Private Investigator 6th Episode, The Mysterious Kidnapping Case, 11th January 2015 on Star Plus – Promo Snap


Private Investigator Star Plus

A rich man Hirachand’s daughter Kritika is kidnapped and the ransom amount is 3 Crore rupees. In the search and rescue operation for the girl, a large unit of police force is called and the police learns on finding the driver in an unconscious place at the place kidnapping was done. It so happens that the ransom amount is found in a garbage bin and Hirachand wonders why his daughter is not found as they have already found money. He carries worry on his face but people working in his home carry suspicious looks. Raffe finds some old photos in a box in Hirachand’s home and contemplates about Kritika’s real identity. He thinks that property angle related to the kidnapping.


To unearth the crime mystery, Raffe dons the role of a police man when he was working on investigation duties with Tiwari. He tries to follow clues and also follow a man to reach a special home. Will Raffe be able to find Kritika and solve the mysterious kidnapping case ? Stay tuned to Private Investigator this Sunday @ 8 PM on Star Plus.

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