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Laut Aao Trisha:

Meghan has blackmailed Aditya telling him about the wrong anesthesia mistake he did in his medical career and asks him to accept her instead Trisha. Aditya unwillingly proposes Meghan, making Trisha feel upset. Meanwhile, Amrita is doubting that just Pratik was not the target of the culprit and they are surely eyeing someone else. Before she could figure out the next target, she becomes the target amidst the party While Amrita gets killed, Trisha has got this new task to find about her parents’ murderer. Is Kushan behind this or is it Lavanya’s jealousy which made her take this step?

Satrangi Sasural:

Aarushi got informally engaged to Gattu after he compelled her with help from her brother Girish and father Prahlad. Gattu have manipulated Girish but speaks of how he saved his life. She doesn’t listen to her step-mom and Dada ji who cares for her dearly but her decision of engagement was for family’s happiness. Gattu started showing his colors and mean nature by again forcing her to come on a date in short-dress and she obliged with much hesitation. She misses Vihaan and wonders on how she could live with Gattu if she marries with him. Vihaan knows Aarushi is destined for him but worried with things at her end since Gattu was getting engaged to her. He just want to go and express all his feelings to Aarushi while she awaits to inform him about her. In a turn of events, Gattu shows his bad attitude once again and tries to attack Dada ji. Once Aarushi knew about it, she is frustrated with Gattu since he has crossed the limit and takes a bold step in cancelling the engagement. She pushes Gattu from her home and doesn’t worry about him. Thus, now Aarushi has overcome her first decision of sacrifice and compromise and doing the right thing since she truly deserves Vihaan. Where is Vihaan, will he come forward to realize his feelings with Aarushi in a concrete manner – building relationship like engagement ? How Vihaan and Aarushi’s love story shape up now, Will they continue to face Gattu’s threat ?

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hai:

Poorvi has been heartbroken by Arjun, and once again she has landed in big problem, as Tanu has now defamed her mum Neelima, by proving she accepted bribe and is corrupt govt. officer. Neelima and her family sticks strong to prove she is innocent. The media targets Neelima and defames her. Tanu thinks this will make Poorvi leave the city and exit from Arjun’s life. Arjun understands that someone has trapped Neelima, and confronts his father. Arjun gets involved in proving Neelima innocent and does not let Poorvi know this. Poorvi finds him after her and thinks he has again created this problem and to show he is their savior. She feels he is fooling her once again. The show will have a love triangle, as new entry marks an effect in Poorvi’s life. She will be marrying Viraj, who helps her and Neelima in this defamation case. Viraj is a very positive guy, who brings Poorvi’s life back on track and wishes to give her happiness. While Arjun gets happy to see Poorvi moving on, he does not stop loving her.

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar:

While Pam has tried bribing Shilpa and her mum in the hospital, to save Ranbir, she did not know Shilpa will give the statement in their favor, even when her mum has turned down the bribe. Shilpa saves Ranbir from the accident case. While Neil is happy and wants to show Ragini about his decision to marry Nivedita. Will his step in bringing Nivedita in Nisha’s functions prove to be disastrous for Ragini? The past unveils as Neil and Ragini’s divorce truth comes out, and Nivedita is linked to them. While everyone head in the puja function at Ragini’s home, the viewers will get to see Ragini’s makeover as she dons colorful saree and new hairdo. Her happiness goes as she sees the uninvited guest, Nivedita in the function, and feels awkward infront of Nisha’s inlaws. The police come to take Aarav’s statement as he is the witness of the accident, and Ragini does not want to leave the function. Nivedita offers her help and says she is like Aarav’s mum too. Ragini gets a bit jealous seeing Nivedita and Neil together.

Maharana Pratap:

