Poorvi gets heart broken by Arjun’s marriage with Tanu in Yeh Dil Sun…

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arjun poorvi yeh dil sun raha hai

Poorvi waits for Arjun at the temple, and keeps calling him to get an answer. She reaches his home and comes to know he is at Bhanupratap’s home. She rushes to meet him, and is shocked seeing his marriage going on with Bhanupratap’s daughter Tanushree. Poorvi stops his marriage and tells everyone that Arjun loves only her. Arjun’s family starts insulting Poorvi and asks her to leave. She gets adamant and seeks an answer from Arjun. Arjun recalls his promise given to his mum, as she convinced him to marry Tanu, just for the sake of saving Poorvi’s life from his own family and Bhanupratap.

Arjun lies to Poorvi and says he does not love her and just time passing with her, as he has always been a Casanova. Poorvi does not believe his words and tells everyone about her marriage with Arjun. They start laughing knowing about their marriage in a hotel room, rather than in temple. They say it can’t happen without any pandit or rituals done. Arjun denies the marriage, shocking Poorvi and says he fooled by to get close to her. Poorvi breaks down and believes on his lie, feeling cheated and leaves. She walks aimlessly on the road and is about to get hit by a speeding truck, but Karan saves her in nick of the time and takes her home.

Neelima is shocked to see Poorvi shattered and was expecting Poorvi to come home with Arjun, as she decided to accept Arjun as her son in law, post Poorvi’s confiding everything to her. Poorvi tells her how Arjun cheated her and she made a big mistake by believing his love. Neelima gets worried knowing about Arjun and Tanu’s marriage and asks Poorvi did she get ahead in her marital relation. Poorvi says I have surrendered myself in my love and blind faith on Arjun, and this makes Neelima angry on Arjun and his family. She gets annoyed with Poorvi for self ruining her future by not listening to them, and on the other hand, she gets worried for Poorvi’s future. What will be Neelima’s take on this? Keep reading.






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