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Diya Aur Baati Hum:

Sooraj starts missing Sandhya, and feels her absence in his life. He goes to meet her at Ankur’s house, and stays outside waiting to get a glimpse of her. Sandhya senses him and feels restless. Their love did not end, and its just they are hiding their love. They feel the incompleteness in their lives. Sooraj’s eyes has much love for her, and Sandhya’s sadness and silent behavior makes Ankita sense Sandhya’s strong love for Sooraj. Sooraj and Sandhya’s moment made them experience past love. Their happiness and shine in eyes were seen by everyone in the baby shower function, when Sandhya was chosen in a ritual and said to be giving good news of a child soon, it brings new hope in Bhabho’s heart. She prays that Sooraj and Sandhya get together soon. Sooraj and Sandhya revive that dream of having a child, and start missing each other tremendously.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Naksh’s birthday is celebrated well at home. Before this, Naksh creates a scene by listening to Karishma. He argues that he wants to celebrate the birthday at game zone, and Akshara and Naitik explain him the family worth. Karishma makes use of this argument and fills Naksh’s ears. Naitik and Akshara talk to the client and make him see the mistake at his staff end. The client turns up to apologize to Akshara, and admits his staff mistake of not checking the right mail, as it was sent by some other ID and created confusion. Akshara and Naitik are glad. Naitik asks Karishma to learn from Akshara, to work perfectly, else atleast try to accept mistakes and apologize, rectify and work well. Karishma gets a lesson, but still acts annoyed. She does not find any other job easily and counts on Maheshwari to resume her job.

Shastri Sisters:

While Rajat and Anu, Rohan and Alka are seen happy around, Minty wishes Devyaani and Neil should never unite. Neil proposes Devyaani and confesses his long tiding feelings for her in his heart, which makes her think he must be joking, as he is not a fool to repeat his earlier mistake. She does not take his words seriously and laughs. Neil loses his respect in his friends and feels rejection pain again, as Devyaani regards him just a friend, and does not care of his feelings. His friends advice him to get revenge on Devyaani, as she can’t turn down Neil Sareen again and again. Neil gets into their words and acts more sweeter to Devyaani to make her fall madly in love with him, swearing to make her feel the pain of rejection in love.

Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh:

Sarika manipulates Samarth to separate Vikram and Shobha. Her efforts fail as Shobha starts realizing Vikram’s worth in her life, in Samarth’s presence. She gives a chance to Samarth just for the sake of her children’s future, but Samarth starts being careless towards them, and Vikram does all duties of a father. Shobha recalls Vikram’s tries to tell his feelings, and refuses to believe her heart that they are made for each other. Samarth, who acts to be perfectly good person has a motive hidden from his family, and also does not let anyone know about his bail conditions. Samarth is not back for Shobha and is again manipulating things. Vikram who would soon come to know of it, goes to remark Shobha on her decision.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir:

Niranjan will be soon facing his past in Pune, as Shlok decided to move back to Pune and get their rights. Shlok and Indrajeet have a major face to face scene, and most prominent one will be Niranjan and Ahilya’s confrontation after they meet, and show the viewers a sad story of Niranjan crushing Ahilya’s life in his male ego and power. While Indrajeet is also Niranjan’s son, but his aim is to tackle Niranjan for his every mistake to give justice to his mother.


Ranvi is annoyed with Veera and does not meet Veera on Lohri. Veera celebrates Lohri with Baldev and inlaws. She gets unhappy seeing Baldev’s anger and annoyance with her. Baldev decides to not prove himself innocent, getting his anger on Veera seeing her trust lost. Veera thinks not to bear Baldev’s anger anymore, and confronts him on his behavior. Baldev hurts her and punishes himself too. Veera has got the proof and on meeting Rajveer, she comes to know that button may belong to Rajveer. She gets doubt on him, and gets a clue to proceed. Will Veera succeed to prove Baldev’s innocence?

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

Radha and Vivaan have caught Paridhi once again. Kokila and Urmila don a different look and become spies to find Paridhi. They enter a fair after knowing Vivaan has taken Paridhi there. Finally, Paridhi will be saved from Vivaan’s clutches by Kokila and Urmila, and they will take her home. Will this bring an end to Vivaan’s aggressive behavior? Jigar feels sympathetic to Paridhi and takes care of her, after what she has gone through.

Qubool Hai:

Aahil reads newspaper which has Tanveer’s news, but he is so blind in her love that he likes her pic in the paper and compliments her, and shows the new business he is starting with his brother Rehaan, and making the bank on Tanveer’s name. Sanam is tired of showing Tanveer’s truth to Aahil, and shares few eyelocks and romantic moments with Aahil. Tanveer and new Sanam get jealous seeing their romance.

Tu Mera Hero:

Next track is Panchi’s sister engagement and marriage. During the marriage, it turns out that Panchi’s parents follow traditions and rituals and does some puja (prayers) which needs their daughter to get married first with a tree and then her actual marriage can take place. Titu at first tries to intervene so as to not support such ritual but his voice is not heard. Later, Panchi steps in and informs her parents that such rituals of her sister’s marriage with tree are not needed. She wants to stop that marriage and also the superstitious belief.

KumKum Bhagya:

Pragya has got another talent, as she alter Abhi’s new Tuxedo suit. Pragya says she wants Abhi to look the best and she will make the suit fit Abhi. They romance as she takes the suit measurements and Abhi gets closer. Abhi whistles and hugs the suit. Abhi is glad by Pragya’s efforts. Tanu gets jealous and cuts the suit. Well, even when Tanu has damaged the suit, Pragya again gives the necessary stitch in time and turns glorious failing Tanu’s plan and shocking her once again.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman and Ishita will be seen fighting like always, but this time it’s much anger between them. The arguments get serious and she gets upset with Raman. She says Raavan Kumar can’t become human ever. Well, the fight is about Adi gone missing. Raman says my son is missing from home, can’t you take care of a little kid and scolds her for being so careless. While Ishita defends herself saying she does not know Adi, but she just came from clinic. She says she is always attentive towards Adi. Raman asks her to stay at home, as Adi did not come here to stay with furniture. Raman and Ishita’s love turned into fight because of Adi, and she says she will not talk to him. He asks her to stick to her words atleast this time.

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  1. arrey yaar that whole yeh hain mohabbatein is an irritating nonsense.. can’t even read the written updates.. like every other show that goes out of track after a period of time this has turned too boring.. too irritable.. too much predictable with lots of unwanted negativity.. this country and people deserve better.. i watch only tu mera hero and then nisha and cousins these days.. even suhani has too much negativity of same old same old waste people.. i wonder from where they take this negative character actors.. they are too bad at acting.. please throw that dadi of suhani, and adi of yhm (that kid’s track is just meaningless) away… they are actually like too stupid and childish.. that dadi’s character has no story at all and no foundation and the actor too bad.. that makes the serial even more irritable… now don’t even talk about alia of that stupid serial kumkum bhagya… god save the people who depend on indian tv for entertainment.. 🙁

  2. plz guve spoilers abt nisha aur uske cousins…nisha u r soo beutyfull in that white dress… lovv uuu soooo much…..lov uuu aneri vajani. .u rocking ya..also viraj ..nd cousins also rocking

  3. plz guve spoilers abt nisha aur uske cousins…nisha u r soo beutyfull in that white dress… lovv uuu soooo much…..lov uuu aneri vajani. .u rocking ya..also viraj ..nd cousins also rocking…tu mera hero bd suhanj ni si ek ladki is also in good track uvraj is soo good…somu I hate u…how can u do shch things to your child hood frnd.


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