Private Investigator 5th Episode, The Family Murder Case, 4th January 2015 on Star Plus – Promo Snap


Private Investigator Star Plus

Raffe and Inspector Tiwari investigate a family murder case. The murder took place in an apartment at Silver Oak Apartment building in Wadala. Tiwari calls Raffe and informs about the murder and location. Raffe reaches the crime scene and his first observations is that the gun shot have been fired from mid range. Moreover, the murderer took the thumb impressions of the dead via ink after commiting the murder.

Raffe checks for more clues and finds some evidence but couldn’t get finer details about the murder. Tiwari thinks it is robbery followed by murder but Raffe thinks otherwise and suggests that the case is not the same as it appears. Tiwari finds a specific gun and calls it as the murder weapon. To get more clarity on the case, Raffe meets Vijay. Vijay asks Raffe why a specific gun weapon was used for the murder of the victim Arjun Khemka. Stay tuned to Private Investigator this Sunday @ 8 PM on Star Plus.

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