Tanveer plays a mother's trump card to calm down Aahil about his truth; Sanam-Seher anticipate Tanveer's fury


qubool hai

Tanveer’s secret in hiding Aahil and Rehaan’s identity is out. Rehaan gets his birth certificate letter from Sanam and manages to keep it in a necklace box which Aahil have ordered for Tanveer. Aahil sees the letter when presenting the gift to Tanveer and is shocked to learn Rehaan is the biological son of Tanveer. He also learns that he was an orphan but was told to be the son of Tanveer. He feels shattered and asks Tanveer why she hide details about Rehaan and also the truth about his identity. Tanveer tricks Aahil by crying much and shedding lot of tears which melts Aahil’s heart and he feels to not asks the reasons for it anymore. Sanam-Seher’s plan backfired in exposing Tanveer and her secrets. Tanveer has instilled in Aahil’s mind about insecurities and dangers lurking at her and always suggested that someone is trying to ruin her & family, and even tried to blame Sanam for poisoning (result was futile). She makes him believe that whatever she did was under compulsion otherwise she wouldn’t have done thing. Aahil moves ahead with the relevation for Tanveer’s happiness.

Tanveer wants Aahil’s property for his son Rehaan and also wants to create troubles for Sanam. She wants to figure out about Seher while Sanam-Seher wants to take revenge against Tanveer for their parents death. Aahil is at his end is not forgiving Sanam and is still mistaken that she ditched him for the wedding but also yearns to know the truth and feels something with Sanam and shares not intended romantic moments. Before the Rehaan and Aahil’s identity revelation, Tanveer took part in a surgery which dealt with her vision and its know she had a partial eyesight for many years. Post-surgery, she is defiant to use her improvements to advantage in tackling Sanam and her plans with ease. Tanveer is also taking hallucination excuse to inform Aahil about her insecurities and lurking dangers from outside people. Whether Tanveer couple her vision/surgical improvements with hallucination excuses to create problems for Sanam – Seher ? How Sanam-Seher & Rehaan would tackle Tanveer’s fury with her new avataar ? Will Aahil’s belief of good people good fate work out in practice ?

Rahat is providing support to Haya who gets haunted by Faiz’s death and finds his presence around. He cheers her up by expressing his love and care for her on DDLJ song but the question is whether Haya would overcome those haunts and her own guilt in murdering Faiz. Are they going to keep happiness with them ?


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