Chakor to take part in Inter School Race and make her name in Udaan


udaan chakor 1

Bhaiya ji is mistaken and is treating Arjun with respect and showing his goodness, not knowing that the real survey officer Arjun Desai, sent by party office is finding out his truth in the village. Arjun Desai meets Imli, who tells him about Bandhua people, and even Chakor being one of them. Arjun Desai comes to know about Bhaiya ji’s tortures on the villagers of Aazaadgunj, and how cunningly he has cheated the party showing his good image to the public. They worry for losing the elections if Bhaiya ji is given the ticket and rethink on it.

While Chakor’s Arjun Sir is doing his bit by staying in the haveli and making Chakor get the best possible diet, and also train her on running practice, his next aim is to convince Bhaiya ji for Chakor’s school admission. Bhaiya ji is frustrated that Chakor has made him a pawn and ruling in the house. He fears to lose out the party ticket and dances on her fingers. Tejaswini is curious to know Chakor’s plan, as she has lied in support of them. Chakor hides her motives and Arjun makes her progress ahead with the help of Ishwar Rawat and Abha’s uncle, who is the local school principal. They become a driving force in Chakor’s life and help her achieve her dreams.

Arjun makes Chakor take part in the Inter School Running Competition, and tells her if she wins, no one would be able to hold her steps ahead. Bhaiya ji fails to stop Chakor and makes her get the school admission for the sake to make the media quiet. Chakor takes part in the race and wins for her family and her dream to erase the Bandhua/bonded labor stamp on her hand. She goes ahead to make her name shine and break free from Bhaiya ji’s clutches. Will Bhaiya ji digest this defeat? Keep reading.



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