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Maharana Pratap:
Pratap brings Ajabde to the Mewar palace after overcoming the poison attack on her by Dheer Bai with Veer Bai as the medium. Ajabde’s gauna ceremony is complete in Bijolia. Pratap earlier didn’t accepted Maan words on Veer Bai being the medium to harm Ajabde and could’t spilled her mother Dheer Bai’s role in it. Both Ajabde and Pratap have realized their love and happy to be back together in Chittor after many years. To share some romantic moments, they visit the market while enacting as common people and does some purchases. However, Pratap is attacked by some armed men – Arab fighters who were following Pratap. Dheer Bai’s plan to stop Ajabde’s entry in Mewar palace didn’t work and her true face is not out. Hakim Khan have made up his mind to work and serve under Pratap and also win his trust to seal their friendship. Will Ajabde and Maan will drive Pratap and Udai Singh to look out for Jaivant Bai since now it is clear Ajabde is not the reason of her departure from palace ?


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Mihika and Ashok attend the function alongwith Ishita, Raman, Mihir and Bhalla family. Mihika and Ashok are dancing and showing romance  so as to make Mihir jealous who feels much dejection and yet to overcome on how he was dumped and her marriage. Ishita and Raman both feels hurt on Mihika’s behavior and feels sorry for Mihir. While, Mihika’s larger intentions is to expose Ashok and take revenge and is acting to be romantic under compulsion but Ishita-Raman & family doesn’t know her intentions. On other end, Ishita tried to bring Raman closer to Adi but Shagun’s stole Raman’s gift for him which made Adi drift from his dad again. Shagun is using Adi to secure her stay in Bhalla’s home and even can compromise on Adi’s sadness for time being. Adi becomes upset with Ishita and asks why he cannot stay with Shagun. Ishita gets much emotional on Adi’s words. Amidst all this, Bhallas want Ishita and Raman to go on honeymoon but Shagun has some other plans for them.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Simar is in jail after the hypnotism tests on her by police. Though she is innocent but since she was confused and in delirious nature agreed to police for the arrest.  She even doesn’t know her crime. Prem comes to visit her there. A woman Vaishnavi comes to meet her inside the police lockup and speaks of unraveling the mystery of the crime. She informs Simar on staying in Kali Mandir. Simar is still puzzled and atleast got some new direction. Was it a hallucination or she really met a person Vaishnavi ? How would Simar prove her innocence ? Later, the upcoming track will show Simar and Prem visiting the same forest to unearth the horror mystery of 17th and Simar will find the dead body of Daksha Chachi and feels guilty on killing her. Simar’s tryst with horror mystery and proving her innocence ensues in the track.

Qubool Hai:
Aahil is worried with his mom Tanveer since she has fallen unconscious. The sword of suspicion falls on Sanam and both Aahil and Rehan asks her whether she poisoned Tanveer or tried to do harm since even Khalu speaks of seeing Sanam mixing poison in Tanveer’s milk glass. Sanam declines on not harming Tanveer and Aahil also feels confused. Aahil cares for his mother a lot and knows about her sacrifices/favors. Tanveer have herself taken the poison to put blame on Sanam and also have the antidote ready with Khalu to get fine from poison after some drama. Aahil is not aware of Tanveer’s plans of taking the property and she wants Sanam to be alive for property sake and thus trying to inflict accusations to demean her in front of him.

Shastri Sisters:
Anushka’s innocence is going to be proven soon on the new year party night thanks to Neil and Devyaani’s new found video (webcam) proof of Karishma behind stealing Rajat’s CD from his room. Anushka and Devyaani are glad and everyone from Sareen/Shastri family/Pandey (Alka) would be attending the party. Aastha and Karishma comes to know of some video recording which proves Anu’s innocence and tries to delete it. Neil would be extra cautious with the recording/video and would not let Karishma-Aastha to eliminate it. He works in tandem with Devyaani to be sure that Karishma’s expose will work out surely. Though Karishma-Aastha have deleted some recording but Neil with his extra care will ultimately help in realizing Anu’s innocence and karishma’s guilt. In such scenario, Anu doesn’t need to leave the Sareen’s house which was her own promise if she couldn’t prove her innocence. Neil stops short to emote his feelings with Devyaani who used to love Rajat earlier. Whether Neil be able to progress and develop closer bond with Devyaani ? What would be Minty’s take on Neil-Devyaani’s bonding ?

Satrangi Sasural:
Vihaan gets attacked by some goons and recovers. Aarushi meets Vihaan’s eldest mom Dadi Maa at the temple. Dadi Maa came there with VIP darshan and Aarushi sees it. She speaks gently to Dadi Maa on how the temple is for everyone – rich and poor are equal and there should be no special treatment. Dadi Maa gets much impressed by Aarushi’s words. They aren’t aware of their future relationship and Vihaan’s connection and love for Aarushi. Dadi Maa is looking for a good bride for her son but have some blocks. Aarushi has won her heart and she would be preferred as her daughter-in law. If that happens, then Aarushi’s next step is to convince the remaining six mom’s [Tai Maa, Chachi Maa, Maa (biological mother), Bua Maa, Maasi Maa, Mini Maa] of Vihaan.

Sahir breaks Aarzoo’s heart by revealing the truth of his marriage though not complete truth about his first wife Zeenat’s health condition and be in coma/vegetative state since many years and her recovery chances to good health is almost nil. He feels also heart-broken and feels pain in giving pain to Aarzoo. Only Sahir and his mom Alvira know about his inside feelings and he informs Aarzoo on playing love games and spider of lies and even calls his love confession to her as joke. Sahir wants to truly express his feelings to her at appropriate time and wants Zaki and Samaira’s marriage. Zaki supports Aarzoo after her heart-break and suggests that Sahir might have other reasons apart from marriage truth which he revealed. Aarzoo is hurt & also get mental setback. What would Aarzoo do, whether her happiness which is cut short be able to survive in her current state ? Another development is Samaira’s father Rehman would come to Sahir and threaten him and wants Zaki-Samaira’s marriage and even blackmails Sahir on revealing the facility demolition illegal accident CD.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan:
Nandini have brought Fab 5 to share the same bond like before without really knowing it. Now, Fab 5 including Cabir have bailed out Harshad from jail. Aliya is happy about it. Manik and Nandini are coming closer and he knows she can’t stay away from him and even Cabir knows such thing will happen before. Nandini also listened to Abhimanyu’s advice on listening to heart and herself doesn’t know how she was drifiting towards Manik. Abhimanyu being a cancer patient and his approaching expected death is revealed and he intends to bring a good change in Mukti so that she doesn’t need rehab. What’s happening with Navya who is dealing with Harshad’s true face reality ?

Doli Armanon Ki
After loosing the Shaurya’s custody case and Urmi’s win in the court [thanks to Urmi’s Bhabhi,Radha, and Ishaan’s efforts], Samrat continues to keep revenge in mind against Urmi. The show is expected to take a leap of some years. Samrat after leap comes in the new Avatar to trick Urmi and would devise his schemes on taking revenge against Urmi. What role Ishaan play in protecting Urmi from Samrat in disguise ?


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