Panchi challenges her sister's marriage ritual and put efforts to stop it; Titu brings smile on Panchi's face

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Tu Mera Hero - Panchi and Titu

Panchi’s love story with Titu took a turn with Ruhi’s arrival. Titu also agreed with his dad’s 1-day challenge to bring a girl who is ready to marry him and he plans to propose to Panchi with a bouquet. Ruhi is a commissioner’s daughter and is staying at Panchi’s home. Meanwhile, Panchi is jealous to see Ruhi’s fondness for Titu and also how he is in awe of Ruhi and is also mistaken that she has stopped his sendoff to Agra. Later, Panchi couldn’t control her emotions and gets upset with Titu.

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To bring smile on Panchi’s face, he takes her on a date by surprise and they watch the movie DDLJ together and he even apologizes for upsetting her. Panchi becomes happy and glad with Titu. Will Panchi make clear to Ruhi about her feelings of love for Titu ? Next in the track is Panchi’s sister engagement and marriage. During the marriage, it turns out that Panchi’s parents follow traditions and rituals and does some puja (prayers) which needs their daughter to get married first with a tree and then her actual marriage can take place. Titu at first tries to intervene so as to not support such ritual but his voice is not heard. Later, Panchi steps in and informs her parents that such rituals of her sister’s marriage with tree is not needed. She wants to stop that marriage and also the superstitious belief. Will Panchi succeed in her attempt to convince her parents and society ?



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