Private Investigator 5th Episode on 4th January 2015, The Family Murder Case starring Mrinal, Sandhya, Vrajesh on Star Plus – Written Update


Private Investigator - The College Suicide Murder Case

Recap: Raffe’s mother is concerned with him and gives the task to know about her son to Vijay. Raghu speaks of making Lucky as their partner in detective agency – R2L. Vijay advises Raffe that his life and even that of his mother will be complicated with his detective work. Later, Vijay informs Anita/Nivedita that Raffe works at a suicide helpline centre as a volunteer.


A watchman informs the newspaper delivery boy about a fight between Khemka and his neighbour as their cars hit each other and had scratch. He asks the boy to be cautious. The boy goes to drop the papers and finds Khemka and his kids dead on the floor and runs away. Meanwhile, Raffe is speaking to his mom and she shows more confidence in him and suggests why he haven’t shared that he works with suicide helpline centre. Raffe replies that he didn’t wanted to bring worry to her. He shares his experience of helping a boy who took a gun and wanted to shoot himself and his mom Anita gets worried and becomes uncomfortable and suggests they will shift to some other place. It was Raffe’s joke and such thing never happened. She speaks of already giving lot of exams in her life and just wants to make sure nothing happens to him. Tiwari calls Raffe and informs about the murder that took place at Silver Oak Apartment in Wadala. Raffe receives an order which Raghu has ordered and leaves from there to crime scene. Tiwari thinks it as robbery and murder case and introduces Raffe as the new photographer to his team. Raffe takes the photos of deceased and observes a head wound mark on Arjun Khemka’s forehead and then learns it was shot from mid range [8-10 feet] and also no powder mark. Also finds ink on the thumb of Khemka which might indicate that murderer took ink impressions after the murder.

A new phone is found and only one call is made to Ranjan Khemka, the brother of Arjun. Raffe finds cold water on the floor while the room temperature is not so cold and also finds a ring whose other end was attached to something and discovers a kid’s toy. He finds a stair and some mop and then looks at other dead bodies – Mrs. Khemka and the kids. Raffe gets vomitting after seeing the murder of entire family and Tiwari supports him. Tiwari learns about Parekh not found and Khemka’s brother Ranjan is on the way. Later, Raffe gets a call from a client Gunjan for his detective agency R2. She informs of her son Rajeev who works in Mumbai and haven’t got any info since 1 month and is worried. He asks whether she had any address or phone and she replies that her son’s phone is not reachable and even police is not helping her. Raffe assures her of his help and will take payment once he completes the work. Raffe gives a pen with spy camera to Tiwari and suggests him to use when he interrogates people since they are tackling a family murder case. The police learns about Vasachia from the security guard who didn’t have good relations with Khemka and Vasachia is not so simple and have different shades and also drank a lot last night. Raffe speaks to Raghu on phone about R2’s first case and the missing boy used to work at some mall and thinks they need to contact all malls HR to get info. Raffe asks Raghu to come back home since they will see the video of Tiwari when he is interrogating or examining some evidence. Tiwari looks at Arjun Khemka’s family video on his phone and Raffe & Raghu are also seeing it. Raffe learns the date of the video is 2 days back and Raghu wonders how come someone can murder a nice Khemka family. Tiwari then meets Vasachia – Khemka’s neighbor and passes taunt and even treats him badly. Vasachia is drunk and speaks bad things about Khemka and calls him anti-social. He asks why he will kill Khemka though he was annoyed. Raffe thinks Tiwari have caught the wrong guy and rules Vaschia out from suspicion.