Udai Singh supports Pratap’s suggestion and agrees to shelter Gwalior king Ram Shah Tanwer and Prince which irks both Bairam Khan and Jagmal in different ways. Pratap also shows his fearless attitude to Bairam Khan and the motive behind giving shelter is not only for friendship but also to inform the Rajputana on how Mewar/Chittor is not agreeing to Mughals pressure and usher change. While, Bairam Khan gets upset with Udai singh’s decision since Akbar would be not happy since Gwalior victory is meaningless.  On other hand, Jagmal is unhappy again and looses cool since his voice is not heard by his father and thinks on getting neglected and no place in his dad’s heart. He goes on to vent out his fury against Dheer Bai and at first threatens her and then fires at her. Dheer Bai gets injured after getting shot. Pratap and Ajabde hear the fire and runs to Dheer Bai’s room to find her injured. Pratap is shattered and loss of words to see Dheer Bai in that condition and Ajabde also shows concern even she knows Dheer Bai’s own efforts have led her in facing that condition. Jagmal takes a back seat and stays aloof. Dheer Bai’s treatment gets underway and with time she will recover. Meanwhile, Pratap and Ajabde haven’t consummated their marriage as he was engrossed in Gwalior King’s shelter situation. Will Pratap and Ajabde find some time for each other in present settings – Mughals and Dheer Bai’s condition ?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Shagun hugs Ishita infront of the Bhalla family, and they witness the friendship of the Sautans. Everyone thinks they have things fine between them, but its just Shagun’s drama, who has her selfish motives. She brings Adi back home and makes everyone glad as Adi is their important family link. Shagun has become good in everyone’s eyes. She tries acting sweet and asks Ishita not to apologize. Adi sticks to his demand to hear sorry from Ishita, and Shagun asks him to just end it. Ishita apologizes to Adi and ends his anger. She knows Raman’s love for Adi and gets friendly to Adi. The Bhalla family gets glad and Lohri Celebration is next in the show.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir:

Varad apologizes to Niranjan, and the Agnihotri family has once again reunited completely, to start a war against Indrajeet. They start reaching some weak points in Indrajeet’s contacts. Shlok loses his patience seeing a servant throwing Agnihotri family pics in bin. He yells on him and starts beating him. Indrajeet’s kids are shown very stubborn and Ahilya fails to give them good values, and spoils them even more. With Indrajeet’s relatives eyeing his property, will they be of help to Shlok, as they are quiet jealous seeing Ahilya rule the house.

Tu Mera Hero:

Panchi impresses Titu’s dad Govind during her sister’s Rachana engagement and marriage. He agrees for Panchi and Titu’s marriage and her family agrees for the same. Later, during Panchi’s haldi ceremony there is a romantic moment for Titu and Panchi. Surekha and Govind bring the shagun and is not aware of Titu’s presence there. Titu sleeps on the mattress in tempo and the mattresses reaches the venue. Titu who is unaware of it, is unveiled there. Titu and Panchi fall and the haldi falls on them, and they get a love signal that they are made for each other, and its true love that Lord has sent Titu to Panchi, answering her prayers.


Tejaswini is curious to know Chakor’s plan, as she has lied in support of them. Chakor hides her motives and Arjun makes her progress ahead with the help of Ishwar Rawat and Abha’s uncle, who is the local school principal. They become a driving force in Chakor’s life and help her achieve her dreams. Arjun makes Chakor take part in the Inter School Running Competition, and tells her if she wins, no one would be able to hold her steps ahead. Bhaiya ji fails to stop Chakor and makes her get the school admission for the sake to make the media quiet.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:

The new drama in the show lies in Disha’s marriage. Rishi makes an entry and its Ranvir’s master plan behind this. Amba proves that Disha is pregnant and Ishani was well known to this fact. Rishi taunts Disha and upsets her. Ranvir proves that Disha is innocent and makes Manas accept Disha, by making himself wrong in their eyes. He saves Disha’s marriage, and takes all the blame on him. Manas hugs Disha and supports her, thereby marrying her. While Ranvir has again done a good thing, we hope everyone understands Ranvir.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:

With Soumya asking Yuvraaj out about keeping Suhani away from him, he decides to end the boundaries between him and Suhani, and makes efforts towards accepting his marriage by heart. He removes the pillow line between him and Suhani, and asks her if she is fine with it. Suhani gets glad that Yuvraaj is ending their distance. While Soumya gets frustrated, and pressurizes Yuvraaj to tell the truth to Suhani, and starts blackmailing him.

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins:

Nisha has got a reason to be happy post her heartbreak. Tai ji has accepted Umesh and Amanpreet’s relationship, and the cousins get very delighted. They were fearing that the marriage can halt by some reason, but are happy as Amanpreet wins everyone’s heart by Nisha convincing them all. Nisha and Viraj’s love will take a high soon in the next track of the show.

KumKum Bhagya:

Dadi gets unwell, and Abhi gets tensed. He gets his anger out on Pragya, and calls her careless and not taking good care of Dadi. The doctor treats Dadi and gives the credit to Pragya for Dadi’s progress. Abhi then apologizes to Pragya.

Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh:

Samarth’s motives has been out in open, as he is fooling Shobha once again in his fake love and did not change. He doubts Sarika for having some advantage of stopping Shobha from work. He senses it that Sarika is after Vikram, while she denies it and breaks out to him that Shobha is having an affair with Vikram. Samarth realizes Shobha’s presence and slaps Sarika scolding her and stating that he trusts Shobha and this nonsense does not matter to him now. Shobha is glad that Samarth is changing, and Vikram still finds Samarth scheming. Will Vikram expose Samarth’s selfish motives?

Diya Aur Baati Hum:

While Sooraj has parted ways from Sandhya, on Ankur’s statements to live his life and let Sandhya live her life. Sandhya apologizes to Bhabho for not fulfilling her dream and leaves Rathi home. She tells Ankur that she will move on in life and is ready to go Scotland for esteemed police training. Ankur is glad with Sandhya’s decision. Sandhya signs on the offer letter and packs her bags to leave. Bhabho meets her with a heavy heart and is unable to stop her, knowing Sooraj is at fault. Sooraj recalls Sandhya’s words that she is going away forever and feels restless, and decides to meet her for the final time. Sooraj rushes to stop Sandhya from going Scotland. Will he succeed to start life fresh with Sandhya?

Shastri Sisters:

Shastri ji eyes Rajat and Anu angrily and stops them from uniting. He halts Anu’s bidaai, stating he will get Anu married in a better household who values her and respects her. He tells Anu that his biggest worry was Minty’s acceptance, and when Minty has these thoughts for her bahu, he can’t let her go with Rajat. Rajat promises Anu that he will not leave her whatever circumstances come. Minty gets raged and calls Shastri sisters characterless, taking the argument even more ahead. Shastri ji annuls Rajat and Anu’s marriage, unable to bear Minty’s harsh words towards his daughters. He maintains that self esteem is above anything else. His anger and mixed feelings make him get a heart attack and shatters the Shastri Sisters. Sareen blames Minty for Shastri ji’s heart attack and gets annoyed.

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke:

Shail finally listened to Rachna and KT’s proposal for her daughter’s happiness but Mayank still doesn’t want to trust KT. At KT’s end he is worried about his promises though a while back have asked Rachna to forgive him. Both KT and Rachna have confessed their love but the question lies whether KT is ready to shoulder the responsibility of Rachna, Will he able to break the shackles of keeping promise ?  Shail needs to put her trust in KT completely, what role Mayank will play in it ? Is she going to take back her earlier promise & also inform Rachna about it. Are Rachna and KT destined to be together and realize their love with family’s support in DDLJ style ? On another note, Murli’s and his family truth is coming out to Gunjan and Mayank.


Aarzoo and Sahir just started their married life which is on the lines of a contract with money as the common element. Having said that, both love each other though keeping mixed feelings of hatred and care inside them. There are two developments, Zeenat is attacked at the hospital by some unknown person and she defended herself in the nick of time and Sahir & his family came to know about it; and the second one is Kurti Apa’s accusation that Aarzoo is running black magic in Sahir’s home. She speaks of being sure since on finding strange things in food and other places. Even Aarzoo found a scorpion replica instead of anklet in a box gifted by Alvira. Sahir contemplates on bringing back Zeenat from the hospital since her life is in danger. Zaki is dejected after Aarzoo’s marriage and Sahir is inching closer to make plans for his marriage with Samaira. Alvira thinks Zaki will eventually agree with them.

Thus, Zeenat’s attacker mystery, Kurti Apa’s black magic claims and the possibility of Zaki’s marriage with Samaira are the things in focus now. Sahir’s reason to put money in focus for marriage since he knew Aarzoo will marry him only for that reason thus he touched upon her weakest point for his love. Even Aarzoo is money-minded now since she knows how Farha and Zara reacted about money and wants to stay with Sahir in marriage. Sahir has told Aarzoo the half-truth of his marriage and didn’t tell about Zeenat and her condition since many years (7). Now, Aarzoo learnt that he is hiding something from her. A larger question arises whether they realize about their mutual love and marriage leaving aside how it happened and under what circumstances. With Zeenat’s re-entry in Sahir’s life, how his equation with Aarzoo will shape-up ?



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