Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 3 Episode 7 starring Karina Shah and Nishant Raghuvanshi, 2nd January 2015 on Zing TV – Promo Snap


Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya season 3, Nishant Raghuvanshi, 2nd January 2015 Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya season 3, Karina Shah, 2nd January 2015

The story is about two youngsters Sohail and Malika. Malika belongs to a conservative family and studies MBA. Sohail is also MBA student and they meet for the first time at the college. Malika is a vibrant girl and listens to her family and gets advised  by her elder brother that she should keep distance from strangers. For Sohail, it was the feelings of love on first sight after seeing her.


Over time both develop good bonding and friendship and she also comes to know of his feelings for her. They spend some time together but Sohail has to take the next step and share about his feelings to her family. He also comes from conservative background and goes to meet Malika’s elder brother at her home. He shares on his feelings for Malika but doesn’t get support from him and also found opposition. Meanwhile, Malika’s brother is annoyed with her and tells clearly that he can’t think of agreeing to her relationship with any boy of meagre standard like Sohail. After getting setback from her family, they have two options either to carry on with their relationship with elder’s blessings or decide to end their relationship taking into account family’s response. What made Malika accept Sohail’s first sight love for her ? How they cope with her family outrightly rejecting their relationship proposal ? What route they will take – convincing elders or the hard decision to end their relationship ? Will their love stands tall to change family’s perspective and also make them agree for their relationship ? Stay tuned to Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya this Friday @ 7 PM on Zing TV.

* Malika is portrayed by Actress Karina Shah
– Karina is a Tamil/Telugu actor.

* Sohail is portrayed by Actor Nishant Raghuvanshi
– Nishant has worked in Zee TV’s Choti Si Zindagi [2011] in the role of Arjun.
– Also worked in the role of Prashant Soham Deshmukh in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta.

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