Ranjan also comes there and speaks of not commiting any crime and came from delhi upon his brother Arjun Khemka’s insistence. He says that the truth is Arjun have mortraged his flat to develop an online video game and he helped him by buying the flat and have transferred the money in his account. Tiwari asks why there are Arjun’s thumb impressions and Ranjan replies that Arjun had carpenter hand syndrome and he couldn’t even hold a pen. Ranjan asks why brother will kill other brother and Tiwari reminds about Mahabharat. He then speaks of being in touch with his brother while his family aren’t in touch. Tiwari then speaks of Arjun’s partner Parekh who have given 10 % share to Ranjan in his company. He then goes to meet Parekh and asks why he gave the share to Ranjan. Parekh replies on acting as per his whims and doesn’t want to share any other thing and leaves. Raffe and Raghu smiles at Tiwari since Parekh didn’t give him any answers or time. Raghu talks to Raffe on partnership and wants Raffe to have 70 % while he will take 30 %. But Raffe says they will share equally – 50 % each. He then goes to help his mom in cutting vegetables and she asks him about his healthline service. She is proud of him since he is using his free time for a good cause. He then speaks of his feeling that everyone needs some help from someone at a point in life and his mom agrees with his believe. She thinks loneliness can make a person very weak. Raffe recollects her mother’s words that loneliness makes a person weaker and sometimes even it is difficult to cope.

Raghu speaks that Arjun Khemka have developed many computer games and Arjun was even co-founder in Parekh’s company but before the launch of a big game he was removed. Parekh also filed a case against Khemka by saying he haven’t developed the game completely but took Ranjan in his company. Raffe is puzzled and asks what special Ranjan did that Parekh took him. Meanwhile, some kids discover a gun in the garbage dump. Later, Lucky comes to meet Raffe and Raghu takes excuse. She wants to make a personal request to Raffe but he leaves since he gets a call on the gun being found. Lucky couldn’t share her request to him. At Parekh’s end, he is doing the launch of a game – New beginning which his late friend Khemka have developed and he dedicates the game on his rememberance. Raffe and Tiwari are also present seeing the launch. Tiwari meets Parekh and informs him of finding the murder weapon gun and tells about the gun type and license which is registered in parekh’s name. Parekh speaks that the gun should be in his drawer but couldn’t find it there and becomes worried. Tiwari says how come the gun was found in the trash if Khemka killed his own family. He then asks Parekh why he took Ranjan in his company. Parekh speaks that he bought that the code of the games from Ranjan in return for 10 % share in his company and asks Tiwari what wrong he did. Moreover, he shows the code on his phone and have received via SMS. Just then, Parekh’s employee comes and informs that the game have crashed due to an active bug and user load.

Raffe also wonders why parekh’s secretary a lady looks worried. He goes to meet her and she shares an experience of hearing a fight between Parekh and Khemka. Khemka was drunk and speaks on how Parekh and his brother have snatched his company and games. Khemka informs Parekh on not letting the game – new beginning to flourish and then starts to beat him with shoes. Raffe goes to meet Tiwari who is eating Gol Gappas and some snacks. Raffe says there are two clear suspects of murder – Ranjan and Parekh since they both went to Khemka’s home that night and speaks of a movie – The murder on the orient express [1974] where two or more people have conspired together in the murder. Raffe thinks that Ranjan have done the murder and also took the thumb impressions of Parekh, took the code from Parekh’s phone and gave it to Parekh for the game. In return, Parekh gave 10 % share to Ranjan. Raffe then asks for a favor from Tiwari and speaks about Rajeev – the missing boy whose case his detective agency is solving. Tiwari agrees to help. Raffe goes to meet Vijay and feels awe of the plant. Vijay thinks Raffe came there for some work and not to study Botany. Raffe thanks him since he has shielded and covered his actual work. Vijay asks Raffe about his new case progress.

