MaNaN going through a sweet feeling of unspoken Love; Soha's crush turning into Obsession

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kaisi yeh yaariyan

Manik and Nandini are going through sweet feeling of unspoken love though haven’t confessed openly. There is a glow on their face and smile when they are with each other. Nandini also developed shyness with Manik and both are happy. They came closer and are together after the New Year Eve’s party when Manik was sent to a different place than at Soha’s party. Nandini is thankful to Abhimanyu who acted as cupid and helped her to come close to Manik. Moreover, Cabir helped her too. Soha is upset with Manik and Nandini since she had her own plans to come close to Manik with Nandini’s help but all fell flat. Manik is Soha’s crush and it has now turned into obsession. She couldn’t see MaNaN together and also feels hurt. Moreover, Manik and Nandini are oblivious to Soha’s core intentions about him.

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Manik now tries to find excuse to meet Nandini and Fab 5 are puzzled to see the change in him but Cabir knows all about him. Manik and Nandini are seizing the moment and are affectionate to spend time together and he showers a kiss to express his love. They are speaking with their eyes and have sincere feelings for each other. Soha doesn’t wish to see them together and feels jealousy. Manik’s words of assurance that Nandini will protect him when he goes to help his friends [Fab 5] and calling her a star have resolved their differences and brought them together. While all things are set for MaNaN to continue their blooming love but with Soha’s unhappiness and obsessive approach, it seems there are some challenges for them which they need to overcome to keep steady their blooming love and happiness intact. What would Soha do to come close to Manik, and will she give up her crush/one-sided love for Manik easily ? What more Manik and Nandini would do to strengthen their blooming love & bonding ?

Coming to Navya, Harshad has learnt about her pregnancy with his child, and tricks her to go to hospital for another check-up and he thinks Navya’s pregnancy as a damage control problem. He decides to bribe the hospital staff in aborting Navya’s child on the pretext that they are taking her pregnancy test. Navya is oblivious of Harshad’s evil plan and he has broken her trust another time (and even of Aliya), acted very selfish and no regard to her feelings. Will Navya’s abortion go ahead without her knowledge or whether it gets stopped by someone’s help at the last moment ? What will Harshad get for his attempt and plans to abort Navya’s child with him ?


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