Neil realizes a mother's tears and consolidates Ragini with emotional support


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar Sony TV

Ragini is battling her son Aarav’s displeasure and distraught and on other hand couldn’t stand Neil with Nivedita who is supported by Pam and all these developments were at the party thrown by Pam for Agam. Aarav credits his unhappiness to his mom and wishes to live with his dad. Ranbir has done damage to him as well by trying to pamper and indulging in show off towards Aarav’s girlfriend Shilpa with his rich car and even told her about gifting a bike to Aarav. He got a tip-off from Aarav’s friend that Shilpa is money-minded and henceforth he played his part in drifting her towards him. Neil sees Aarav’s unhappiness and blames Ragini and inform her that she is neither a good mother nor a good wife. Ragini goes on to cry after hearing such taunts from Neil which have affected her motherhood and woman identity and accepts her defeat. Meanwhile, Neil changes his stand towards Ragini since he cannot see her cry and realizes his mistake in bringing tears to a mother. He tries to calm her down and doesn’t want to speak on blame game. Will Neil and Ragini find common elements of happiness overcoming their misunderstanding ?

Nivedita has informed Neil about Ragini’s marriage with Dr. Aman. Ragini at her end wants to enact the marriage (fake) drama with Aman until the completion of Nishi’s marriage and thus keeping mum on it. Neil lives with that misunderstanding and Nivedita hopes to make her entry in Neil’s life utilizing that misunderstanding. Agam was trying to bring brothers Ranbir and Aarav close but Ranbir’s googly in wooing Shilpa have stalled such bonding. What thing will trigger Ragini and Neil to regard all their children as one and no differentiation with respect to either parent ? Will Neil’s misunderstanding on Ragini’s marriage gets cleared before Nishi’s marriage ?




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