Raffe says that Ranjan Khemka and Parekh have been booked by police and case is filed against them but he is puzzled since if the murders were done for money then why to kill kids, and what about cold water found on floor and ring. He is not understanding. Vijay says that Raffe has lost his objectivity after becoming emotional with kids’ death. He then raises the question why someone will make his entry in the register and then commit the crime to act like a fool. Raffe thinks that Ranjan have murdered his brother once he was not agreeing to him for signing the papers. But Vijay doesn’t take Raffe’s argument and asks why Ranjan will run with those papers and keep continuing his airport work. He asks why Parekh will use his specific licensed gun for the murder, Is he a bigger fool ? Raffe says that parekh have thrown his gun but it is found. Vijay says that the apt thing is that the police should have done forensic check with that gun and the bullet shot at Arjun Khemka’s body to validate.But since Parekh didn’t report to the police on his missing gun thus he easily fallen in the trap. Raffe wonders whether Ranjan has framed Parekh in that trap. Vijay then thinks Raffe is not understanding the scheme of things and asks him to do his work himself. Moreover, he asks Raffe to find Rajeev since his mother is waiting for him. Vijay informs Raffe of going out for some days but will keep an eye on him and also asks him to not do any mistake by swaying into emotions.

Raffe comes to Khemka’s appt building and thinks though Khemka stayed there for 10 years but he is not known much. He goes on to inquire neighbors about Khemka. Raffe learns from Khemka’s neighbors that he used to remain aloof and even doesn’t allow his kids to mingle with other kids. He meets another man who says that Khemka lost trust in people after getting many deceits. He comes to his home and arranges all the clues, Vijay’s words, neighbours comments and does some brainstorming. Raghu plays a video game where he has one bullet and kills two people and informs Raffe. Raffe ponders on that point and comes to the crime scene at Khemka’s appt and Tiwari thinks that Rajan and Parekh are prime suspects and he is sure they are criminals. Raffe thinks that millions of people are there in the city and it is true lonely is also part of their life and suggests that it is not murder but actually suicide. Tiwari asks how come 5 people will commit suicide. Raffe says that Arjun has done 3 murders and then did suicide and took his own life. He speaks that Arjun first went to Parekh’s office and acted drunk there and stole the gun from there. He then invited his brother to his home, put his thumb on the property papers and also changed his phone to show that his brother have stolen his phone. Tiwari asks how Khemka did the murders and also his suicide by mid range shot – 8 to 10 feet ? Raffe smiles and suggests such thing can happen and the flash back shows how Khemka have set-up a mid range shot aimed at him by putting the gun fixed at the stair and drive the shot using the fan, ice and thread pulley set-up. He commit suicide with that bullet shot. This was Khemka’s plan to implicate Ranjan and Parekh.

Tiwari asks how come the gun reached the garbage dump. Raffe speaks that Arjun Khemka’s phone has the answer and the video there showed Arjun’s dog taking the gun and putting into garbage bin after the murder. Raffe says that Arjun had an inter-caste marriage and was disowned by parents & family, financial crisis, bankrupt and his situation was like touch me not plant. But he decided to take revenge against two people – Ranjan and Parekh who have made his life miserable. Tiwari speaks a philosophical line about small hopes and their aspirations and informs Raffe that Rajeev is found. Rajeev was hiding from his mother since 1 month as he was afraid of his failure and doesn’t want to show to his mom. Raffe brings Rajeev’s mom Beeji to his place and mother-son duo met after long time. She hugs her son and asks whether any son can fail in front of his mother. Raghu asks his mom to not put pressure on his son that he couldn’t come to face her and leaves. Raffe asks Raghu when he has become a social counsellor and he replies it is the first case and thus such things are needed. Raffe comes home and speaks that people make their lives by joining small pieces and makes a small boat inside a glass bottle. He speaks that a father instead of living decided to end his life and also of family thinking that the world is cruel. Whether there was no one who could have saved that family and innocent kids ?

Next week: A rich man Hirachand’s daughter is kidnapped and a large unit of police force is called to help in her release. Raffe finds that the 3 Crore ransom amount was hidden in the garbage bin and potentially stolen or misused. Raffe thinks that property angle is related to the kidnapping. To unearth the crime mystery, Raffe dons the role of a police man when he was working on investigation duties with Tiwari. He tries to follow clues/people and reaches a house/centre. Will Raffe try to find an answer on the case objectively and also without using Vijay’s help ?

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