Private Investigator 4th Episode, The College Suicide – Murder Case, 28th December 2014 on Star Plus – Written Update


Private Investigator - The College Suicide Murder Case

The story starts with two youngsters spending some time near the pool and soon discover a body of a girl Tina floating in the pool and gets scared. Raffe is seen at his home and finds his phone generating some sound when in touch with his music system. He checks his phone and finds a chip and remembers how his phone was fallen down by Vijay and then he have inserted the chip. Raffe meets his mother before leaving and she asks him to read the detective novel until page 180 and should know the murderer. If he does so then she will speak with him directly. He gets it and leaves. Raffe reaches Vijay’s home by auto and finds him engrossed in something. Raffe looks at Vijay who is looking at a bird via a telescope from his window and starts to write. He speaks that the barbet‘s big enemy is the bird red bulbul [medium-sized passerine songbirds] and then asks Raffe why he came there. Vijay thinks that Raffe came to urge him to not provide details to his mom. He then asks how come Raffe came to know of his address since he is not even famous. Raffe confidently says that a detective’s work is to find and reminds how Vijay have came to him and in the same way he found his address. Raffe speaks of recording the Auto registration number when Vijay came in that auto and took Sonu’s help in getting the address. Vijay asks him to not make his and even his mom’s life complicated. He then suggests to Raffe if he is so interested in adventures then he can climb mountains, biking, getting a girlfriend. Raffe speaks of joining a suicide helpline and asks Vijay to inform his mom. Vijay thinks Raffe is smart and have came with an Alibi and well-prepared. Vijay doesn’t want to listen to Raffe and asks him to leave. Raffe leaves by returning the chip.

Raffe gets a call from Raghav who wants him to come since there is a suicide in college. Raffe comes to the college and Tiwari is already present who informs the principal about Raffe and also of his inteligence. Raffe comes to the class and finds a girl hanging to look like a suicide. Tiwari reads the suicide note and Raffe takes the girl’s book to match the handwriting. Tiwari thinks she took life as she got dejected and felt very bad with her lover. Raffe tries to find more clues and finds some door glass to be touched. Raffe calls it as murder and Tiwari thinks that the girl took suicide because she was dejected in love. Raffe asks why the chair didn’t fall infront or back and remained in the side, also there are two marks on her neck – dupatta and another one deep. Tiwari accepts Raffe’s arguments and asks how the door was closed from inside. Raffe suggests the murder took place outside and the person behind the murder came to the class by opening the glass and after hanging her went back after putting the glass. Tiwari speaks the fault lies in the girl’s lover even if it is a suicide or murder. The boy Nilesh speaks of not knowing about Pooja’s suicide and is upset with it and cites that he was away in his aunt’s place. Tiwari reminds that it was a murder and Nilesh wonders who will do it. Someone is watching them and soon the principal comes and wants an inquiry letter from Tiwari. Later, Raffe meets Dhanalakshmi aka Lucky and she asks whether Pooja has any friends. They are sitting in the cafeteria and asks a man Mukesh about Pooja’s friends.


Raffe finds a man in blue shirt and learns he is Gaurav who is Pooja’s best friend and dancing partner from Mukesh- the canteen boy. Mukesh speaks fondly about Pooja to Raffe and Gaurav leaves from there. Raffe comes to meet Gaurav and introduces himself as 1st year criminology student. Raffe informs Gaurav of assisting Tiwari and the case. He informs that it was not suicide but murder. Gaurav speaks that Pooja loved dancing a lot and was her dream but Nilesh was not good. He suggests that maybe the girls like bad boys. He informs that Pooja used to show off a lot by boasting and Raffe asks whether there was any fight. Gaurav remembers and says that recently they were playing Never Have I Ever dare at the college canteen. The flash back shows and Gaurav speaks of never sat on the train’s top. Pooja informs them of being on top when she was visiting her uncle and soon her friend identifies that she is boasting. Nilesh agrees to listen to her. Another boy speaks of not seeing a murder. Pooja keeps quiet which means she has seen a murder and her friends ask about it. She then informs of Tina – college student who was a swimmer and she died due to an epilepsy attack. But actually it was not an accident but a murder. Nilesh shows annoyance and she speaks of exposing the murderer as she overheard Tina threatening one person on how she will go to the principal to reveal about him. Nilesh leaves with more annoyance and Pooja also leaves after saying she kept quiet for 1 year since she doesn’ t want to get in police case. The flash back ends and Gaurav speaks that no one believe her at that time. Raffe then learns that Nilesh over-reacted since Tina was his ex-GF and they had a date 3 months before her death.

