Nisha becomes the Jodi maker for Amanpreet-Umesh's Marriage; Her Aim is the return of Viraj's respect

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins New show on Star Plus

Nisha is heart-broken after getting rejection from Viraj on her love. But still she keeps her aim in bringing back respect to Viraj and also plans to see Laksh Academy back to full functioning mode. As a first step, she begins her work on the funding aspect of Laksh Academy since it is very critical for its sustainability and will not let its closure. She goes ahead to arrange a talent show to raise funds and wishes to succeed. Viraj’s Gayatri aunty role with Shekhar is exposed and known to him. Gayatri vows to teach Nisha a lesson as her truth is out. Viraj didn’t figure out Nisha and Aarti to be the same person. Sourabh knows about Nisha’s truth. Will Viraj find some lead from Sourabh ?

Another interesting development is of Nisha acting as a Jodi maker in bringing Amanpreet and Umesh’s love in front of Dada ji and also made him accept them whole-heartedly. Dada ji is eager to get Aman and Umesh married and Rupan’s planning to get Aman married to someone else backfired. How about Umesh’s mom , whether she also agreed with Umesh-Amanpreet’s marriage approval ? While, Nisha’s magic have worked on Dada ji but what’s more in the story, whether Dada ji realized something very valuable from Nisha. Will Aman and Umesh’s marriage gets underway in practice ?


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    Hoping to c more romance bw niraj!!!!!!

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