Panchi wins Titu's dad Govind's heart, her prayers & wish to marry her love Titu comes true

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Tu Mera Hero - Panchi and Titu

Titu gets a heartbreak with Ruhi since he was mistaken that she loves him. He realized very soon thanks to Panchi that Ruhi likes and loves Kapil and for the same reason she came to Mathura. Ruhi regards Titu as the cupid for her as she got united with her love. Panchi gives him consolidation during this time but Titu faces another challenge which is from his father Govind which is he should find a girl who is ready to marry him. Panchi learns about Titu’s father bet and if he doesn’t fulfill then he will be sent to Agra. Earlier, Titu’s portrayal of Radha in Krishna-Leela got his dad’s ire but thanks to the residents of Mathura and his mother’s sanyasan (hermit) role he was stopped from going to Agra. In turn of events, Panchi is at his home after dropping him after the heartbreak and due to bet misunderstanding his dad & family think her as the girl whom Titu has brought. As situation demanded, Panchi accepts and informs Titu’s dad on Govind being ready to marry him. Titu is puzzled and even his dad who then speaks about the difference. Panchi opens-up about seeing value and virtues rather than finer details and comparison. Govind doesn’t know Panchi loves Titu much and wants to know why she took the decision. Will she open-up about her love for Titu with his dad ?

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It is clear Panchi loves Titu and wonders why she fell in love and Titu thinks the same but the difference he was referring to Ruhi. Panchi’s decision to marry Titu would be known to her family which makes them puzzled too. Next in the track is Panchi’s sister Rachana’s engagement and marriage function which is attended by Titu’s parents and there will be some developments – Titu speaking in his usual self with the guests and Panchi stopping the marriage ritual of her sister marrying with a tree. Panchi’s sincere efforts and attitude would impress Titu’s dad Govind and his mom Surekha but what about Panchi’s parents. It so happens that they give green signal to Panchi and Titu’s engagement & marriage proposal as well. Panchi had prayed at the temple earlier with her wish to marry Titu which is answered and her marriage with Titu gets underway. During the Haldi ceremony night Panchi goes to dreaming and filmy mode about Titu and sees him everywhere and puts Mehendi (henna) with Titu’s name. While the marriage is very near but for Titu so many things are happening at once and even its difficult for him to get over the heart break with his first love Ruhi.  Will Titu develop feelings of love for Panchi and understand her unparalled love ? What’s more in store in Panchi and Titu’s marriage ?

Titu with Panchi on Romantic date: Titu’s fav scene from DDLJ
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Panchi on her romantic movie DDLJ
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    This comedy serial is a welcome change compared to the vendetta drama in others

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