Raffe comes to meet his mom at the college and she also meets her colleague Prof. Desai who reminds that she needs to submit her exam papers. He asks his mom about doing play rehearsals after college so will come late. She says its fine and he asks for her phone but couldn’t find any messages from Vijay. Later, Raffe was swimming and Raghu comes with Tina’s autopsy report which he obtained by hacking into hospital’s records. He informs Raffe that Tina died since her lungs got full with water as a result of drowning. Raghu asks Raffe what he thinks now ? Raffe pulls Raghu in the water to prove how a swimmer like Tina can’t get drowned. Lucky is also there and she thinks that Tina died after getting epileptic attack. Raffe doesn’t accept that argument since with epilepsy attack there should be teeth marks on her lips but that are not present. Raghu is reprimanded for present in the water with clothes on and the pool man speaks of mixing chlorine in the water. Raffe looks at the autopsy report and finds Absence of Chlorine. He suggests that Tina didn’t die with drowning and reminds that only pool water has chlorine and not ground water. This means she was murdered outside and then thrown in the pool. Raffe finds Professor Desai giving money to Mukesh and learns that Mukesh works and cooks at Prof. home. He also learns that Nilesh got arrested by police. Raghu asks why Nilesh will get himself arrested by saying he did murders. Raffe wonders why will Pooja write a suicide note and they need some info on her – whether she got depressed, fight. They go to Pooja’s home and her father speaks of telling his daughter to not speak with a boy.

Pooja’s mom speaks that her father used to not speak with his daughter nicely. Raffe goes to Pooja room for prayers and finds a book and learns that Pooja’s suicide note was actually an assignment of her course with Prof. Desai. Lucky agrees with him and speaks that in human psychology subject such assignment is there. Vijay was speaking on phone and wants Darjeeling long leaf tea but the person on other side couldn’t get it. He reads the newspaper and finds about the pooja’s suicide in the college. He calls Raffe’s mom Anita and suggests that they need to meet. Raffe at his end learns that Nilesh got released from Raghu but he is still the prime suspect. They meet Gaurav who informs them on participating in the dance competition and Raghu shows his worry about exams. Gaurav asks whether they need exam papers and Raffe asks from where he is getting them but doesn’t get reply. Raghu is surprised to hear the exam paper being sold outside. Raffe remembers how Prof. Desai was observing him and Pooja suicide case. He decides to meet Mukesh since he works at Prof. Desai’s home. Raffe comes to the canteen and looks for Mukesh and learns that he is off duty and gets his address where he will be found. Raffe goes to meet Mukesh at the furniture shop and he speaks of learning carpentry since he wants to open a big shop. Raffe wants to know about Desai but Mukesh doesn’t want to share any info. Mukesh hesitantly opens-up and informs that Prof. Desai drinks a lot and also very mean. He was trying to come close to Pooja on the pretext of giving tuitions and they have a fight one day before her death. Pooja threatened that she will tell to her parents about him. Raffe leaves and goes to his home and tries to combine the clues to find the answer.

