraj get those much awaited moments come in their life, by organizing a party, and making them do paper dance. Nisha and Viraj get very closer as they keep on folding the paper and she finally steps on his shoes and they have an eyelock. Nisha’s first love is special and she can’t see anyone else than Viraj. She loves him a lot, and he does not love her till now. She did not do anything great to win his heart. Nisha plays dumb charade and makes fun of Viraj, which he takes sportingly. Nisha and her cousins sing a poem for Kirti and also a song to impress Bua ji. Bua ji finally smiles and sings along. Nisha’s birthday was fully hit by Viraj’s presence.

Jamai Raja:

Roshni is very sad and Sid takes her to have the street food which she likes a lot. Sid and Roshni go on a romantic date and he brings her out. He adds spice in the love and they have panipuri at night. Rajveer is also present there, who is keeping an eye on Sid and Roshni. He thinks how to tell DD and Roshni about Sid’s truth. Sid and Roshni catch a glimpse of Rajveer, but miss out. Will Roshni play a pivotal role in stopping RV’s plans ?

Sasural Simar Ka:

Simar is blamed for kidnapping. Simar and Roli are hypnotized to know the truth. The police comes to arrest Simar, but she being a responsible citizen, surrenders to the police. She tells her family to find the people and she will go with police. Prem’s friend Amar is the psychologist and he senses something wrong with Simar. He tries to find the matter and uses the hypnotism method to unravel what’s going on in Simar’s mind. The new Roli is not the real one and fools the Bharadwaj family, as she has come in their family with an evil motive. The show is getting good twists by new Roli and Amar’s entry.

Qubool Hai:

The new twist comes as Sanam falls and faints. Tanveer gets worried and asks her to open her eyes. She prays for Sanam to get well. Tanveer comes to know that if Sanam dies, she will lose all the property. She is now doing work to protect Sanam, who is her enemy. Its all money game for Tanveer as she changes her colors accordingly. Sanam goes in the room to get flowers for Aahil, and the room fills with poisonous gas. Tanveer has made this plan, and later she knows Sanam’s life is very valuable for her. She enters the room, and pulls Sanam out. She is glad that Sanam is alive and thanks Lord. New Sanam will be attempting to kill Sanam, by seeing her with Aahil. Tanveer will be saving her from her own planted evil Sanam.


Rudra has got early again, and he fights with a wrestler Chote Mama. He comes to know that Chote Mama has done wrong with his family, and he loses his mind and indulges in the fight.

KumKum Bhagya:

Purab gives a romantic surprise to Bulbul in the café. Pragya is happy for Bulbul, as the lovers have united after a long time, and they were facing separation because of her. Bulbul challenges Purab to identify her from a group of girls, and blindfolds him. Purab identifies her and he wins the love test. He impresses her. Pragya comes there and hugs them happily. She gives Bulbul’s hand to Purab, and she wishes Aaliya gets fine soon, so that Bulbul’s marriage gets a green signal.


Bhaiya ji pressurizes Chakor to make all the villagers know about her foolishness to run away to pursue education and knowledge. Chakor is brought to the village tied in chains, and she is made to say about her biggest mistake to take flight from her bonded labor life and dream to get frees from Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji asks her to tell anyone that education is not a blessing, but a curse. Chakor agrees to Bhaiya ji to free Ishwar from jail, and feels education is really a curse as her Lord has gone behind bars. She regards Ishwar as her Daakbaba, and can do anything for her. Ishwar gets the bail as per Bhaiya ji’s promise to Chakor. He comes to know by Aditya about Chakor’s big move and what she is going to do in the village. Ishwar is shocked and rushes to stop Chakor from doing this mistake. He feels Chakor is the key to unlock everyone’s fate from bonded labor and reaches there to stop her from her wrong step.


Veera goes to meet Baldev at night. Baldev is very hurt, as Rajveer has beaten him a lot in the lockup. Veera is stunned seeing him in so much pain. She reaches the temple to show her trust is strong for him. They have a hug, and Baldev is glad that Veera did not lose trust on him. She decides that she will marry him, and they get a pandit, who makes the marriage possible. They take the seven rounds, and Baldev finds it tough to walk in the rounds being very hurt. They do the marriage by all rituals, and she cries as she does not have her family support, and never wanted to marry without Ranvi’s consent. She married Baldev to save him from the blame of Nihaal’s murder. Veera comes home after marrying Baldev, and gives a big shock to the family. She says she married Baldev. Ranvi breaks all relations with Veera and cries. He raises hand to slap Baldev, and Veera comes in between. Veera stops Ranvi from giving statement against her husband Baldev, what will Ranvi’s do now?

