Chakor alters Bhaiya ji to push her towards Education in Udaan


chakor in udaan

Chakor gets inspired by Baa’s words to not stop her free flight from the clutches of Bhaiya ji, even if he bounds her at his haveli. Chakor cleverly creates such situations that Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini themselves make her break the promise of not educating herself. She shows her smartness to them, by helping them in restarting the mobile and defining the word ‘reboot’ and also helping Bhaiya ji by giving his PAN card number seeing his urgency. In spite of getting glad that she helped them, they get more alert seeing her smartness and new ways to encourage others. Chakor tries to get time for such work that can make her do running practice, as she is preparing for a big race competition by Arjun and Ishwar’s support.

Bhaiya ji tells Tejaswini to give so much work to Chakor, that she hardly has time to think and plan her next step. Tejaswini puts much work load on Chakor, and even then Chakor manages to do it soon and is making her small steps towards her dream to educate and erase the bonder labor stamp on her hand. Chakor fails all Bhaiya ji’s plans and decides to make him change his decision and break the promise. Ishwar and Arjun give the responsibility to Vivaan for taking care of Chakor. Chakor starts keeping a healthy diet to increase her strength. Will Chakor succeed to get her freedom? Keep reading.


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