Halla Bol 2 7th Episode on 11th January 2015, A Girl's Fight for Respect & Justice on Bindass TV – Promo

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Halla Bol Season 2 on Bindass with Karan Tacker

The story is about a young girl and her fightback. She faced a shocking incident and was raped in a hotel. Later, she comes home after that severe abuse and informs her mother with tears. Her mother suggests her to keep quiet and not say anything otherwise she will get more insults and shame. One of her Aunts suggests that she knows on what girls do in hotels and doesn’t support the girl and instead make taunts. The girl becomes more dejected and asks to herself what wrong she commit and vents out her frustration in her room and cries. She asks what’s her fault and her mother informs that the fault is her identity of a girl.

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She becomes defiant and will not keep quiet and decides to punish the culprit by filing a legal case against him. The girl with her courage and determination gets success in her battle and proves the culprit guilty of his crime. Who else have supported in her fightback or she took the reins in her own hand ? What made the culprit to think he will not be caught or proven guilty ? How the girl overcome taunts from society and relatives to fight for her respect and justice ? Stay tuned to Halla Bol this Sunday @ 6 PM on Bindass TV.

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