Manik and Nandini re-defining friendship – Dosti Pyaar Hai; Abhishek Malik bids adieu to Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan

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kaisi yeh yaariyan

Nandini and Manik are just friends though going through unspoken love journey and re-defining friendship by going to suggest Dosti Pyaar Hai [Friendship is love] which is another way to say Pyaar Dosti Hai. Manik wants unique friendship but she prefers to have traditional friendship with no kiss or intimate moments. Soha’s crush on Manik has become obsession and she is trying to harm Nandini and have failed on two occasions with Manik making a hero entry to protect Nandini on the former instance. Nandini understands about Soha’s obsessive intentions towards Manik and asks him to be careful. Soha is unable to manage Fab 5 and her plans doesn’t suit them but still took the charge in her control from Nandini. Manik is oblivious of Soha’s intentions and needs some starting point to understand them. After Navya’s expose of Harshad by her Halla Bol attitude led to her pregnancy coming out in open. Navya’s college S.P.A.C.E principal goes on to expel her by thinking about the reputation and puts the college as victim because of her deeds.

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Manik and Cabir come forward to help Navya since unjust was meted out at her and even taunts. Manik prepares to take help from his mom Nyonika to re-instate Navya back in college with respect. At Mukti’s end, she is going on a dinner date with Abhimanyu after learning the importance of gratitude and happiness from him. He cheers her up time and again but Mukti is oblivious to the fact of his death approaching nearer as he suffers from cancer. Will Mukti comes to know of Abhimanyu’s life truth ?

A recent big development in Yaariaan is actor Abhishek Malik portraying Harshad bidding adieu (his tweet) and thus his journey with the show is going to end soon. We (TellyReviews) wish Abhishek the very best in his future work endeavors.

* Abhishek’s Twitter page.


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