Raffe understands some thing and calls Raghu and informs that they are going to Prof. Desai’s home to find something. Meanwhile, Vijay and Anita are meeting at the cafeteria and she is ordering Darjeeling long leaf tea and she asks whether he doesn’t drink such tea and gets favourable reply. They speak on getting old and white hairs. She informs of coloring her hairs but admits on getting old. He calls her Nivedita and suggests that she knows how to give deceit to time. She asks him about Raffe – whether he smokes, drinks and he replies no. Whether he have girlfriend ? Vijay replies unfortunately he doens’t have a GF until now. Anita asks then why Raffe is so secretive and wants to shift to shillong or Andaman and Nicobar Islands to become peaceful. She wants to hear direct answer from him. He speaks that Raffe is fine and he works at a suicide helpline and helps the depressed people. She thanks God for hearing about her son’s work. He then speaks of Raffe knowing that she has sent a private detective to look after him. Raffe and Raghu reaches Prof. Desai’s home and starts looking for something while Prof. is on the way in his car. Raghu finds criminology exam papers there and wants to sell it get money. Raffe then informs Raghu to not think in that way and suggests that Prof. Desai might be involved in exam paper leak racket. Raghu tries to find some info on Desai’s laptop and Raffe at his end finds a Tie pin which has been used to strangle Pooja’s neck.

Raffe thinks it as the clue and Raghu shows the chat records of Desai on the night when Pooja was murdered. Raghu speaks that Nilesh and Desai are out of suspicion. Raffe then remembers Mukesh working at the furniture shop and his words about Desai’s flirting nature with Pooja and also the fight. Raffe finds Prof. Desai to arrive there and hides. Desai goes to remove his wig and Raffe runs from the home but Raghu is still there. Raghu hides in the cupboard and Desai bumps into him. Raffe goes back and Desai thinks that both of them came there for exam paper leak. Raffe speaks to Desai that Pooja got murdered and it was not an accident and also her murder was executed with his tie pin which means someone is trying to implicate him. Raffe gives Mukesh’s name as the murderer. Desai doesn’t want to listen and wants to take Raffe to the police. Raffe speaks that Mukesh was stealing papers from Desai’s home and selling it outside and if he is not caught then the college’s reputation will be lowered. Mukesh at his end is preparing to leave but calls students to get payment for his exam paper leaks. Raffe, Raghu and other students come to stop Mukesh as he was leaving. Tiwari also comes there and finds a gun which is to tranquilize his victims. Mukesh speaks about his crime and informs that Tina used to know a lot and she knows how he was taking photos of exam papers at Desai’s home.

She threatened him to take the matter to the police and the principal. Mukesh first attacked her with tranquilizer leading to her death and then threw her in the pool. When Pooja spoke about knowing Tina’s murder prime suspect no one believed her but he wanted to make sure what she knows about him. He met her and she told him of getting the details of the staff who was on duty when Tina fought with a man. Later, he found out that Pooja have written a suicide note for Desai’s assignment. He then made up his mind to use that letter and commit the murder and put the blame on Desai. When Pooja came to collect the roster (schedule) detaisl, he strangled her first using the tie and pin. Tiwari arrests Mukesh and asks Raffe whether he learnt from the case and Raffe speaks of learning a lot under Tiwari’s supervision. Next morning, Raghu speaks to Raffe about detective agency – Raffe and Raghu aka R2 at his home. Raffe compliments him and then Raghu wants to make Lucky as their partner R2L. But Raffe doesn’t want to take her since he feels she will create more problems in their case. Raffe’s mom comes there and informs that Mukesh – canteen boy was behind the murder of two college students and was also part of exam paper racket. She asks Raffe whether any of his friends bought those exam paper and suggests that the crime have happened because there were people who bought those papers. She asks them about their preparation and Raghu speaks of not remembering the answers. Raghu before leaving wants to send the R2L proposal to Raffe and wishes to make Lucky as their partner.

Next week: Tiwari speaks that it is a case of robbery and murder. He also informs of finding a specific gun which is the murder weapon. Raffe meets Vijay who asks why a specific gun weapon was used for the murder of Arjun Khemka.

Episode Video: 28th December 2014

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