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Love By Chance Bindass 31st Episode, 27th December 2014- Shaina and Bobby's love story

The episode name is Love Pyar Te Dating. The story starts with Heli going in an Auto and wants the driver to speed up since she is getting late. She speaks fondly about Virus – a celebrity and also how he is much particular about time. She gets emotional and shows aggression and the driver thinks she got a Godess avatar and runs from there. She is worried on how to reach the audition organized by Virus and speaks how her original city Baroda is different from Mumbai.

Kavi Shastri (the host) speaks that Heli was going to meet her dream man Virus aka Virat Rastogi. Since 10 years, he is working on LPD – Love Pyar Dating and makes taunts and lowers other people in his work. Heli got selected in his dating show and comes in top 12 and the selection was based on online test.

Heli comes to the audition place and bumps into a young boy Luv and falls onto him. She apologizes to him and he replies that her legs are heavy and then suggests on being nervous when speaking with girls. She finds Virus and approaches to meet him with happiness. Virus was relaxing and she comes there and cannot believe the reality and touches him. He becomes annoyed while she speaks his dialogues from earlier seasons of reality show. To control his anger, Virus recites nursery rhymes but Heli was unnerved. Later, Heli meets Virus and he asks her why a boy wants to take her on a date. She replies that he (Virus) can know about it. He doesn’t like the attitude and asks her whether he should go to her locality’s boys – Jignesh, and others to know what they think. He is annoyed but she compliments on his jawline which looks much better when he is in anger. He again sings a rhyme – Twinkle Twinkle little star.. Another boy is called and Luv makes his entry and Virus is surprised to see him. Luv speaks very informally with Virus and introduces himself as Luvinder Jadeja from Noida. He speaks of taking care of the TRP and have given 12 auditions in the last 3 yrs. And he is trying because of the believe that he will find his lover on the show and Virus sir will do the Kanyadaan. Luv requests Virus to select him but he becomes annoyed and soon gets calm down. Virus asks Heli to enact like seducing. She begins to seduce Virus and he replies that she needs to seduce Luv but she is hesitant. Luv speaks of flirting with Heli instead and then calls her having 100 Kg weight when she fell on him earlier. She is not so happy with his dialogues. Virus scolds Luv for speaking not in good manners with Heli. Luv speaks of having not so good dictionary and also have not stayed with girls. Virus vents out his anger at Luv and Heli. She informs him of being his big fan. Luv asks Virus to not shout at a girl and instead on him. But, Virus is angry at him. Soon, Virus makes a challenge and asks Luv to successfully woo Heli on the show.

Kavi (the host) speaks that Luv have zero experience with girls while Heli is fixayed on Virus. Though, she doesn’t know her own feelings towards Virus completely.

Virus starts the audition with top 12 contestants which also have Heli and Luv. He demotivates the contestants and calls himself as Host/Ghost. He is a host because he gets the money while ghost because all the contestants will see dangerous dreams from tonight. He informs about the show’s 10 season of LPD (Love Pyar Dating) where the love will pass through fire. Other contestants feel that Luv seeks attention thats the reason he argued with Virus. Heli comes to Luv later and she asks why he was arguing with Virus sir. He replies and cites the TRP business. He comments on her body and suggests that she looks like a wrestler. She thinks he doesn’t have manners but also smiles. He tries to pamper her and dances with her [Ambar Sariya song plays]. Virus speaks of an activity which will test the couple’s coordination. All the couples including Luv and Heli are seen dancing. Luv is doing a Bhangra while she is doing Garba dance. Virus is monitoring them and stops their performance. He calls them losers lovers. He makes taunts specially at Luv and Heli and informs all of them of Agni Pariksha. And asks who will be the first contender for his activity – Date Pe War. He informs that the opportunity for New Year’s date goes to Luvender and Heli. Heli didn’t like the pairing for the date and becomes uncomfortable.

Kavi (the host) speaks that Virus attack is going to happen and for Luv, love would not be easy.

Virus meets Heli and speaks nicely with her and thinks that she has good potential and also he really wants to win the game. He informs her of creating a drama to make sure that Luv is the biggest loser. He wants her to do what he has said and also reminds her that she is his fan. Next day, the date day arrives and Luv compliments her. He gets some hiccups and also wears a suit which he took from production guys. She compliments on his suit and learns on how he got it. He speaks of learning on Internet on the Do’s/Don’ts of the first date. Soon, he becomes nervous and shares an example and compares her with a cat. She thinks he doesn’t know on how to speak with girls. He speaks of his mother have died when he was young and no sisters thus doesn’t know to talk with girls. But he is in much awe of his punjabi background and own personality. She compliments him about it. Virus comes after seeing their romantic and sweet talk and informs them that only romantic talking will not work. He also reminds Heli on his advice and asks her to not be absent minded about it. She decides to follow on Virus’s instructions and tries to speak in loud voice and bit rudely with Luv. As she was about to go the restroom, Luv couldn’t understand it and she becomes annoyed and then gets bumped into the waiter. She falls down and Luv assists her and it turns out that she got ankle sprain. As she was unable to walk on her own, he helps and carries her with his hands.

Luv and Heli are coming close. Virus comes there and asks Luv to excuse from there. He reminds Heli on inflicting some insult and joke on Luv. She speaks that Luv is a nice boy and why she needs to do it. He reminds her about his earlier advice and plan. He wants her to do somewhat sensational soon otherwise she will be eliminated and also her foot injury will not help either. Luv overhears their last conversation and understands about Virus and Heli’s plan. He comes and becomes annoyed with her. Next day, Virus speaks of next challenge which is couple’s leg will be binded and also the girl partner will be blindfolded. And the last one will be eliminated. Virus thinks that Heli and Luv are out. To his surprise, Heli comes and wants to play the game since she wants to win someone’s trust. Virus thinks that she is out of her mind and Luv hesitantly agrees to participate with her. Heli couldn’t walk in the challenge and after some distance he stops her and removes the blindfold. He calls whether she is mad. She replies of proving that she is not mean and selfish and can spend hours with him and even entire life. He then learns that she has fallen for him. He showers a kiss to her and gets kiss in return and speaks of kissing on the show to increase the TRP of the show but loves her dearly. The story ends on that happy note and Virus’s ego and beliefs biting the dust.

Kavi speaks that Heli and Luv got a precious gift which is love. He signs off by asking the viewers to share their opinions using the hashtag #LoveByChance on Bindass TV Twitter page.

Additional Note:
* We (TellyReviews) believe that Actors have given a very good performance to a layered, humorous and emotional love story.Kudos to Actors, the team and Bindass TV.

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