Amusement ride via plain cyclic twists in Saath Nibhana Saathiya



One never gets bored seeing the same evil plans of Radha, and Kokila’s copyright shouts on the young lots, and Gopi’s frozen dialogues in calmest tone ever even in the situations where any normal heroine would scream. Paridhi’s entry in the Modi Bhavan was disliked by everyone when she married Jigar against his will, and all of a sudden, Jigar forgot his sweet wife Rashi and fell in love with Paridhi by her manipulations, which is a long list to mention!! A twist is brought by Vivaan’s entry. He joined Radha in troubling the Modi family. When Kokila asked Gopi to accept Paridhi as Jigar’s wife, Gopi was adamant and kept refusing making all efforts to expose her, and now when Kokila kicks out Paridhi from home, Gopi was the one who supported Paridhi and even got hurt in saving her. Looks like, the two contrast opinion ladies love to play the table tennis creating arguments and prolonging the matter.

Radha and Vivaan have caught Paridhi once again. Kokila and Urmila don a different look and become spies to find Paridhi. They enter a fair after knowing Vivaan has taken Paridhi there. Finally, Paridhi will be saved from Vivaan’s clutches by Kokila and Urmila, and they will take her home. Will this bring an end to Vivaan’s aggressive behavior? Jigar feels sympathetic to Paridhi and takes care of her, after what she has gone through. Will Radha let Paridhi occupy Jigar’s life? Keep reading.



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