Maharana Pratap:

Pratap and Hakim Khan will seal their friendship soon. Hakim Khan in Pratap’s stride would be better for the entire Rajputana. Peer Mohammed is mistaken and thinks on creating a rift between Pratap and Hakim but that is not the case. What would be Akbar doing to Peer once he comes to know of Hakim Khan’s disapproval to join Mughal Army ? Ajabde is day-dreaming about Pratap in Saubhagyati’s Gauna with Chakrapani and misses him dearly. Pratap will leave to Bijolia for Gauna with Ajabde after coming from Sasaram. When Pratap comes to Bijolia, Ajabde will think that she is having a delusion and Pratap is not there. She starts to have some Nok-Jhok with him since she believes he is not there. She scolds him thinking he is her imagination, and Pratap says its really him. She does not believe him, and he smiles seeing her cutely scolding him, non stop. Ajabde and Pratap’s love story has begun in full spirit. She will be commanding him with full rights of a wife. Sooner, she realizes Pratap’s real presence there and feels bit embarrassed on whatever she said to him. Dheer Bai plans to poison and kill Ajabde in Bijolia to stop her entry in Chitoor. She is sending sweets (Ladoos) laced with poison and other gifts to Ajabde and Pratap will carry it. Will Dheer Bai succeed in harming Ajabde ? Will Pratap learn about Dheer Bai’s reality and her ill-intentioned plan to kill Ajabde ?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Mihir is distraught by Mihika and Ashok’s marriage. He is completely shattered and lost trust in women and relationships. Mihir will soon get a new life partner in his life, as Raman’s younger sister Rinki returns in the Bhalla house. She will be healing Mihir’s heart bruises and coming close to him. Mihir too will rely on her as a friend, and coping up by Mihika’s deceive. The Bhalla family will be celebrating Christmas to make Adi happy, after seeing him depressed. Mrs. and Mr. Bhalla get dressed as Santa to make him smile, but the most special Santa walks in, as Raman does everything to cheer up Adi. Shagun enjoys to get attention in Raman’s life again. Rinki will be joining them on Christmas Eve. Let’s see where this track goes…

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi

Ranvir is shot by Girish since he holds him responsible for his sister’s accident and coma health condition. Ranvir is admitted in hospital and is in a critical condition. Ranvir have loved Ishaani blindly and unconditionally even took her accident’s blame on himself. However, he got setback when Chiraag send photos which depicted Ishaani’s closeness to him. Girish is mistaken on his sister Shainala’s condition and holds Ranveer responsible. Chirag’s role in the accident is not known to him. Ishaani wanted to confess her feelings to Ranvir but he got attacked before she expressed them. Now, Ishaani is dejected and also laments on going to Chirag and understands about his deceit and also of Ranvir’s sacrifice in accepting blame on himself for her accident. She vows to pray for Ranvir’s life as a measure of forgiveness and regards herself not suitable for his love. She makes earnest efforts to pray at the temple bare-footed and have full devotion. While, the bullet has hit close to Ranvir’s heart but Ishaani’s sincere prayers and her father Nitin believe that love will usher positive developments and would save Ranvir’s life. What cost (health issues) will Ranvir pay though his life would be out of danger certainly ? Will Girish unearth the truth from Shainala and learn about Chirag’s manipulation & deceit ?


Sahir has proposed to Aarzoo for marriage in front of his mom Alvira. Aarzoo is happy with Sahir’s proposal and earlier she has confessed her feelings to him. While, Sahir and Aarzoo match is on the cards, but Sahir fights with himself and questions about what his mind and heart saying to him. Zaki has taken a back seat with Sahir’s proposal to Aarzoo for marriage but continues to think that Sahir is lying, business-minded and coming close to Aarzoo because of his challenge to make her confess. Amidst these developments, Samaira’s father Rehman comes and threatens Sahir with a gun and wants his daughter’s marriage to Zaki at any cost and also she shouldn’t be insulted. Sahir doesn’t give his approval for it. Rehman comes with an agenda to blackmail Sahir and carries a DVD which exposes Sahir’s factory illegal demolition accident. However, Sahir is not scared since he is intrinsically of such type. Rehman also doesn’t deter and warns Sahir of dire consequences via DVD expose. What role Aarzoo play in helping Sahir to evade Samaira’s dad blackmail ? Will Sahir be able consolidate and gather sincere feelings for Aarzoo by both mind and heart ?

Itna Ka Karo Mujhe Pyaar

Neil comes to Ragini’s home and threatens her since he believes she have intentions to take his children. Neil has got this misunderstanding, thus upset and vows to take her children in return. She leaves from there to have quiet time and to come out from Neil’s aggressive behavior and warnings. She begins to cry and Neil comes there and realizes his mistake in bringing tears to a mother. He tries to calm her down and forget about their misunderstanding. Will Neil and Ragini find common elements of happiness overcoming their misunderstanding ?

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain

Akshara and Naitik goes to a resort for their honeymoon 2 during her pregnancy with Naksh. They wanted to spend some time together but Naksh always comes in their way for one thing or the other. Naksh at the resort meets a Tarot card reader who suggests that soon he will be getting gifts. He asks his parents about the gift and asks them many questions. Nevertheless, Naksh and his parents will be overall happy on their trip.


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